Bead Button Necklace

DIY Tutorial: Bead Button Necklace | @onelmon

Do you have a lot of random beads from broken bracelets or necklaces and random spare buttons that were clipped inside your shirts or trousers? I have, lots of them. I always keep the spare buttons even though I have donated the shirts like 8 years ago. Just like the toilet roll, I can’t seem to throw them away because who knows when Pinterest will show me amazing projects that need them. So here was I a few days ago, trying to put these buttons and beads with no master into some use. So, are you ready to join me in transforming these lonely little tinkrets into a simple and cute necklace?

Apa anda punya manik-manik dari gelang yang telah putus dan kancing-kancing tak bertuan dari baju-baju yang telah anda buang beberapa tahun yang lalu? Seperti halnya pada gulungan kosong tisu toilet, saya tak kuasa (lebay mode on) membuang kancing dan manik-manik tersebut karena siapa tahu Pinterest bakal memunculkan ide-ide keren yang membutuhkan mereka? Jadi beberapa hari lalu, saya membongkar hiasan-hiasan kecil ini dan mencoba untuk membuat sesuatu dari mereka. Siap untuk ikut mengubah mereka menjadi kalung simpel yang lucu?

DIY Tutorial: Bead Button Necklace | @onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Cord | Tali;
  2. Shank button | Kancing berkaki;
  3. Beads | Manik-manik;
  4. Scissors | Gunting.

DIY Tutorial: Bead Button Necklace | @onelmon

Step 1:
Cut a 80 cm long cord and string your cord through the hole at the back of your button like the image above. Make sure that it’s tight enough not to let the cord slides down on its own.

Langkah 1:
Potong tali sepanjang 80 cm dan selipkan tali pada lubang di belakang kancing seperti gambar di atas. Pastikan lubang yang dilalui pas dengan 2 x tebal tali supaya kancing tidak bergeser menurun dengan sendirinya.

DIY Tutorial: Bead Button Necklace | @onelmon

Step 2:
Insert the beads at the end of the two loose ends of the cord and tie a knot after your are done with each of them.

Langkah 2:
Masukkan manik-manik pilihan anda pada kedua ujung tali dan buat simpul pada masing-masing tali.

DIY Tutorial: Bead Button Necklace | @onelmon

Step 3:
Pull the button downward to make a loop big enough so that the necklace could go through your head. Tighten it back by pulling it upward (Is it just me or do I sound like a stewardess explaining the seatbelt thing?).

Langkah 3:
Tarik kancing ke bawah untuk membuat lingkaran yang cukup besar supaya kalung dapat melewati kepala anda. Tarik kembali ke atas setinggi yang anda inginkan :-)

Have you ever upcycled the beads and buttons on your projects before? Share your craft ideas with us! Hope you enjoy this short tutorial. For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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