Glitter Ribbon

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon

Objek eksperimen minggu ini adalah glitter! Tabung-tabung glitter in sebenarnya sudah hampir menjamur di rumah karena tidak terpakai selama kira-kira 4 tahun. Mungkin karena glitter sulit dibersihkan (secara sempurna), saya tidak pernah terpikir untuk menggunakannya selama ini. Tapi kalau mau belajar hal baru, mau tak mau harus mau mengotori tangan (*berlaku untuk hal legal saja?*) kan?

My object of experiment this week is the glitter! These tubes of glitter have been in the house for more than 4 years, yet I have never laid my hands on them, funny (maybe I was constrained by the thought of the mess they would make; when everything I touch later turns glitterish, even my camera lens! (OoO)”). But then, you won’t learn anything new unless you are willing to let your hands get dirty (legally..?), right?

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon

Dengan glitter di tangan, saya mencoba beberapa hal, salah satunya adalah membuat pita glitter di atas. Pita ini dapat dibuat dengan sangat cepat dan berguna bila anda sedang buru-buru membungkus kado dan tidak dapat menemukan pita yang senada dengan kertas kado (dan anda juga tidak keberatan untuk membersihkan sisa-sisa glitter nantinya). ;)

With the glitters in hand, I tried a few things, one of them is making the glittery ribbon above. It’s handy when you are in a hurry to wrap a gift but couldn’t find any ribbon with matching colors (not mentioning, glitter always succeed in giving everyone a festive mood right away, agree?) and you don’t mind leaving your craft site in a mess while hurriedly leaving the house to deliver the gift (cleaning the scattered glitter takes forever, I must admit).

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon

Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Glitter;
  2. Selotip;
  3. Gunting.

What you need:

  1. Glitter;
  2. Scotch tape;
  3. Scissors.

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon


Tarik selotip sepanjang pita yang diinginkan, bagian yang lengket menghadap ke atas. Tuang glitter sedikit demi sedikit, sapu glitter dengan jari anda secara perlahan, dan glitter akan lengket ke selotip. Setelah beberapa saat, ambil pita glitter tersebut dan kibaskan ke udara seperti saat bermain senam tali dan sisa-sisa glitter yang tidak lengket akan jatuh ke lantai.

How to:

Stretch your scotch tape to the length of ribbon desired, sticky surface on top. Pour the glitter little by little, spread it gently with your finger and the glitter will stick to the tape. After a while, take the glittery tape and whip it around like you are doing the rope rhythmic gymnastics and the glitter that doesn’t stick will fall off.

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon

Ikat pada kado anda dan selesailah bingkisan anda.

Tie it on your gift and you are ready to go.

DIY Glitter Ribbon tutorial @ onelmon

Hal lain yang saya coba dengan glitter adalah menulis dengan lem (untuk efek 3 dimensi) dan menuang glitter di atas lem tersebut. Anda hanya cukup menuang sedikit glitter di atas lem, tetapi jangan sapu glitter tersebut karena lem juga akan ikut tersapu dan membuat tulisan jadi tak berbentuk. Tunggu sampai lem kering dan tepuk-tepuk kertas atau buku anda dan sisa glitter yang tidak lengket akan jatuh.

Another thing I tried with the glitter is writing with glue (creating a 3D effect) and top the glue with the glitter. You will only need to pour some glitter on top, but don’t spread the glitter for it will spread the glue as well and you’ll lose the shape of the writing. Leave it for a while. Tap your paper or book downwards and the glitter that doesn’t stick will fall off.

Terima kasih telah membaca dan semoga anda menyukai tutorial pendek ini. Semoga hari anda menyenangkan! :D

Thank you for reading and I hope you like this little glitter DIY project. Have a great day! :D

**Saya jadi menyukai efek kelap-kelip setelah DIY ini dan ingin mencoba hal lain dengan glitter. Apa saja yang dapat kita buat dengan glitter warna-warna ini?

**I think I’m liking this glittery effect and would love to make other things with it. What else can we make with the glitter?


3 thoughts on “Glitter Ribbon

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  2. I just redid an inexpensive plastic star with glitter.
    It was hot pink, so I painted the star white, and then put swirls of white glue all over the star, then sprinkled white snow-like glitter on it and tapped off excess.

    So my 5 inch hot pink star turned into a snowy winter decoration, and only cost 50 cents, as I had the old white glitter, primer house paint and white glue at home already.

    Love your cello tape idea, going to try it right now.

    • Oh, I’d love to see the star ornament, Karen. (Do you, by any chance share your crafts on a blog? Would love to check them out!)
      I’m sure it would look great on Christmas tree (and I really like the idea of redecorate old things!) Just curious, would the white glitter be visible as you had painted the star white? Or does the white glitter has a touch of gold on it?

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