New Year Resolution Board

DIY Craft: New Year Resolution Board | @onelmon

First of all, Happy New Year!!! And I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the readers for the support as today also marks my 2 years of craft blogging here :D I learned a lot during these two years and I hope to continue learning while creating more crafts. So, we are now at the beginning of the year 2014 and I’m sure everyone is ready to make this year a more awesome year. How about making a resolution board to keep reminding you what your goals are? Joining me? Continue reading

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame

DIY Tutorial: Wrapping Paper Photo Frame | @onelmon

So you must have been or are busy preparing and wrapping gifts for Christmas lately. And what comes after? Yeah, the cleaning part. You may be tempted to dump all the leftover wrapping paper and tapes and twines into the dustbin but, Wait! Keep them somewhere safe for this post-Christmas craft! I’m sure most of you are going to take lots and lots of pictures during this important holiday and while printing out photos is not the most popular thing to do nowadays, you may want to print out some great-looking pictures as keepsakes and surely you’ll need a frame for every each of them :) Continue reading

Beaded Christmas Card

DIY Tutorial: Beaded Christmas Card | @onelmon

Hello there! I know I just greeted you a start of a happy November last week and here I am sharing a Christmas craft for December. Well, surely everyone needs time to put up with the decorations and not to forget, sending Christmas greeting cards which are due before the actual day. And since this Christmas card tutorial that I’m going to share with you is going to need a little bit of time to make, I might as well post it early. Okay, let’s get the materials ready and start up your crafty engine! Continue reading

Paper Pumpkin Treats Bowl

DIY Tutorial: Paper Pumpkin Treats Bowl | onelmon

Hello all! I’m sharing yet another Halloween-inspired craft tutorial today. It’s a pumpkin (or pumpkin wannabe) this week. We are going to make a paper bowl to hold the treats. It’s not a very big bowl (for someone with a sweet tooth like me) but it certainly could hold quite a number of sweets. Care to give it a go? Oh, and did I mention we are doing upcycling today? Continue reading

Photo Frame Clock

DIY: Photo Frame Clock | onelmon

Hi all! It’s here again! A simple and easy (and quick!) craft anyone can make! So, what are we doing today? We are making a new home for your clock. Where? In a photo frame! Note: This tutorial only shows the basic steps on how to move your old clock to a frame but with your creativity, I’m sure there is still much more for you to experiment with. Alright! Shall we start building? Continue reading

Glittery Paper Butterfly on ring!

Glittery Paper Butterfly on ring! | onelmon

When Amy from One Artsy Mama announced the 3rd material, I know it’s going to be a fun (and messy) week! (For new readers, I was competing in a craft contest organized by One Artsy Mama when writing this, but unfortunately I was voted out this round and had to retreat from the contest :( but you can check out the fun competition here). The chosen material is glitters! What do you guys first think of when the word glitter is thrown at you? Bling bling accessories? Christmas decorations? For me, I quickly decided that Continue reading

Tape Font

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Hi all! Guess what? You’ll need to bring out all those tapes you have right now as we are creating text with them today! Yes, text! This may remind you a bit on my last year project with paper stitching but doing it with tapes is going to be another fun thing to try, plus they can be more colorful and most importantly, less mess! Why not give it a try? Continue reading

Dried Paint Painting


Hi All! We are going do some painting today (or should I say fake painting?). Anybody here who is good at painting or at least is fond of painting? **Confession time** In my case, if you ask me to paint something, you can expect to see something a 5-year old would come out with when you ask him/her to paint. Yes, I paint terribly, maybe more terrible than a 5-year-old kid (sigh). I’m one of those people who always accidentally misguides the paint brush outside the drawing line and when it happens, tries hard to cover the mistake by spreading the coloring area wider, wider, wider… and then realizes that the drawing is now out of shape, throws the drawing away, and cries in the corner (sob). So why did I choose to do something that I’ve always tried to avoid? Continue reading