Washi Rubik Necklace

DIY Tutorial: Washi Rubik | @onelmon

Hello guys, hope you are well! I’m back with a new tutorial! Sorry for the inconsistency in the posting schedule recently; a little bit busy with uni’s work but most of all, idea block! (no pun intended). Browsed Pinterest (and got overwhelmed!) but nothing came up until yesterday. Where do you guys usually go when looking for inspirations? I was picking up some washi tape yesterday and tried making a (faux) mini rubik (that ended up as a cute necklace) :D So I’m sharing the tutorial today! Read on to see the easy peasy how-to! Continue reading

Tennis Ball – Mike Wazowski

DIY Tutorial: Tennis Ball - Mike Wazowski | @onelmon

I posted on my instagram last week that I won a can of tennis balls (seriously) during a dancing statue game and the thing is that I don’t even play tennis. So what to do with the free balls? We make the green monster from Monster Inc., of course! Doesn’t the green ball just remind you of little Mike? Continue reading

Felt {two-faced} Gentleman

DIY Tutorial: Felt {two-faced} gentleman | onelmon

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a mini sewing project, a request by my sister. She passed me a piece of paper with her doodles the other day and asked me to make a 3D felt version of it so I went through her drawings and decided to pick this gentleman below (I think it’s kinda cute and easy). Think it’s cute? Then get the materials ready and read on! Let’s start sewing! Continue reading

Sewing Spider

DIY Tutorial: Sewing Spider | onelmon

Hi there! Let’s make a spider, shall we? Don’t worry as this won’t crawl around the house to see you screaming at it nor will it make the corner of your ceiling its home (unless you make it to). This is a totally harmless creature that even the kids will love to have for Halloween. Making it? Alright, let’s get the sewing tools ready! Continue reading

Mini Felt Soft Toys

DIY Tutorial: Mini Felt Soft Toys | onelmon

Hello all! It’s the mini plushie post again. (Note: If you haven’t checked them out, you may want to take a look at these cute mini felt snowmen I made for last year’s Christmas!) I like mini soft toys because I’m just not confident enough to make a big one I think mini version of everything is just cute and I can bring them with me in almost everywhere. They take a little bit of patience in making one but once you get the hang of it, Continue reading

Checker Pouch

DIY Checker Pouch

Hi all! This week’s craft topic will be on the chess’ checker pattern. Anybody playing chess here? We can have a match! Kidding, I don’t even know the basic rules :\ All the same, I like chess, I love the black and white checker pattern as well as the chessmen (I think those pieces have awesome shapes, even the plain pawns). And with the checker pattern in mind, I thought I might as well try doing Continue reading