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Olivia Johnson is the visionary behind OneLmon.com, a dynamic blog that serves as a hub for DIY enthusiasts, crafters, and creative souls. With a degree in Industrial Design and a natural flair for hands-on projects, Olivia has successfully turned her love for making things into a vibrant online community.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Paint for Stone Fireplace

Having a gorgeous fireplace as a centerpiece of the room is a dream for all homeowners. They will be delighted to discover that a mere coat of paint for a stone fireplace works wonders on the decor. Painting a stone fireplace is to make it shine. An old fireplace will be an eyesore, and large

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Distressing Furniture: 10 Must Try Techniques

If we had to describe distressed furniture in one word, it would be charming. Distressed furniture has a certain allure, whether it’s the great hues or its ability to look vintage, that makes it one of the most sought-after aesthetic and functional elements in many houses. Choosing distressed furniture for your home can also be

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The Ultimate Antique China Hutch Makeover: A Comprehensive Guide

Antique furniture, unique styles, and Victorian aesthetics will never go out of fashion. People who have a flair for taste are inclined towards a royal-looking set-up and prefer having antique furniture at home. It can be quite investment-heavy if you are looking at purchasing repurposed antique furniture. Now, with DIY tricks and easy accessibility of

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Effective Whitewashing Techniques: Transform Your Furniture

Are you planning to upgrade your furniture or just add life to the existing furniture pieces, as they look boring now? Whitewashing furniture is the simple solution to the confusion and urge to give makeovers to your existing furniture. Whitewashing furniture is a very easy and versatile process. Painting and whitewashing the house can be

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11 Best Wood Sealers for Your Next Home Decor Project

Picture yourself relaxing on a gorgeous terrace drenched in the warm sunlight as you take in the wonders of the natural outdoor air. Or perhaps you nestle in a comfortable living room furnished with fine hardwood furniture that exudes a sense of class, timelessness, and sheer beauty. A superior wood sealant is that secret weapon

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