Beaded Christmas Card

DIY Tutorial: Beaded Christmas Card | @onelmon

Hello there! I know I just greeted you a start of a happy November last week and here I am sharing a Christmas craft for December. Well, surely everyone needs time to put up with the decorations and not to forget, sending Christmas greeting cards which are due before the actual day. And since this Christmas card tutorial that I’m going to share with you is going to need a little bit of time to make, I might as well post it early. Okay, let’s get the materials ready and start up your crafty engine! Continue reading

Paper Pumpkin Treats Bowl

DIY Tutorial: Paper Pumpkin Treats Bowl | onelmon

Hello all! I’m sharing yet another Halloween-inspired craft tutorial today. It’s a pumpkin (or pumpkin wannabe) this week. We are going to make a paper bowl to hold the treats. It’s not a very big bowl (for someone with a sweet tooth like me) but it certainly could hold quite a number of sweets. Care to give it a go? Oh, and did I mention we are doing upcycling today? Continue reading

Sewing Spider

DIY Tutorial: Sewing Spider | onelmon

Hi there! Let’s make a spider, shall we? Don’t worry as this won’t crawl around the house to see you screaming at it nor will it make the corner of your ceiling its home (unless you make it to). This is a totally harmless creature that even the kids will love to have for Halloween. Making it? Alright, let’s get the sewing tools ready! Continue reading

Adjustable Felt Party Hat

DIY Adjustable Party Hat | onelmon

Really…! When I saw the preview of this post, I thought “Man, I looked like I have a Christmas tree on top of my head!” Believe me that’s not my intention at all, but nevermind that. I was thinking of making wearable crafts a few days ago and with lots of birthdays coming up (pretty soon), I decided to Continue reading