Beaded Christmas Card

DIY Tutorial: Beaded Christmas Card | @onelmon

Hello there! I know I just greeted you a start of a happy November last week and here I am sharing a Christmas craft for December. Well, surely everyone needs time to put up with the decorations and not to forget, sending Christmas greeting cards which are due before the actual day. And since this Christmas card tutorial that I’m going to share with you is going to need a little bit of time to make, I might as well post it early. Okay, let’s get the materials ready and start up your crafty engine! Continue reading

Felt {two-faced} Gentleman

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a mini sewing project, a request by my sister. She passed me a piece of paper with her doodles the other day and asked me to make a 3D felt version of it so I went through her drawings and decided to pick this gentleman below (I think it’s kinda cute and easy). Think it’s cute? Then get the materials ready and read on! Let’s start sewing! Continue reading

Sewing Spider

DIY Tutorial: Sewing Spider | onelmon

Hi there! Let’s make a spider, shall we? Don’t worry as this won’t crawl around the house to see you screaming at it nor will it make the corner of your ceiling its home (unless you make it to). This is a totally harmless creature that even the kids will love to have for Halloween. Making it? Alright, let’s get the sewing tools ready! Continue reading

Straw Flowers

DIY Tutorial: Straw Flowers | onelmon

These straw flowers really bring back memories. Did you make these drinking straw flowers during your craft lesson back in your primary years? I did! Along with making a flower pot from drinking bottle, the teacher taught us how to make these colorful fake flowers from drinking straws. I was struggling back then as I disliked crafting very much (oops! Look where I ended up now!) but a few days ago I tried making them again and thought I should share this little childhood craft with you. Here we go! Continue reading

Mini Felt Soft Toys

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Hello all! It’s the mini plushie post again. (Note: If you haven’t checked them out, you may want to take a look at these cute mini felt snowmen I made for last year’s Christmas!) I like mini soft toys because I’m just not confident enough to make a big one I think mini version of everything is just cute and I can bring them with me in almost everywhere. They take a little bit of patience in making one but once you get the hang of it, Continue reading

Photo Frame Clock

DIY: Photo Frame Clock | onelmon

Hi all! It’s here again! A simple and easy (and quick!) craft anyone can make! So, what are we doing today? We are making a new home for your clock. Where? In a photo frame! Note: This tutorial only shows the basic steps on how to move your old clock to a frame but with your creativity, I’m sure there is still much more for you to experiment with. Alright! Shall we start building? Continue reading