Pro wrestling returned to its roots October 15 on the AWE Night of Legends Pay-Per-View event starring wrestling icons Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Terry Funk and “Hackshaw” Jim Duggan, among the 30 all-star wrestlers who appeared at this extravaganza from the Augusta Expo Center in Virginia.

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Free Previews

Nash, Morton clash in main event

It started out as a tag-team match. Kevin Nash was going to team with Marvin Ward, and then when The Rock-n-Roll Express put Ward out of commission, it was a “mystery partner,” who turned out to be Diamond Dallas Page.

And then Nash had another trick up his sleeve, convincing Ward, the CEO of AWE, to give him what he’d really wanted from the day he signed on the bottom line – a one-on-one match with Morton so that Morton couldn’t run and hide behind long-time tag-team partner Robert Gibson.

The grudge match, 10 years in the making, was the highlight of the inaugural pay-per-view of Awesome Wrestling Entertainment.

Funk-Dreamer: One for the ages

Terry Funk. Tommy Dreamer. Need we say more?

The two hardcore legends had been slated to meet in the ring in ECW in 1999, but as fate would have it, Funk would fall ill, leading to a change in plans and a change in direction that left the dream matchup still hanging out there.

Fast forward to the inaugural AWE pay-per-view, the Oct. 15 Night of Legends. Both Funk and Dreamer had been signed, and AWE CEO Marvin Ward was scouring the ends of the earth for opponents for them. It was Funk who made the connection, in his usual comical way.

Saturn steals the show in return

C.W. Anderson was dominating his match at the Oct. 15 AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view with Perry Saturn, as had been expected.

Anderson, after all, likes to say that he often “steals the show” at pay-per-views, and of course Saturn was making his long-awaited return to the ring after a nine-year absence that saw him in drug rehab and homeless for a time.

Not surprisingly, Saturn was showing ring rust, and Anderson was reveling in the moment. “The Enforcer” was dropping bomb after bomb on Saturn, and then came the coup de grace – the spinebuster.


Dutt-Olivencia: The match of the night?

So much of the attention heading into the Oct. 15 AWE NIght of Legends pay-per-view was on the big main event matching up Kevin Nash and Ricky Morton, but for those in the know, the match of the night in the making was on the undercard.

Jamin Olivencia and Sonjay Dutt had been tearing up AWE throughout 2011 with a scintillating series of matches with plenty of top-level on-the-mat action, highspots and their own dose of controversy to boot.

The stakes at Night of Legends couldn’t have been any higher for Olivencia, who was making his pay-per-view debut. It wasn’t the first pay-per-view rodeo for Dutt, a veteran of TNA, but he entered Night of Legends with a bit of a score to settle with Olivencia, who had dominated their otherwise nip-and-tuck one-on-one series where it mattered most, in the win-loss column.

Could Duggan silence the anti-American Akbar?

Mohammad Akbar’s grievances are many. All you have to do is ask.

The Arab oil heir has felt the sting of anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of 9/11 and two U.S. wars in the Middle East. And then he gets a call from the AWE front office with news of who he would be facing at the Night of Legends pay-per-view.

“Of course they’d match me up with … him,” snarled Akbar, who was to face off with hall of famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan at the Oct. 15 AWE Night of Legends. It was more evidence of anti-Muslim racism, said Akbar, while Duggan took on the challenge of defending the good ol’ USA from Akbar’s rants with his usual gusto.

‘Loose Cannon’ leaves mark on Finlay, AWE fans,

He’s the “future of AWE,” if not the pro-wrestling industry. But is the future now?

That was the question as “Loose Cannon” Alex Silva entered the ring for his match with Fit Finlay at the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view.

It helped Silva that he had diva hall of famer Tammy Sytch, the one-time “Manager of Champions,” in his corner, but the pressure was definitely on the 21-year-old in his first pay-per-view match.

Sampson, Shongo settle score

There was a history between Abo Shongo and Short Sleeve Sampson dating back to a match earlier in 2011 in AWE.
Sampson had gotten the victory at a house show in Virginia, but Shongo had come thisclose to getting the better of the 12-year veteran. The two had a score to settle, and they did so at the Oct. 15 AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view.