Felt {two-faced} Gentleman

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a mini sewing project, a request by my sister. She passed me a piece of paper with her doodles the other day and asked me to make a 3D felt version of it so I went through her drawings and decided to pick this gentleman below (I think it’s kinda cute and easy). Think it’s cute? Then get the materials ready and read on! Let’s start sewing!

Halo semuanya! Hari ini saya berbagi tutorial jahitan simpel atas permintaan adik. Saya disodori gambar-gambar coretannya beberapa hari lalu dan diminta untuk membuat versi boneka flanelnya. Setelah dilihat-lihat, saya putuskan untuk memilih gambar bapak-bapak bertopi ini. Bagaimana gambarnya menurut kalian? Lucu? Ayo cari coretan-coretan adik-adik kecil dan coba dibuat yuk!

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Felt | Flanel;
  2. Wire | Kawat;
  3. Needle & thread | Jarum & benang;
  4. Plier | Tang;
  5. Scissors | Gunting;
  6. Glue | Lem.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 1: Here are the parts for the guy.

Langkah 1: Ini bagian-bagian dasar bonekanya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 2: Cut some wire (for legs and arms) and coil both ends.

Langkah 2: Potong kawat (untuk kaki dan lengan) dan gulung bagian ujungnya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 3: Stick one of the wire’s coiled ends to the red pants.

Langkah 3: Rekatkan salah satu ujung kawat pada celana merahnya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 4: Sandwich the other end of the wire between the two black feet. Repeat for the other leg. Place another piece of red pants on top and sew them up (or glue). Is it just me or does this remind you of Mickey Mouse?

Langkah 4: Jepit ujung kawat yang lain di antara 2 flanel hitam lonjong (kaki). Ulangi langkah yang sama untuk kaki yang satunya lagi. Tutup kawat dengan flanel celana merah dan jahit (atau lem). Serasa mirip Mickey Mouse?

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 5: Do the same for the shirt. Hands sandwiched in between.

Langkah 5: Ulangi tehnik yang sama untuk bajunya dengan kawat lengan di antara 2 helai baju.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 6: Cut half a circle to make the mouth and make some french knots for the eyes.

Langkah 6: Potong setengah lingkaran untuk mulut dan buat simpul Prancis untuk matanya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 7: Attach the head to the body.

Langkah 7: Gabungkan kepala dengan badannya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 8: Fold the black pieces trapezium upward and sew them together.

Langkah 8: Lipat topi trapesium ke atas dan satukan keduanya dengan jahitan.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 9: Put the hat on.

Langkah 9: Pakaikan topinya.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Step 10: Make a bow and attach it to the felt guy.

Langkah 10: Buat pita dan rekatkan pada boneka ini.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

I thought of making him as a bag accessory for my sister but you know how bag accessory always flips to the wrong side when you aren’t looking and so I made him two-faced so that we won’t see a funny faceless gentleman if it were to switch side.

Saya berpikir untuk membuatnya menjadi gantungan tas tapi tahu kan gimana gantungan tas itu sering berbalik ke arah yang salah saat kita berjalan (berlari) jadi akhirnya saya buat saja boneka ini dengan 2 wajah jadi terbalik pun kita ngga akan melihat boneka ngga berwajah :E

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

And here is the comparison, drawing and a 3D version. Oops, wrong direction of walking stick.

Dan ini untuk perbandingannya, gambar dan versi 3D-nya. Ups, tongkatnya terbalik.

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Hope she (and You) like it! :D

Semoga dia (dan Anda) suka! :D

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17 thoughts on “Felt {two-faced} Gentleman

  1. Meiii… Luv this so much.. N I luv your blog too. It’s all so lovely… Hahaa.. Mei, want to request one of your sewing too.. Anything will do, Tp kl bisa yg bisa di gantung di tas. So it’ll always remind me of u.. Ciee… Hahaa.. Can’t wait to cu soon.. ;)

    • WOOOooo Diana, kok bisa nongol di sini!! Thank you uda ramein komennya hahaha biar w mikir dulu mo buat apa ;) See you real soooooonnn!!! :3

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    • I knoww, one of the reasons I picked this drawing is because of his innocent smile. I personally think it’s a cute gentleman drawing. Thanks a lot for the compliment, Elba :D

  3. Hi there little guy! All dressed up and someplace to go!
    Thanks for sharing your sister’s artwork and your
    project, he is a sweetie!

    • A brooch! Oh why didn’t I think of that! I made it two-faced because I don’t want it to flip to the back side when it is hanging on the bag. Making it into a pin is actually the best solution (I feel like banging my head to the wall now). Thanks a lot, Blanca!!

    • Thank you for the sweet compliment, Mette! I thought the wire would do a great job so my sister could twist the arms and legs in anyway she likes. Can’t believe it’s almost weekend again, hope you have a wonderful one! :)

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