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DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Hi all! Guess what? You’ll need to bring out all those tapes you have right now as we are creating text with them today! Yes, text! This may remind you a bit on my last year project with paper stitching but doing it with tapes is going to be another fun thing to try, plus they can be more colorful and most importantly, less mess! Why not give it a try?

Hai semuanya! Masih ingat dengan postingan tentang menjahit dengan kertas yang saya tulis tahun lalu? Yeap, postingan hari ini mungkin agak mirip dengan craft tadi. Tapi kali ini anda akan menggunakan selotip (berbagai jenis!) untuk membuat huruf-huruf. Dicoba yuk!

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Fancy colorful  tape (washi tape, fabric tape, paper tape) | Selotip warna warni;
  2. Masking tape;
  3. Beading thread | Tali pancing;
  4. Printed/written quote on paper | Kutipan favorit yang telah dicetak/ditulis;
  5. Scissors | Gunting;
  6. Glue | Lem;

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 1: Decide on the text and experiment with colors, fonts and types of tape you would like to use.

Langkah 1: Bereksperimenlah dengan warna, font dan jenis-jenis selotip yang anda inginkan setelah memutuskan teks yang ingin anda sampaikan.

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 2: Get your beading thread and start coiling with your chosen tape around the thread (washi/masking/scotch tape or any other tapes). Note: Narrow width tape makes this step easier!

Langkah 2: Siapkan tali pancing anda dan mulailah melilit benang dengan selotip pilihan anda. Catatan: Gunakan selotip yang lebih kecil supaya lebih mudah.

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 3: For continuous-writing typeface, apply glue on top of your text and shape your newly made taped string according to it.

Langkah 3: Untuk tulisan halus kasar, beri lem di atas tulisan dan bentuk tali pancing yang telah didekorasi tadi sesuai arah tulisan.

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 4: For words with breaks between each letter, roughly measure the size of the letter and cut accordingly. Apply a bit of glue on top of the letter, shape and stick the string on it.

Langkah 4: Untuk tulisan putus-putus, ukur panjang benang yang diperlukan secara kasar dan potong sesuai ukuran. Beri sedikit lem di atas huruf, bentuk, dan rekatkan benang di atasnya.

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 5: Continue experimenting with all the tapes you have but don’t go overboard ;) It’s best to decide on the design before making the taped strings (you don’t want to waste all those precious tapes, do you?)

Langkah 5: Teruslah bereksperimen dengan semua jenis selotip yang anda punya (tapi jangan terlalu berlebihan ;) ) Langkah terbaik adalah memutuskan desainnya sebelum membuat benang selotip ini (anda tentunya tidak ingin menyia-nyiakan selotip-selotip berharga itu bukan?)DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Step 6: When you are done, give it a frame and hang it on wherever you can always see it. Hope this can brighten up your day! :D

Langkah 6: Setelah anda selesai, beri bingkai dan gantung di mana anda bisa melihatnya. Semoga ini dapat mencerahkan hari anda! :D

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7 thoughts on “Tape Font

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  2. I love all of your creations, I have never seen fabric tape, though I’ve never looked, would it be more likely at a fabric store or craft store, or does it need to be purchased online? I am making a picture that I need to figure out how to display the words. (5 words, “in for the long haul,”I don’t trust my painting/handwriting well enough but I don’t want to just stencil, I want it to look unique so this may be the ticket! I also thought about gluing thick yarn or even embroidering thick yarn but the letters will be 2-3 inches tall and I want to use cursive. If you have any other posts or ideas, I would appreciate!

    • I hear you, Lisa! My hands get nervous everytime I try painting and writing properly :( I love the yarn idea but the gluing part may create chaos. How about using nails? Try google “nail string art”, you may like it :) Hope that helps!

      I found the fabric tape in a small stationery shop (I was looking for washi tape but they don’t have it, instead they offered me these fabric tapes).

  3. Hello Onel!!
    That is a great idea. I have to admit that I have never bought fabric tape but it looks so pretty, I will have to give it a shot one of these days. This is a great idea for the kitchen or the work space.
    I love the quote as well, so cheerful I’m gonna steal it for my house :)
    Have the best of the days. -XO, Elba
    Elba :: Live Colorful :: recently posted..Benefits of Neutral Colored CurtainsMy Profile

    • Yess, Dr. Seuss’ quotes are all so cheerful and yes, I think they are good choices for house display (especially new home ;) to brighten up the mood!) Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend ahead, Elba! Can’t wait to read your busy moving activities! :)

  4. Truly amazing Onel! This looks both good and fun! I really need some of that fabric tape (I know I’m a slow mover on that point). Thank you for always being such a great source for brighten-up-my-day projects :-) have a happy day!
    Monsterscircus recently posted..DIY leather hair clipsMy Profile

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