Pressed Flowers

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Sakura season is over in where I’m living now actually, but because this craft took a bit of time (the waiting part!!), I can only manage to share this post this week. So, this is my very first spring in my entire whole life. I’ve been living in tropical 2-season countries for the past 25 years so I’m very excited with the transition from the cold winter to the warm spring season :) As a memento for my first spring, I collected the sakura flowers just as they are about to wither (they have a relatively short blooming season, only a week or two) and turned them into pressed flowers. They are pretty as bookmarks (oh yes, another bookmark for me!) or they are great for table display too!

Musim sakura sebenarnya sudah berakhir di tempat saya tinggal sekarang, tapi karena craft kali ini butuh waktu sedikit lebih lama (waktu nunggunya!!), saya baru bisa berbagi tutorialnya minggu ini. Jadi, ceritanya ini musim semi pertama saya. Karena selama 25 tahun tinggal di negara 2 musim (yeap, Indonesia!), tentunya senang banget bisa ngerasain musim semi setelah musim dingin yang panjang ;) Sebagai kenang-kenangan musim semi pertama, saya mengumpulkan bunga-bunga sakura yang telah jatuh ini (umur bunga sakura relatif pendek, hanya 1 sampai 2 minggu saja) untuk dibuat menjadi bunga kering. Bunga-bunga kering ini dapat digunakan untuk pembatas buku atau dapat juga dibingkai untuk hiasan meja :)

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Flowers | Bunga;
  2. Paper | Kertas;
  3. Books | Buku.
  4. [optional] Ribbon | Pita;
  5. [optional] Frame | Bingkai.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 1:
Collect your flowers and arrange them as you like them on top of a piece of paper. Note: You can start with a big piece of paper and later cut it as you need it.

Langkah 1:
Kumpulkan bunga anda dan susun sesuai yang anda inginkan di atas kertas. Catatan: Anda dapat menggunakan kertas besar saat memulai untuk kemudian digunting menurut keinginan anda nantinya.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 2:
Open a book and place them on any page; somewhere from the middle to the end is good.

Langkah 2:
Buka buku anda dan letakkan bunga dan kertas pada salah satu halaman; direkomendasikan mulai dari halaman bagian tengah sampai akhir.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 3:
Cover them with a piece of paper and close the book. Store this book somewhere on the shelf with more books stacking on top of it.

Langkah 3:
Tutup bunga dengan sehelai kertas di atasnya dan tutup buku anda. Simpan buku pada rak dengan timpaan buku-buku lain di atasnya.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 4:
Open the book to check the result every day until they are completely flat and dry.

Langkah 4:
Buka buku tersebut dan periksa hasilnya setiap hari sampai bunga benar-benar rata dan kering.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 5:
These pressed flowers make a great bookmark! You can cut a rectangle, punch a hole on top and tie a ribbon to cute-n it up!

Langkah 5:
Bunga-bunga kering ini cocok untuk dibuat pembatas buku! Anda dapat menggunting bentuk persegi panjang, memberi lubang pada bagian atas dan mengikat pita untuk mempermanisnya.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Step 6:
Or you can go a little bit bigger and frame the pressed flowers. There you go, a spring on your table all year long ;)

Langkah 6:
Atau anda juga bisa membingkai bunga-bunga kering ini untuk dipajang pada meja kerja anda.

DIY Tutorial: Pressed Flowers | @onelmon

Have you ever made pressed flowers before? What would you use them as?

Apakah anda pernah mencoba membuat bunga kering? Hiasan seperti apa yang akan ada buat?

Thanks a lot for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading the post :) For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below! Hope to see you again soon! Happy Spring Season!

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24 thoughts on “Pressed Flowers

  1. hello.. i tried to make a pressed flower with orchid.. i started with a lovely purple orchid and used the same method as you.. but after 2 weeks my flower wither and it turned brownish.. what hapenned? can you tell me ?

  2. Hi:
    I came to your site through AwesomeSauce&AssHattery and RudeRecord.
    As to other things done with pressed flowers, I have made magnets with little glazed ceramic tiles (from a tile store or recycled/approx 5cm X 5cm), pressed flowers and Elmer’s Glue (it’s a white glue-comes in a squeeze bottle)The glue was thinned with water 50/50. Brush on a layer of the glue. Arrange flowers on top of glue. Press flowers into the glue with your fingers to flatten. When dry, brush with one or two more layers of glue, letting each layer dry before adding the next glue layer. Glue a magnet on the back. Let dry. (use to decorate your refrigerator/ office cubicle/ any metal surface–or to stick papers out to remember to deal with them/display photos, etc???
    The other thing I have done with pressed flowers was to make little cards to send for “Hello!/Happy Birthday!” etc. Take a piece of paper or card stock, fold in half, and press/crease the fold. Brush the 50/50 glue water over the front of the card. Add your dried flower arrangement (It’s fun to experiment with different flowers to see which ones dry nicely–also it’s nice to use greenery (leaves, stems, etc that you’ve dried as well…Let dry. You may have to press the whole card after you make it, as it might buckle with the glue. Better to use a light coat for the first layer with the flowers, and then add a second layer after that dries.
    Arrange your flowers before you start to glue!!!
    After your card recipient is finished with the card, they could just frame the piece for their wall…
    Of course, there is always your wonderful book mark idea. I would definitely adhere the flowers with the glue mixture as well, and seal it with a second coat of the glue mixture. Otherwise, your flower color might leach out onto the book and leave its color. That might ultimately damage the pages of the book.
    Sorry this is so long. You did say that you like to read??? Contact me if you have any questions. Pressed flowers are fun!!!

    • Thanks a lot for the comprehensive instruction, Laura! Appreciate you sharing your knowledge here!! I especially love the ceramic tile idea <3 Just a question, do you apply glue at the back of the flowers before arranging the flowers? Because they might move around when you brush the coating.

      • Experiment! It’s all part of the fun of crafting. I put the flowers on while the first base coat was still wet. If they shift, just ease them back into place. Be gentle–dried flowers can be FRAGILE. Instead of diluted glue, you can use Mod-Podge, if it’s available in your area.

        • I know right!! I used a pinset to move the petals, they are so thin and fragile :S Unfortunately, Modge Podge isn’t available here, that’s why I’ve been using white glue mixture as substitute :(

  3. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on our dried citrus post. Wow, your blog here is so inspiring. So many things I love – the fact that it’s bilingual (is that hard for you, or does it come easily?), the lovely crafts and DIYs, and this post! I love that you shared about your first spring, and even more I love how you captured it in these pressed flowers. I’m a bit crazy about flowers, and I suppose I’m incredibly blessed to have such a long blooming spring where I live. Thanks again, new friend! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    • Thank you, Candace! Lucky of you to have a long spring at your side! It was my first time visiting your blog too, such a beautiful blog (love all the photographs and the ideas)! Because I hardly use English here nowadays, I tried my best to use it on my blog and read English books, just so that I won’t forget it. Thanks a lot for stopping by! Oh, and I’m also an overuser of exclamation mark like Stephanie, please don’t mind it ;)

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    • Thank you, Barbara! The sakura is indeed beautiful but unfortunately, its blooming season is really short. I’m so glad to hear that this inspired you :)

    • Thank you, Leslie! For the frame display, the glass plate is pressing against them so they don’t fall off. As for the bookmark, mine is still sticking flat to the paper until now, but just to be safe, you can try to laminate it :)

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