Wreath Pendant

DIY Tutorial: Wreath Pendant | @onelmon

I admit I’m being obsessed with Christmas crafts this year (and it’s even funnier because I don’t celebrate it!). So yeap, today, I’m back with yet another Christmas-related craft, an accessory this time. A super easy and quick accessory you can craft up in under 10 minutes! Get your materials now, you’ll definitely want to make this! Continue reading

Elastic Napkin Ring

DIY Tutorial: Easy Elastic Napkin Ring for Christmas | @onelmon

Looking for a cute napkin ring that you can make yourself in under 3 minutes? Then today’s post is definitely for you! I wrote a tutorial on cable fastener last August and thought the same technique could work as napkin ring too! You’ll only need a few basic materials that you probably already have around your house. Scroll through the simple tutorial to make your own! Continue reading

Beaded Christmas Card

DIY Tutorial: Beaded Christmas Card | @onelmon

Hello there! I know I just greeted you a start of a happy November last week and here I am sharing a Christmas craft for December. Well, surely everyone needs time to put up with the decorations and not to forget, sending Christmas greeting cards which are due before the actual day. And since this Christmas card tutorial that I’m going to share with you is going to need a little bit of time to make, I might as well post it early. Okay, let’s get the materials ready and start up your crafty engine! Continue reading

Knot Bracelet

DIY Tutorial: Knot Bracelet | @onelmon

Hello all!! Today I’m sharing a bracelet tutorial. I was inspired by this monkey knot trick from Monsterscircus (it’s a really beautiful sailor knot!) and thought of trying it out in a mini version. It didn’t turn out well (most probably because we are using a different type of cord, I was using a flat leather strand while Mette, the original DIY author, was using a paracord). But I was keen to try making knots so I searched for other doable knots and found this crown knot and thought it could be a cute embellishment for a bracelet :) Continue reading

Shoelace Flip Flop

DIY Tutorial: Shoelace Flip Flop | @onelmon

Anybody here wears slippers at home? Well, I do or sort of… do. Truth is I don’t wear the slip-on slippers. Instead, I wear flip flops around the house and it has been going on like that for years. I was so confident that I can just drop in any footwear store in Tokyo and get a pair of them that I refused to bring a pair from home even though my mom has suggested me to. Lesson learnt, just listen to your mom. She is always right. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and I can’t find a single store that sells flip flops! You can find slip-on slippers almost anywhere but definitely no flip flops. I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t looked far and hard enough. I tried wearing these slip-on slippers for a week and I almost fell from the stairs a couple of times. That’s when I think I need to do something about this. Slippers to flip flops make over! Continue reading