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DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Hello all! It’s the mini plushie post again. (Note: If you haven’t checked them out, you may want to take a look at these cute mini felt snowmen I made for last year’s Christmas!) I like mini soft toys because I’m just not confident enough to make a big one I think mini version of everything is just cute and I can bring them with me in almost everywhere. They take a little bit of patience in making one but once you get the hang of it, you won’t mind sitting down there and make a dozen of it and later give them away as a little gift (I did!) Alright, take out your sewing tools and let’s get started!

Halo semuanya! Saya kembali dengan postingan boneka mini lagi (Catatan: Anda mungkin tertarik dengan postingan boneka salju mini dari flanel yang saya buat untuk Natal tahun lalu!) Saya suka boneka-boneka mini karena saya tidak percaya diri untuk membuat yang besar saya rasa mainan miniatur itu super unyu dan bisa saya bawa ke mana-mana. Memang butuh sedikit kesabaran untuk membuatnya tapi begitu anda terbiasa, anda pasti tidak keberatan untuk membuat dan membuat lagi untuk dibagi-bagi ke yang lain (sekalian pamer keahlian ;) haha!) Ayo keluarkan jarum jahitnya sekarang dan mari memulai!

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Felt | Flanel;
  2. Cotton (Polyfil) for filling | Kapas untuk isi;
  3. Needle & thread | Jarum & benang;
  4. Scissors | Gunting.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 1: Draw the body parts on felt and cut them out (all the felt pieces above are for 1 toy). I try to use as many basic shapes as possible so it will be fairly easy for us who are clueless in making pattern everyone to follow.

Langkah 1: Gambar pola-pola di atas pada flanel dan gunting mengikuti pola (semua potongan di atas adalah untuk satu buah boneka). Saya mencoba menggunakan bentuk-bentuk dasar sebanyak mungkin supaya mudah dibuat untuk semua kalangan.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 2: Assembling time! So, one leg is made out of 2 boot-shaped felt and a piece of ellipse for the base. Don’t forget to add filling as you sew to make it look 3D ;) The ears and hands are pretty much the same (just a little different in size). You know what to do with them. Sandwich your filling between two pieces of felt and close stitch them. Make a pair for each.

Langkah 2: Mari memasang! Untuk membuat satu kaki, dibutuhkan potongan flanel berbentuk sepatu bot dan sehelai flanel kecil berbentuk lonjong untuk dasar kaki. Jangan lupa untuk memasukkan isian kapas saat menjahit supaya kelihatan 3D ;) Telinga dan tangan sebenarnya hampir sama (hanya beda di ukuran saja). Cukup beri isian di antara 2 helai flanel lonjong dan jahit sisi sampingnya. Buat sepasang untuk masin-masing kaki, tangan, dan telinga.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 3: Take your ellipse “body” felt and stick (sew) one leg and one hand on top of it. Repeat for the other side.

Langkah 3: Ambil flanel lonjong dari seksi “body” dan lem atau jahit satu tangan dan kaki di atasnya. Ulangi untuk sisi yang lain.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 4: Get your last felt piece from the “body” section (the long hexagon felt) and stitch it along the side body (the one with a hand and a leg attached), forming a loop.

Langkah 4: Ambil flanel terakhir dari seksi “body” (yang berbentuk segi enam memanjang) dan jahit melingkari sisi badan.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 5: Fill the hole with some filling and close it with your left/right side of the body.

Langkah 5: Isi lubang yang terbentuk dengan kapas dan tutup lubang dengan sisi badan yang satunya lagi.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 6: Okay, this headless body looks kinda scary and disturbing but this should be what you got after you are done with step 5.

Langkah 6: Mungkin foto boneka tanpa kepala di atas tampak sedikit ngeri yah tapi inilah hasil yang seharusnya anda capai setelah langkah ke-5.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 7: Make the head (the steps are similar with the body). Attach the ears on the sides and give it a pair of eyes. Loop and stitch the center “head” part to both sides and add a nose in the middle. *** I admit that I got carried away while making this and forgot to take photos of the process, sorry! Let me know if you are unsure about this step!

Langkah 7: Pengerjaan kepala mirip dengan pengerjaan bagian badan. Cukup beri mata dan telinga pada masing-masing sisi kepala dan satukan dengan jahitan dengan flanel segi enam memanjang dari seksi “head” berada di tengah. *** Jujur, sebenarnya saya keasyikan membuatnya sehingga lupa memotret prosesnya, maaf! Tanya saja kalau ada yang tidak dimengerti di langkah ini!

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 8: If you plan to use it as an accessory (for your cellphone or keychain), you can add a pin or jump ring on top of its head.

Langkah 8: Jika anda berencana untuk menggunakannya sebagai aksesoris (untuk HP atau gantungan kunci), anda bisa menambahkan pin atau ring di atas kepala.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Step 9: Join the head and body with glue or thread and give it a bow around the neck if you want (I was just trying to cover the ugly sewing on the neck here). Chain it and you are done! A simple felt soft toy :)

Langkah 9: Satukan kepala dan badan dengan lem atau jahitan dan lingkarkan pita pada leher bila diinginkan (saya sih menggunakan pita hanya untuk menutupi jahitan amburadul di sekitar leher). Beri rantai dan yeap, selesai! :)

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

If you are not a fan of doggie, you can just change the ellipse ears into a pair of circular ears and it will instanly turn it into a cute bear!

Bukan fans boneka anjing? Ganti saja telinga lonjongnya dengan sepasang telingan bundar dan tadaaa! Boneka anjing berubah menjadi boneka beruang dalam sekejap!

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

This guy looks like it’s pouting. I think because it’s missing its nose :p

Ngambek yang satu ini. Mungkin karena gara-gara ngga diberi hidung kali ya :p

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

And we have a happy doggie couple here.

Dan sepasang boneka anjing di sini.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

They are about 5 cm in height each. About the height of your average teacup!

Tinggi mereka sekitar 5 cm. Yah, kira-kira setinggi cangkir teh anda!

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67 thoughts on “Mini Felt Soft Toys

  1. So utterly adorable! I make fidget muffs for adults with dementia and children with disabilities so will definitely be making some of these to add to the muffs! Thank you for sharing all the information on how to make them!

    • Hi Mrs Scott ;)
      Terribly sorry for the late reply. Glad to know that my tutorial helps!
      You are a kind person. Just happy to hear that there are still people who care about others.
      Keep up the good work!

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  3. Heya,
    I absolutely love these- they’re adorable!
    Would I be okay to use this idea to make lil’ softies to sell? I’m trying to save up some money to go travelling with my friend and would love to sell some crafts X

    Thanks in advance, Em xxx

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  5. Good morning Onel,
    Looking forward to making the puppies, they are so precious! I want to make them for gifts :). Thank you so much for doing these. Would it be enough just to print out the pattern from what you have shown here, the pieces?
    Thank you so much Onel for your time and consideration.


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  9. dear one, what can I say other than I love this bear. I just had I get up and get all the stuff to make a bear. I’m all alone and i’m sitting here making this cute little bear for my to good to me husband. he really loves when I make him things. so thank you so much one for sharing and the tut. and I think you should be so proud of yourself for being able to take little pieces of a fabric and turn into something so cute. by the way I did get mine finished one he did like it.

    • Awww, what a sweet couple you are <3 Your comment made me smile :) I'm so glad to hear that your husband love it (of course he does, it's handmade!) Thank you so much for the compliment, Berni :)

  10. Hi. I love your creativity here. I would like to ask, is there any fabric that suitable to make a plush to or doll other than felt? thanks =D

    • Thank you, ieja! How about fabric with flowery motif? It would give a vintage look if that’s what you are after :) I love using gingham fabric for plushie too :D

  11. love these! The good part is that the measurements don’t have to be perfect, it looks adorable even if things aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Just finished making a teddy bear :)

    • So glad you feel that way, Mel! I have zero knowledge in pattern making so every piece here isn’t perfectly the same size with its counterpart. I hope you had fun making it :D Thank you!

  12. Hi Onel,
    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a template for these little cuties, maybe just draw the pieces out and scan is onto the computer?
    t would be awsome if you could, if not Im sure Ill figure it out eventually:)

    • Hi there, Waloo! Glad you like them :D Unfortunately I don’t have the drawing template of them. Every piece of them is just roughly measured and cut (you can see the measurements below in the comments). Thanks for stopping by, I’m sorry that I can’t be any help! :(

    • Thanks a lot, Gina! Glad to see you here :) I still need lots of practice with the sewing to make more sewing projects that require advanced techniques, but your comment has made my day! Thanks you so much! :D

    • Hi Isabella, I don’t have the exact pattern for this but maybe the following measurements could help you:

      1. Head (sides) = 2 pieces of circle; diameter: 1.5 cm
      2. Head (middle) = 1 piece of trapezium; width: 1.5 cm & length: 6 cm
      3. Ear (2 pairs) = 4 pieces of circle; diameter: 1 cm
      4. Hand (2 pairs) = 4 pieces of ellipse; width: 1 cm & length: 2.5 cm
      5. Body (sides) = 2 pieces of ellipse; width: 1.5 cm & length: 3 cm
      6. Body (middle) = 1 piece of trapezium; width : 1.5 cm & length: 8 cm
      7. Leg (boot-shape, 2 pairs) = 4 pieces of boot shape; bottom: 1.5 cm, top 1 cm, height: 2 cm
      8. Leg (sole, 2 pairs) = 2 pieces of ellipse; width: 1 cm; length: 1.5 cm

      Hope this helps! Just let me know if you have any question on this :)

    • Hi, Candice! I’ve not tried making cats into mini toys yet, but it’s definitely an idea to try out! Maybe just a tweak in the ears and adding a tail ;-) Thanks for dropping by! Have a great weekend!

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  14. Oh that’s so cute. Can’t believe i didn’t see those before ! I did try to make something with felt once. All i could achieve was a flat cob keyring haha. That’s at an other level haha
    alex recently posted..Denmark Day 9My Profile

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  16. Oh my how kind are you! Thanks so for posting this tute and I really really love it, the cuteness is off of the scale and I need to make them now! Sadly I have no felt, but that will change. I saw it on Craftgawker and hoped it would be a tutorial and, frankly: it is divine! Divine I say, how creative and kind are you. Thanking you kindly. L B. Blessings x

  17. Aww I’m melting, these guys are adorable! You should definitely try to make a big one one of these days, but tiny ones for some reason are beyond cute. What kind of thread do you use? I want to make one! Can I use other kind of fabric?

    • Thanks, Elba!! Still lacking in confidence but I definitely should challenge myself to make a big (huggable) one someday :) I am just using the common sewing thread and felt. Certainly, other types of fabric should work well, including the flowery fabric you used for the pillow case. I think the plushie would turn out great with vintage feel if you like it ;)

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