Cross stitching on PVC pipe

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Hi all! I’m back with another PVC pipe creation today. And yes, as you can judge from the title, we are going to do some needlework on pipe! Some of you may have seen my previous project, the Pipe Bangle, which also involved stitching on PVC pipe. But this time, we are doing something that is a little bit different Continue reading

Piggybank Monster

Felt Piggybank Monster | onelmon

Eeek! I accidentally skipped Chinese New Year – theme craft and jumped straight to a Valentine post last week (OoO)”. To make up for that, here is a last minute CNY craft tutorial for all! Welcome the new monster member, the piggybank monster to join the club! (for new readers, you can check out the other members here). So why a piggybank Continue reading