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DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Hi there, how about some tea? Yes, we are dealing with tea today and for today’s craft, you can do it at almost anywhere there is tea served. You can do it at home, a coffee shop (if they serve tea) or even on board the aeroplane (just ask the cabin attendant nicely). We are going to do a little bit of tea stamping and painting today. Make or order a cup of tea, get some paper from your paper shopping bag or the shop’s free tissue paper on top of the table (just make sure you aren’t using up the whole pack) and do this mini crafting right there.

Halo semuanya, minum teh yuk! Hari ini topik craftnya tentang teh dan craft ini bisa dilakukan di mana saja asal ada teh. Bisa di rumah, di warung kopi (jual teh juga kan, Bu?) atau bahkan di atas pesawat (minta saja sama mbak pramugarinya). Kita akan membuat stempel teh dan melukis dengan teh. Ayo, buat teh atau pesan secangkir teh sekarang dan ambil secarik kertas atau langsung gunakan saja kertas tisu di atas meja toko ngopi (tapi jangan dihabisin yah) dan ngecraft di tempat itu juga.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

 What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Tea (I used tea bags) | teh (saya memakai teh celup);
  2. Cup or mug | cangkir;
  3. Thicker paper | kertas yang agak tebal.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Step 1: For the experiment, I was using green tea and black tea. Personally, I think the black tea’s turned out better because it has darker color hence more visible, but the green tea’s wasn’t so bad either. It produced a nice soft green on the actual paper but (blame my photography skill) I think we couldn’t see much in the pictures below :(

Langkah 1: Untuk eksperimen ini, saya pakai teh hijau sama teh hitam. Kalau menurut saya sih, yang teh hitam hasilnya lebih bagus karena warnanya lebih pekat, otomatis warnanya lebih jelas (atau mungkin yang teh hijau dicelup kurang lama ya?) tapi bukan berarti yang teh hijau hasilnya ngga bagus. Pada kertas eksperimen, yang teh hijau menghasilkan warna hijau yang lembut tapi di foto-foto bawah mungkin kurang jelas (duh!), harus latihan foto banyak-banyak nih kelihatannya D:

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Step 2: Pour your tea on a small plate that could fit the size of your cup or mug. Grab your mug and slowly (you don’t want to cause a mess with a big splash) lower it down so the bottom part touches the tea.

Langkah 2: Tuangkan sedikit teh ke piring kecil yang ukurannya dapat memuat besar cangkir anda. Secara perlahan, celupkan bagian bawah cangkir anda ke dalam teh.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Step 3: Pray. (What?) Yes, the tea is in liquid form and it can drop a drip whenever it feels like doing it so pray hard that it is going to be kind to you. Bring your cup slowly to where you want to stamp the stain on while keeping your eyes on the movement of the liquid (you’ll need a good reflex and your other hand ready to cover the drip if the tea is acting up). But please, don’t strain yourself, have fun about this. It’s alright to have the accidental drops, tea stains are supposedly accidental marks anyway ;)

Langkah 3: Berdoa (Lho?) Ya, soalnya stempel teh ini masih dalam bentuk cair dan tentu saja bisa menetes kapan saja dia mau, jadi berdoalah supaya tehnya tidak menetes ke mana-mana. Bawa cangkir anda secara perlahan ke tempat di mana anda ingin memberi stempel sambil terus memperhatikan pergerakan cairan tersebut (anda mungkin akan membutuhkan refleks yang bagus dan tangan lain anda yang siap untuk menampung tetesan teh). Tapi jangan gugup yah, biar saja kalau ada beberapa tetesan “kecelakaan” toh noda teh juga terbentuk dari ketidaksengajaan ;)

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Tip 1: Mugs or cups are great as stamp because they mostly have different sizes for the top and bottom. So, if you want a bigger circle but too lazy to wash a lot of cups later (like me!), just flip the mug upside down.

Tip 1: Cangkir sangat efisien sebagai stempel karena biasanya mereka punya diameter yang berbeda untuk bagian atas dan bawahnya. Jadi, bila anda mau lingkaran yang lebih besar tapi terlalu malas untuk mencuci banyak cangkir nantinya (seperti saya!), cukup balikkan cangkir.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Tip 2: If you want the stain line to concentrate only on a portion of the circle, simply stamp and when you are about to lift up the mug, tilt it slightly to where you want the thicker line to be and hold it for a while. The leftover tea will slide through the mouth of the mug and gather at the bottom. After that, carefully lift up the mug.

Tip 2: Jika anda ingin garis noda tertentu untuk sedikit tebal dari tempat lain, cukup stempel dan pada saat anda akan mengangkat cangkir anda, miringkan sedikit cangkir ke arah tersebut dan tahan. Sisa teh akan mengalir pada mulut cangkir dan berkumpul di bagian bawahnya. Angkat cangkir setelahnya.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Uh oh, unless you are using a waterproof ink on your paper, I suggest not to have a printed text or image before stamping as the color would smear like this (image above).

Ups! Kecuali anda menggunakan tinta tahan air pada kertas anda, saran saya sih, jangan ada tulisan atau gambar yang telah dicetak sebelumnya pada kertas karena warnanya bisa merembes seperti gambar di atas.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Bigger circle turns out great for the cards above, some form a perfect circle, some turned out with wavy or even broken lines, which I think are beautiful too! :D By the way, has anybody tried doing this with coffee yet?

Lingkaran yang lebih besar memberi hasil yang lebih baik untuk kartu di atas, ada yang menghasilkan lingkaran sempurna dan ada yang bergerigi atau putus-putus :D Ngomong-ngomong, ada yang pernah mencoba tehnik ini dengan kopi?

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

Lastly, what about the tea bag? I’ve read it somewhere that green tea bags are good for your eyes. But, spare one for today’s tea painting. You can use your tea bag as a brush! After you’ve had your tea, simply take the bag out and draw something on a piece of paper. You may not be able to see the color clearly when you are brushing it, but when it dries, the color will come up on the surface.

Terus, bagaimana dengan kantung teh celupnya? Saya pernah baca satu artikel yang katanya kantung teh hijau bagus untuk mata. Tapi untuk eksperimen hari ini, sisakan satu untuk melukis ya. Setelah anda selesai meminum teh anda, tarik kantung teh keluar dan mulailah menggambar pada kertas. Warna teh mungkin tidak akan begitu jelas saat anda menyapunya pada kertas, tapi setelah kering warna akan tampak jelas terlihat.

DIY Tea Stain Paint | onelmon

And that’s it for tea stain experiment! Go give it a try when you feel like having a cup of tea :D Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!

Dan selesailah eksperimen hari ini! Boleh dicoba pada saat anda ingin minum teh :D Terima kasih telah mampir dan semoga hari anda menyenangkan!

I hope you enjoy the mini experiment! For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus, bloglovin or you can subscribe through rss reader and email. Thank you for stoppping by and I look forward to seeing you here again! 

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18 thoughts on “Tea Stain Paint

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  2. Wow! It`s so attractive.I do this work and it`s so cool. my English langueg is not very good and i`m sorry for this problem. in the end i say: yuor idea is so good :)

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  4. Rather than using tea bags as a brush directly onto the paper, if you soak the paper in a tea solution first, you can get a ‘weathered’ appearance for the whole sheet, but also add heightened areas by dabbing with the teabag. Because the sheet is wet, these dabs will flow into the main sheet, so the result is much more natural.

    • Hi, that’s a good tip! I was trying to apply the paper marbling technique with tea, but no luck. Your idea might be able to produce the fine natural lines I was hoping for. Thank you for the idea! :D

        • I’ve never tried that! Wonder if I could get textured paper as a result or would the granules solute within the wet paper. Not a coffee drinker but must try this when I get the chance. Or maybe I can drop a pinch of the granules and smear them around with my finger. Thanks a lot for the inspiration! You’re full of ideas!

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    • Hello, Papgena! Yess, I think it’s definitely possible to do this with coffee and may result a clearer print (judging from its thicker substance) and thank you very much for the link! The teabag wreath is so original and the tea cupcake is just the cutest! The teacups clock looks heavy but it’s so pretty.

  6. Oh, how cool! I used a teabag as a brush as well in the past (on copies of maps, to create a treasure map!), but I never thought about using mugs as a stamp – that’s so great! I love these random imprints from coffee- or tea-mugs…

    Love, Midsommarflicka

    • That’s so smart, Midsommarflicka! I like treasure maps, I usually burn the sides a bit to create the old ancient feel, but lost at how to make the middle part gets the browny look. Using teabag is a genius solution. Thank you for the inspiration! :D

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