Ice Cream Stick Heart Pendant

DIY Tutorial: Ice Cream Stick Heart Pendant | @onelmon

Hi there! Saint Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’m very inspired by all the things crafted with love that seem to be everywhere, online and real life (I think I can even smell chocolate everywhere :d). So today, I’m sharing this easy accessory craft you can make at home with only ice cream sticks! Read on for the full tutorial! Continue reading

New Year Resolution Board

DIY Craft: New Year Resolution Board | @onelmon

First of all, Happy New Year!!! And I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the readers for the support as today also marks my 2 years of craft blogging here :D I learned a lot during these two years and I hope to continue learning while creating more crafts. So, we are now at the beginning of the year 2014 and I’m sure everyone is ready to make this year a more awesome year. How about making a resolution board to keep reminding you what your goals are? Joining me? Continue reading

New Year Flashy Necklace

DIY Accessories: New Year Flashy Necklace | @onelmon

Woohoo!!! We are entering the year of 2014 in just a few days! Excited? Me too! I still can’t believe 2013 is coming to a close very soon. 2013 has been a crazy year for me. Back in the first half of 2013, I was still a 9-5 office worker trying to figure out what I want to do and boom! 3 months of paper work landed me where I am now, in Japan, back as a student. How about you? Has 2013 been a great year for you? Continue reading

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame

DIY Tutorial: Wrapping Paper Photo Frame | @onelmon

So you must have been or are busy preparing and wrapping gifts for Christmas lately. And what comes after? Yeah, the cleaning part. You may be tempted to dump all the leftover wrapping paper and tapes and twines into the dustbin but, Wait! Keep them somewhere safe for this post-Christmas craft! I’m sure most of you are going to take lots and lots of pictures during this important holiday and while printing out photos is not the most popular thing to do nowadays, you may want to print out some great-looking pictures as keepsakes and surely you’ll need a frame for every each of them :) Continue reading

Wreath Pendant

DIY Tutorial: Wreath Pendant | @onelmon

I admit I’m being obsessed with Christmas crafts this year (and it’s even funnier because I don’t celebrate it!). So yeap, today, I’m back with yet another Christmas-related craft, an accessory this time. A super easy and quick accessory you can craft up in under 10 minutes! Get your materials now, you’ll definitely want to make this! Continue reading

Elastic Napkin Ring

DIY Tutorial: Easy Elastic Napkin Ring for Christmas | @onelmon

Looking for a cute napkin ring that you can make yourself in under 3 minutes? Then today’s post is definitely for you! I wrote a tutorial on cable fastener last August and thought the same technique could work as napkin ring too! You’ll only need a few basic materials that you probably already have around your house. Scroll through the simple tutorial to make your own! Continue reading