Clothes Pin Series #1: Necklace

DIY Tutorial: Clothes Pin Series - Necklace | @onelmon

So I was staring at a pack of wooden clothes pins that I bought without much thinking the other day and wondering what I should do with them (blame Pinterest for showing so many delicious projects with clothes pin like this, this and this). After a little bit of messing around with a couple of pins, I came up with 4 things you can make from clothes pins and today I’m sharing with you one of them! Enjoy! Continue reading

Menu Planning with Washi Magnets + Giveaway

DIY Tutorial: Menu Planning with Washi Tape | @onelmon

Disclaimer: Supplies for this post and giveaway have been provided by Consumer Crafts. This post would not have been possible without them.

Hellooooo all!! As I have promised in my last post, today I and the other 6 fabulous bloggers will host a giveaway along with our craft posts! Every each of us is challenged to make an organizing-themed craft based on the provided supplies. I chose washi tape out of the bunch and came up with this simple washi magnet idea for menu planning. Weekly menu planning can be a chore but it’s one great way to not wasting food and money, easier grocery shopping and yes, healthier as you can review what you are eating for the week. Continue reading

Flower Accessories Holder

DIY Tutorial: Flower Accessories Holder | @onelmon

Let’s get organized today! I was into paper-cutting last week and made this flower ornament to add some colors to my room. Rather than just leaving it collecting dust, I use it to organize my accessories. It only requires a few basic materials and it’s easy to make! Scroll down to see the how-to :D Continue reading

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame

DIY Tutorial: Wrapping Paper Photo Frame | @onelmon

So you must have been or are busy preparing and wrapping gifts for Christmas lately. And what comes after? Yeah, the cleaning part. You may be tempted to dump all the leftover wrapping paper and tapes and twines into the dustbin but, Wait! Keep them somewhere safe for this post-Christmas craft! I’m sure most of you are going to take lots and lots of pictures during this important holiday and while printing out photos is not the most popular thing to do nowadays, you may want to print out some great-looking pictures as keepsakes and surely you’ll need a frame for every each of them :) Continue reading

Elastic Napkin Ring

DIY Tutorial: Easy Elastic Napkin Ring for Christmas | @onelmon

Looking for a cute napkin ring that you can make yourself in under 3 minutes? Then today’s post is definitely for you! I wrote a tutorial on cable fastener last August and thought the same technique could work as napkin ring too! You’ll only need a few basic materials that you probably already have around your house. Scroll through the simple tutorial to make your own! Continue reading

Shoelace Flip Flop

DIY Tutorial: Shoelace Flip Flop | @onelmon

Anybody here wears slippers at home? Well, I do or sort of… do. Truth is I don’t wear the slip-on slippers. Instead, I wear flip flops around the house and it has been going on like that for years. I was so confident that I can just drop in any footwear store in Tokyo and get a pair of them that I refused to bring a pair from home even though my mom has suggested me to. Lesson learnt, just listen to your mom. She is always right. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and I can’t find a single store that sells flip flops! You can find slip-on slippers almost anywhere but definitely no flip flops. I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t looked far and hard enough. I tried wearing these slip-on slippers for a week and I almost fell from the stairs a couple of times. That’s when I think I need to do something about this. Slippers to flip flops make over! Continue reading

Straw Flowers

DIY Tutorial: Straw Flowers | onelmon

These straw flowers really bring back memories. Did you make these drinking straw flowers during your craft lesson back in your primary years? I did! Along with making a flower pot from drinking bottle, the teacher taught us how to make these colorful fake flowers from drinking straws. I was struggling back then as I disliked crafting very much (oops! Look where I ended up now!) but a few days ago I tried making them again and thought I should share this little childhood craft with you. Here we go! Continue reading