Mini Christmas Tree

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

I hope you guys are not yet sick with my consecutive Christmas crafts because I’m sharing another today! And yes, the mini series is back so take out your sewing tools now and let’s sew up these little Christmas trees!

Oke, saya harap para pembaca belum bosan dengan craft Natal 3 minggu berturut-turut ini karena hari ini saya kembali dengan yep, craft Natal lagi dengan versi mini! Ayo keluarkan alat jahit anda untuk membuat pohon-pohon Natal kecil ini!

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Felt (or any fabric you like) | Flanel (atau jenis kain lain kesukaan anda);
  2. Polyfil/Cotton for filling | Kapas untuk isian;
  3. Needle & thread | Jarum & benang;
  4. Scissors | Gunting.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Step 1: Cut the fabric in the shape of a pyramid’s surface area (you can download the pattern here).

Langkah 1: Gunting kain dengan bentuk luas permukaan limas (anda dapat mengunduh polanya di sini).

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Step 2: Fold up the triangular sides and join them side to side with stitches.

Langkah 2: Lipat ke atas sisi segitiganya dan sambung antar sisi dengan jahitan.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Step 3: Fill it with some fluffy cotton or any filling of your choice before closing the stitch.

Langkah 3: Isi dengan kapas sebelum menutup jahitan.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Step 4: Cut two pieces of star (pattern included in the pdf file), insert filling in between and sew up.

Langkah 4: Gunting 2 buah bintang (pola termasuk dalam berkas pdf), sisipkan kapas di antara 2 bintang dan jahit.

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Step 5: Sew or glue the star on top of the tree and yay! We are done! Simple, eh?

Langkah 5: Jahit atau rekat bintang dengan lem pada bagian atas pohon dan yey! Selesailah pohon natal ini! Mudah, bukan?

DIY Tutorial: Mini Christmas Tree | @onelmon

Make a few to brighten up your Christmas decor! Hope you enjoy this quick and cute little craft :D

Anda dapat membuat beberapa buah sebagai dekorasi Natal! Semoga anda suka craft Natal yang simpel ini :D

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26 thoughts on “Mini Christmas Tree

  1. You could also tuck a small rock or ziploc of sand in the bottom so they stand more securely. I’m going to make these from old plaid flannel shirts and line them up in the middle of my dining table! Very, very cute project!

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  6. Oh dear Onel, I’m honest when I say that your sagacity is stunning and absolutely amazing. Love your mini Christmas Trees and they are perfect idea for hostess gifts too. Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy your week!

  7. Very clever. Great stocking stuffers too! I appreciate your Christmas crafts. Thought about making the log cake pin, but. Not sure where to get the plastic berries. Thank you.

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