Flower Collar

DIY Tutorial: Flower Collar | onelmon

Warm greetings from Tokyo! Hi all, this is my first post published from Japan, though the project itself has been last minute-ly crafted in Indonesia before flying over here. Today, I’m sharing this flower collar tutorial. It’s actually a request from my another sister (I have no idea what she wants to do with it, for Halloween maybe?) Alright, let’s jump to the tutorial! Continue reading

Felt {two-faced} Gentleman

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a mini sewing project, a request by my sister. She passed me a piece of paper with her doodles the other day and asked me to make a 3D felt version of it so I went through her drawings and decided to pick this gentleman below (I think it’s kinda cute and easy). Think it’s cute? Then get the materials ready and read on! Let’s start sewing! Continue reading

Sewing Spider

DIY Tutorial: Sewing Spider | onelmon

Hi there! Let’s make a spider, shall we? Don’t worry as this won’t crawl around the house to see you screaming at it nor will it make the corner of your ceiling its home (unless you make it to). This is a totally harmless creature that even the kids will love to have for Halloween. Making it? Alright, let’s get the sewing tools ready! Continue reading

Constellation Wristband

DIY Tutorial: Constellation Wristband | onelmon

Hi there and happy August to you! What have you guys been doing lately? I have been practising sewing these days and today I’m sharing one sewing project using french knots technique that I just picked up recently. Practising french knots is definitely boring if you are just making knots and knots without any direction. But we can pretty up those randomly positioned dots with some lines and BAM, we have a constellation! Pretty simple idea, isn’t it? Why not join me in making these boring knots and see what kind of amazing galaxy you can come up with? Continue reading