Clothes Pin Series #2: Chopstick Rest

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Rest | @onelmon

Hello! We are back for the second (and maybe the easiest, simplest and fastest craft you’ll ever make!) from the clothes pin craft series. It literally only take SECONDS to make and requires only TWO materials! Read on to see how!

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Halo semuanya! Hari ini kita kembali untuk craft kedua dari seri craft jepitan baju (yang juga mungkin merupakan craft termudah, tersimpel, dan tercepat yang dapat anda buat!). Craft kali ini hanya butuh waktu kurang dari SEMENIT dan hanya membutuhkan DUA material saja! Yuk dicoba!

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 Clothes Pin Series #1: Necklace
Clothes Pin Series #3: Bracelet
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DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Holder | @onelmon

 What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Clothes pin | Jepitan baju;
  2. Glue | Lem.

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Holder | @onelmon

Step 1:
Dismantle the parts

Langkah 1:
Bongkar buka jepitan bajunya.

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Holder | @onelmon

Step 2:
Glue the flat parts together and that’s it! (What?? I know!!! This is one of those posts where I feel embarassed to even call this a tutorial, it’s just so easy!).

Langkah 2:
Rekatkan kedua jepitan pada permukaan datarnya dan selesai, deh! (Hahhh?? Ya kan? Ini adalah salah satu postingan yang membuat saya malu untuk bahkan menyebutnya sebagai tutorial, mudah banget kan?).

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Holder | @onelmon

Place your chopstick :) 

Letakkan sumpit anda :)

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series – Chopstick Holder | @onelmon

Since coming to Japan, I am forced to try to make myself using more chopsticks when eating. I’m used to eating noodles with chopstick but eating rice and picking up veggies and meat with chopstick are still a challenge to me. Back in Indonesia, most of us eat with a spoon or we can just use our hands and dig in (though some people find it gross and uncivilized). So, are you a chopstick person?

Sejak datang ke Jepang, saya dipaksa mencoba untuk selalu menggunakan sumpit saat makan di mana-mana. Makan mi dengan sumpit masih oke, tapi menggunakan sumpit untuk menyapit sayur dan lauk masih merupakan tantangan untuk saya. Di Indonesia, tentunya kita menggunakan sendok atau tangan (apalagi kalau makan nasi Padang haha). Bagaimana dengan anda? Apakah anda terlatih dengan sumpit?

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial! For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below! Come back next week for the third clothes pin DIY! See you!

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16 thoughts on “Clothes Pin Series #2: Chopstick Rest

  1. What a great idea, Onel! I began using chopsticks recently because I wanted to slurp ramen noodles and stews with them. I found your page while browsing for chopstick holders. I think I will assemble your clothespin idea and spray-paint them a glossy red…an auspicious color for a great, useful concept!

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    • Absolutely! Coating it is a great idea. We certainly don’t want the oily chopsticks to stain the holder ;) Thank you for pointing that out, Linda! :D

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