Cross stitching on PVC pipe

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Hi all! I’m back with another PVC pipe creation today. And yes, as you can judge from the title, we are going to do some needlework on pipe! Some of you may have seen my previous project, the Pipe Bangle, which also involved stitching on PVC pipe. But this time, we are doing something that is a little bit different from that. We are going to fill the pipe with cross-stitched drawings. Excited to try it out? Think of a drawing you would like to have on the pipe and let’s get crafting!

Halo semuanya! Hari ini saya kembali dengan kreasi dari pipa PVC. Mungkin pembaca sekalian sudah langsung bisa menebak dari judulnya? Yeap, tema kita hari ini adalah pipa dan sulam. Mungkin di antara para pembaca ada yang pernah melihat kreasi gelang (bangle) dari pipa di blog ini sebelumnya yang mana juga menggunakan tehnik menjahit pada pipa. Tapi yang akan kita lakukan hari ini akan sedikit berbeda. Kali ini kita akan menghiasi pipa dengan lukisan dari sulaman benang. Tertarik? Ayo pikirkan gambar yang ingin anda lihat pada pipa dan langsung dibuat sekarang juga!

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. PVC pipe | Pipa PVC;
  2. Cross stitch pattern | Pola sulaman;
  3. Embroidery thread & needle | Benang sulam & jarum;
  4. Hand drill | Bor tangan;
  5. Scissors | Gunting;
  6. Masking tape.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 1: Find or draw your own pattern on a piece of paper.

Langkah 1: Cari atau gambar pola sulam pada selembar kertas.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 2: Make sure that the width of your drawing equals to the circumference of your PVC pipe. As for the height, I’ll leave that up to you :)

Langkah 2: Pastikan lebar pola sama dengan keliling pipa PVC. Untuk tingginya, boleh terserah anda :)

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 3: Decide where your stitching is going to be and tape your drawing up there.

Langkah 3: Putuskan posisi sulaman dan rekatkan gambar pada pipa dengan masking tape.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 4: Get your hand drill and start making holes according to your stitching points.

Langkah 4: Ambil bor tangan dan mulailah membuat lubang sesuai titik sulam yang telah anda buat.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 5: When you are done, tear the paper out and you’ll get something like this.

Langkah 5: Setelah anda selesai, lepaskan gambar dari pipa PVC tersebut.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Step 6: And finally, we are arriving to the main point, cross stitching! Gather your embroidery threads and needle and you may now start stitching.

Langkah 6: Dan akhirnya kita sampai di tujuan utama kita, menyulam! Siapkan benang-benang sulam dan jarum anda dan mulailah menyulam.

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

I was trying the trending coloring technique, the ombre effect, with the threads but it doesn’t seem to be a successful try out. I think I should have used 3 more colors in between to make a smoother color transition :\
I personally send this to the kitchen to hold the cooking utensils. But I think this might be great for flower pot or stationery holder too! :D What do you think? What would you use this for?

Saya mencoba untuk menggunakan tehnik warna yang sedang nge-trend saat ini, efek ombre, pada benang tapi hasilnya kurang bagus karena efek ombre-nya tidak begitu terlihat. Mungkin seharusnya saya menyisipkan 3 warna lagi di antara warna-warna ini untuk transisi warna yang lebih halus :\
Saya menaruhnya di dapur sebagai tempat menaruh alat-alat dapur. Tapi saya rasa pipa berdekor ini juga cocok untuk pot bunga ataupun tempat tampungan alat tulis. :D Bagaimana menurut anda? Bagaimana anda akan menggunakannya?

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10 thoughts on “Cross stitching on PVC pipe

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  2. Love this and I’m always fond of color graduation and this looks so cool! Really need a hand drill now, so cool with crafty power tools:-) Thank you for sharing Onel and have a lovely weekend!
    monsterscircus recently posted..New DIY serieMy Profile

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Mette! You’re right! The hand drill is kinda handy for my PVC pipe project. There’s no way I could make those holes without it :)
      Can’t imagine it’s the weekend again. Time flies so fast. Have a beautiful weekend, Mette! :D

  3. Hi Onel!
    I would use it in the office for pens and marker. It’s so cute!
    I really want to start some DIY projects that i love, like your mustache clock ;) Now I’m still trying to fill the empty spaces with furniture and getting the stuff off the floor, and then I will start making my new home fun and pretty. I’ll come back for more inspiration!
    Xo, Elba
    Elba :: Live Colorful :: recently posted..Hello New HomeMy Profile

    • I agree! Stationery container is a one best option for this personalized pipe! Thanks, Elba!

      And Woohoo!!! Great to hear that! It looks like you are going to be busy (with a lot of fun things going on) for these weeks! Hope by this time, your FedEx guy has arrived with your stuff and you can start unpacking soon. Can’t wait to hear more! :D

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