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DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Tutorial minggu ini adalah sebuah bingkai, amplop, dan pembungkus untuk foto Polaroid anda. Jika anda suka memotret dengan Polaroid dengan sahabat dan ingin memberikan foto tersebut sebagai kenang-kenangan, anda dapat membuat sendiri bingkainya, dan memberi foto tersebut sebagai hadiah.

It’s a frame, an envelope and a wrapping for a Polaroid print! If you are taking a Polaroid picture with a friend and would like to give the photo to the other party as a memento, insert it in this simple and easy handmade frame and give it away prettily.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Kertas (kartu, kertas coklat pembungkus, sobekan majalah, koran, kertas origami);
  2. Cutter/ pen knife atau gunting;
  3. Lem.

* Unduh template di sini (mohon tidak digunakan untuk kepentingan komersial. Catatan: ukuran bervariasi tergantung jenis Polaroid yang sedang anda pakai).

What you need:

  1. Paper (card, brown paper, magazine, newspaper, origami paper);
  2. Cutter/ pen knife or scissors;
  3. Glue.

*Download the template here (for personal use only. Note: the size varies depending on the type of the Polaroid).

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Mulailah dengan menggambar garis lipatan halus dengan pensil.

Start by drawing the folding lines lightly with pencil.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Lipat menurut garis lipatan tadi.

Fold it according to the lines.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Lipat bagian yang satunya lagi. Tidak disarankan untuk dilem terlebih dahulu, cukup dilipat saja.

And another side on top. Don’t glue them together just yet.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Terakhir, lipat bagian bawahnya.

And lastly, fold the bottom part. 

Buka kembali semua lipatan tadi, hapus semua garis pensil, lipat kembali, dan sekarang anda boleh merekat lipatan-lipatan tersebut.

After you have all the invisible folding lines on the paper, erase all the pencil lines, assemble the folds again and glue them together.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Masukkan foto Polaroid anda dan beri lem pada bagian lipatan atas bila anda ingin.

Insert your Polaroid print and you can glue the top fold if you want.

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Dan selesailah bingkai kertas foto anda. Ini hanyalah bentuk dasar bingkai foto; anda selalu dapat mem-permak bentuknya dengan desain-desain unik dan mencoba membuatnya dari bahan-bahan lain untuk hasil yang lebih maksimal :D

And you’ll have a frame for your photo. This is just a basic shape for a picture frame; you can always try different shapes and materials to get more exciting and fun frames for the Polaroid prints :D

DIY Polaroid Frame tutorial | onelmon

Saya mencoba membuatnya dengan kertas koran dan sisa-sisa kertas kado :D

I made a few more from newspaper and leftover wrapping paper. Love the results! :D

Bagaimana biasanya anda menyimpan foto-foto Polaroid anda?

How do you usually organize all your Polaroid prints?


33 thoughts on “Polaroid Frame

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  2. THANK YOU!!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed for my wedding photo booth. I’m going to customize this and make it a party favor. My wedding is a week away I really grateful you made this.

  3. This is too small for my pics :( plz help I have a iPhone 6s how can I print this out bigger to fit my pics. I have the fujiflim instax mini 7s? Would love to try these out.

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    • This was designed for Fujifilm instax mini 7S, print size (86 x 54 mm). You can cut a plus “+” sign with the length of 120 mm and height of 95 mm. Cut a rectangular hole in the center with the dimension of 60 x 45 mm, that should do :)

  7. Hello Onel! What an awesome idea! I hope its not too much but may i have the template ? that is if you dont mind. I thank you in advance anyway happy new year to you!

  8. I have a question though, is this the instamini polaroid? Because thats what I have and I was wondering if you have a template of the cut out you used for the frame. Im willing to pay for the template, it would save me a lot of time by figuring out the sizes and what not. Please lmk if this option is available. I’m seriously willing to pay if needed!

    • Hello, Anastasia! I was using the Fuji Instax mini with print out size 5.4 cm x 8.5 cm for the frame and 4.6 cm x 6.2 cm inside. Is it the same with yours? I’ll send you an image of the device I was using, see if that’s what you are using :)

  9. omgah .. I came up with an idea for my daughters bday to take pics with our mini polaroid camera and I wanted to creat frames so they can take as a momento .. I couldn’t find ANYTHING or any good ideas, this is beyond perfect and I am genuienly trippen on how perf this tuturial is. Thanks soooooo much! My daughter’s bday is in 2 1/2 weeks more than enough time for me to premake these frames! thanks again!

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