Detachable Sleep Mask

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

I’ve been reminding myself to make a sleep eye mask for months and after a loooong overdue, I finally made one this week! As we always wash our face after we wake up, I thought about making a sleep mask that is detachable from our headband so we can just slide the headband up when we are washing our face. Read on to see the easy tutorial!

Dari beberapa bulan lalu, sudah kepikiran mau buat penutup mata tapi rencana tinggal rencana, sampai minggu ini baru kesampaian :p Penutup mata yang saya buat ini menggunakan bando karet dan penutup matanya dapat dilepas, jadi saat bangun, ngga perlu ganti bando untuk cuci muka (baca: malas). Baca terus yah untuk cara buatnya!

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. Fabric | Kain;
  2. Snap fastener | Kancing jepret;
  3. Headband | Bando karet;
  4. Needle & thread | Jarum & benang;
  5. Scissors | Gunting.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 1:
Cut 4 pieces of sleep mask pattern (I downloaded mine from this blog). 2 for outer fabric and 2 for inner fabric. Measure the width of your headband and mark the position. The fasteners would go somewhere under it.

Langkah 1:
Gunting 4 helai pola penutup mata (saya unduh polanya dari blog ini). 2 helai untuk kain luar dan 2 helai untuk kain dalam. Ukur lebar bando anda dan beri tanda posisinya. Kancingnya akan dijahit di bawah posisi tersebut.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 2:
Sew the fasteners on your inner fabric (approx. 1 cm away from the edge).

Langkah 2:
Jahit kancing pada kain dalam anda (beri jarak sekitar 1 cm dari sisi luar kain).

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 3:
Layer your inner fabric (wrong side up) on top of your outer fabric (right side up) and sew them together (remember to leave an opening for flipping later!). Repeat for the other one.

Langkah 3:
Letakkan kain dalam (sisi belakang di atas) di atas kain luar (sisi depan di atas) dan jahit (jangan lupa untuk memberi lubang untuk membalikkan sisi luar dalam nantinya). Ulangi untuk satu set lainnya.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 4:
Flip it inside out and give it a good press with the iron.

Langkah 4:
Balikkan sisi dalam ke luar dan setrika supaya rapi.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 5:
Sew the two eye masks together at the top part.

Langkah 5:
Jahit kedua penutup mata pada bagian atasnya.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 6:
Sandwich your headband between the two layers.

Langkah 6:
Letakkan bando anda di antara penutup mata.

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Step 7:
Fasten it and we are done!

Langkah 7:
Kancing penutup anda dan selesailah penutup mata anda!

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

Good night and sleep tight!

Selamat malam dan semoga anda bermimpi indah!

Thank you for reading and I hope you like it! I’m still working on my machine-sewing skill so please ignore the messy stitches for now :p For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below!

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7 thoughts on “Detachable Sleep Mask

  1. Hello Onel,

    Many thanks for this tutorial. I was looking for a guide on sleep mask.
    I believe that it’s important to do it ourselves
    This article will be usefull for me :)
    Angel recently posted..Best Sleep MasksMy Profile

  2. Oh my gosh, you’ve done it again!

    This is positively brilliant. And don’t ever worry about crooked or less than perfect stitches. I used to obsess about those things and it just upset me so much I gave up sewing….only to find out that other people weren’t as concerned about perfection as I was. They didn’t notice my one crooked stitch and it didn’t stifle their creativity when they sewed.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best!!! YOU are brilliant. Let’s put more attention to creativity and less toward perfection!!!

    • I understand that perfectly!! I used to be a perfectionist too and got carried away spending hours just to fix that silly little mistake when I don’t even mind other’s crooked stitches!!
      But lately, there are so many things to do (and family and friends keep reminding me too) that it came to me that it’s more important to get things done on time than to get things done perfectly!

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Eileen!! They really mean a lot!!

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