Easy Colorful Foodpick

DIY tutorial: Easy Colorful Foodpick | onelmon

Here is a scenario. You are throwing a party and you already have all the delicious food prepared. House decorations are perfect and you have put on your best outfit. And then you realize, you forgot to prepare (probably disposable) eating utensils and you know the guests are arriving in less than 5 minutes, or worse under 1 minute!! What to do? Don’t panic but Continue reading

Cross stitching on PVC pipe

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Hi all! I’m back with another PVC pipe creation today. And yes, as you can judge from the title, we are going to do some needlework on pipe! Some of you may have seen my previous project, the Pipe Bangle, which also involved stitching on PVC pipe. But this time, we are doing something that is a little bit different Continue reading

Photo Frame Clock

DIY: Photo Frame Clock | onelmon

Hi all! It’s here again! A simple and easy (and quick!) craft anyone can make! So, what are we doing today? We are making a new home for your clock. Where? In a photo frame! Note: This tutorial only shows the basic steps on how to move your old clock to a frame but with your creativity, I’m sure there is still much more for you to experiment with. Alright! Shall we start building? Continue reading

Tape Font

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Hi all! Guess what? You’ll need to bring out all those tapes you have right now as we are creating text with them today! Yes, text! This may remind you a bit on my last year project with paper stitching but doing it with tapes is going to be another fun thing to try, plus they can be more colorful and most importantly, less mess! Why not give it a try? Continue reading

Dried Paint Painting


Hi All! We are going do some painting today (or should I say fake painting?). Anybody here who is good at painting or at least is fond of painting? **Confession time** In my case, if you ask me to paint something, you can expect to see something a 5-year old would come out with when you ask him/her to paint. Yes, I paint terribly, maybe more terrible than a 5-year-old kid (sigh). I’m one of those people who always accidentally misguides the paint brush outside the drawing line and when it happens, tries hard to cover the mistake by spreading the coloring area wider, wider, wider… and then realizes that the drawing is now out of shape, throws the drawing away, and cries in the corner (sob). So why did I choose to do something that I’ve always tried to avoid? Continue reading

Piggybank Monster

Felt Piggybank Monster | onelmon

Eeek! I accidentally skipped Chinese New Year – theme craft and jumped straight to a Valentine post last week (OoO)”. To make up for that, here is a last minute CNY craft tutorial for all! Welcome the new monster member, the piggybank monster to join the club! (for new readers, you can check out the other members here). So why a piggybank Continue reading