Beaded Christmas Card

DIY Tutorial: Beaded Christmas Card | @onelmon

Hello there! I know I just greeted you a start of a happy November last week and here I am sharing a Christmas craft for December. Well, surely everyone needs time to put up with the decorations and not to forget, sending Christmas greeting cards which are due before the actual day. And since this Christmas card tutorial that I’m going to share with you is going to need a little bit of time to make, I might as well post it early. Okay, let’s get the materials ready and start up your crafty engine! Continue reading

Tape Font

DIY Tape Font | onelmon

Hi all! Guess what? You’ll need to bring out all those tapes you have right now as we are creating text with them today! Yes, text! This may remind you a bit on my last year project with paper stitching but doing it with tapes is going to be another fun thing to try, plus they can be more colorful and most importantly, less mess! Why not give it a try? Continue reading