Constellation Wristband

DIY Tutorial: Constellation Wristband | onelmon

Hi there and happy August to you! What have you guys been doing lately? I have been practising sewing these days and today I’m sharing one sewing project using french knots technique that I just picked up recently. Practising french knots is definitely boring if you are just making knots and knots without any direction. But we can pretty up those randomly positioned dots with some lines and BAM, we have a constellation! Pretty simple idea, isn’t it? Why not join me in making these boring knots and see what kind of amazing galaxy you can come up with? Continue reading

Mini Felt Soft Toys

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Hello all! It’s the mini plushie post again. (Note: If you haven’t checked them out, you may want to take a look at these cute mini felt snowmen I made for last year’s Christmas!) I like mini soft toys because I’m just not confident enough to make a big one I think mini version of everything is just cute and I can bring them with me in almost everywhere. They take a little bit of patience in making one but once you get the hang of it, Continue reading

Cross stitching on PVC pipe

DIY: Cross Stitching on Pipe | onelmon

Hi all! I’m back with another PVC pipe creation today. And yes, as you can judge from the title, we are going to do some needlework on pipe! Some of you may have seen my previous project, the Pipe Bangle, which also involved stitching on PVC pipe. But this time, we are doing something that is a little bit different Continue reading

Toilet Roll Pencil Case with Felt

DIY Pencil case from toilet roll and felt | onelmon

Did you guys realize that it has been quite some time since my last sewing post? I know I have been playing around these few months, experimenting with different materials and totally forgotten about improving my sewing skill. So, I’m back today with sewing and felt and a little bit of recycling idea. Continue reading

Adjustable Felt Party Hat

DIY Adjustable Party Hat | onelmon

Really…! When I saw the preview of this post, I thought “Man, I looked like I have a Christmas tree on top of my head!” Believe me that’s not my intention at all, but nevermind that. I was thinking of making wearable crafts a few days ago and with lots of birthdays coming up (pretty soon), I decided to Continue reading

Checker Pouch

DIY Checker Pouch

Hi all! This week’s craft topic will be on the chess’ checker pattern. Anybody playing chess here? We can have a match! Kidding, I don’t even know the basic rules :\ All the same, I like chess, I love the black and white checker pattern as well as the chessmen (I think those pieces have awesome shapes, even the plain pawns). And with the checker pattern in mind, I thought I might as well try doing Continue reading

Piggybank Monster

Felt Piggybank Monster | onelmon

Eeek! I accidentally skipped Chinese New Year – theme craft and jumped straight to a Valentine post last week (OoO)”. To make up for that, here is a last minute CNY craft tutorial for all! Welcome the new monster member, the piggybank monster to join the club! (for new readers, you can check out the other members here). So why a piggybank Continue reading