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DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

Okay, first I want to warn you that this post will be shamelessly filled with my old ID photos, please bear with me (^^); I took a lot of ID photos for visa, exams, passport and other related documents and you know how most of them requires the “at least 3 months old” photos. I did cheat sometimes but sometimes your new hair length just won’t let you cheat. 

I usually use the self-service photo box and it always comes with 8 pieces of photo and most of the time, I just use 1 or 2 of them and the others? Stuffed inside my drawer collecting dust. I keep one photo from every print (just to see how I age overtime LOL), so I’m looking for ways to use these old ID photos and came up with today photo pins and magnets! They are great for memo board and chore charts and very easy to make too!

Pertama, saya harus memberi peringatan bahwa postingan hari ini akan dipenuhi pas foto lama saya (^^); Untuk berbagai macam ujian, visa, paspor, dsb., saya berulang kali membuat pas foto karena selalu diberitahu bahwa foto anda harus foto baru (alias tidak lebih dari 3 bulan). Jujur, kadang saya memakai foto yang lebih lama dari itu tapi terkadang panjang rambut baru anda tidak bisa menipu.

Saya biasanya menggunakan mesin pas foto yang mencetak 8 foto sekaligus dan dari 8 foto, hanya 1 atau 2 lembar yang terpakai. Jadi saya mencari cara untuk menggunakan foto-foto yang tersisa dan terpikir untuk membuat pin dan magnet foto hari ini. Pin dan magnet foto ini cocok untuk anda yang menggunakan papan memo ataupun papan pembagian pekerjaan rumah tangga.

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

What you need | Yang anda butuhkan:

  1. ID photos | Pas foto;
  2. Push pins | Paku payung;
  3. Scissors | Gunting;
  4. Glue or double-sided tape (for push pins) or magnet tape | Lem atau selotip dua sisi (untuk paku payung) atau selotip magnet;

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

Step 1:
Cut off the unnecessary parts (blank space).

Langkah 1:
Gunting foto anda hingga hanya tertinggal bagian yang dibutuhkan (wajah dan bahu).

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

Step 2:
If you are using the push pin, just stick your photo on top of it with glue or double-sided tape.

Langkah 2:
Jika anda menggunakan paku payung, cukup rekat foto pada paku payung dengan lem atau selotip dua sisi.

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

And stick them on your memo cork board!

Tancap pin baru anda pada papan memo!

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

If you are using a marker white board, you can opt for magnet tape. Just cut a thin tape and stick at the back of your photo.

Jika anda menggunakan papan spidol, anda dapat menggunakan selotip magnet sebagai pengganti paku payung. Cukup gunting sepotong kecil selotipnya dan tempelkan pada bagian belakang foto.

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

As I’m living alone, this chart is rather pointless but you can use the photo magnets for a chore chart too :)

Karena sekarang saya tinggal sendiri, saya tidak memerlukan papan pembagian kerja ini tapi anda dapat menggunakan magnet foto ini sebagai penanda :)

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

My face is literally everywhere :p I’m still figuring out what to do with these pins and magnets (and I have more ID photos to use!)

Saya masih bingung mau diapakan pin dan magnet ini (dan saya masih punya banyak sisa pas foto yang belum digunakan!)

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

Using just the face part is okay too! Okay, enough with my faces, now make yours!

Anda juga bisa hanya menggunakan bagian kepala saja! Terima kasih sudah membaca sampai akhir dan bertahan untuk melihat foto muka saya yang tak kunjung habis :p Dicoba ya!

Thank you for reading! If you have ideas on how to use old ID photos, please share them here! I would love to try them too! For more craft tutorials, you can visit the blog’s facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google plus and bloglovin via the clickable buttons below or subscribe through rss reader and email. Have a question? Just drop me an email or leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Photo Pins

  1. I get a lot of flat magnets from different businesses with advertising or calendars on them. I have found that they are great to make my own magnets from them. Just glue on a picture – and after dry, leave as is or cut out part of the picture. I also have stuck stickers on the magnets and cut off the excess magnet from around the sticker.

  2. What a cute idea!!! I have so many of my kids’ school photos that I could never bear to toss. Won’t they make cute magnets! Of course, the kids will be embarrassed to see their photos now that they are 32 and 28 but I love those pictures! I might even drag out a couple of my earlier passport pictures….before the wrinkles and grey hair!!! Thanks!!!

    • Sorry for the late reply! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :D I know how they would feel!! I was hesitant to make this too as it’s very a bit embarassing to bring out my old photos and even wrote a tutorial (with the photos all over the places!!) but I’m glad I did now. I would never throw away any ID photos (or any pictures with people in them) too but when you got a few copies of them, you may want to do something with them!

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