Three-Color Heart

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

What do we do on Valentine’s Day? We make hearts! And not just the ordinary hearts, we are making layered hearts today! Jump to the tutorial below to see how to make these cute little 3-color hearts <3

Apa yang kita lakukan pada hari kasih sayang aka Valentine? Kita berbagi cinta (lebay mode on)! Khusus untuk hari ini, saya berbagi tutorial pin bentuk hati dengan berlapis-lapis warna. Dicoba yuk! 

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Felt (3 colors) | Flanel (3 warna);
  2. Cotton/polyfil (filling) | Kapas isian;
  3. Needle & thread | Jarum & benang;
  4. Glue | Lem;
  5. Scissors | Gunting.

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 1:
Choose the colors of your felt and cut them into rectangular shapes:
1. Big felt – the base (7cm x 6cm);
2. Top color (7cm x 2cm);
3. Middle color (7cm x 3cm);
4. Bottom color (7cm x 3 cm).

Langkah 1:
Pilih warna flanel anda dan gunting menjadi bentuk persegi panjang:
1. Flanel besar – dasar (7cm x 6cm);
2. Flanel atas (7cm x 2cm);
3. Flanel tengah (7cm x 3cm);
4. Flanel bawah (7cm x 3 cm).

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 2:
Glue the three-color felt pieces together. They should form a 7cm x 6cm rectangle as a whole.

Langkah 2:
Rekatkan ketiga flanel. Pastikan hasil rekatan berukuran 7cm x 6cm secara keseluruhan.

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 3:
Place the three-color felts below the big felt and draw a heart shape on top of it.

Langkah 3:
Letakkan flanel 3 warna di bawah flanel besar dan gambar bentuk hati pada bagian atasnya.

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 4:
Cut the heart out.

Langkah 4:
Gunting bentuk hati.

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 5:
Sandwich some filling in between and stitch the hearts together.

Langkah 5:
Beri isian di antara 2 hati dan jahit.

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Step 6:
Close stitch and we are done!

Langkah 6:
Tutup jahitan dan selesailah flanel hati 3 warna ini!

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

You can use it as a brooch, an embellishment pin to your hat or bag, or even a key ring :) Hope you like it!

Anda dapat menggunakannya sebagai bros, hiasan pada topi atau tas, atau sebagai gantungan kunci :) Semoga anda suka!

DIY Tutorial: Three-color heart | @onelmon

Have you planned what to do with your loved ones today (or this evening?) As for me, I’m all alone this year and I think I’ll just cozy up myself and stitch more hearts (._.) 

Apakah anda sudah merencanakan sesuatu dengan pasangan atau keluarga? Untuk saya, sepertinya saya akan melewatinya dengan menjahit pin-pin hati ini (._.)

Thank you for reading and enjoy the looong evening with your loved ones! Happy Valentine’s Day! For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below! Hope to see you around again soon!

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