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EFT for Physical Problems

Tapping is a great way to deal with physical problems — whether it’s pain, illness or injury.  Maybe you’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked really well for you.  Or maybe it worked, but only as a temporary solution.  If you’re not satisfied with your results, here are a few things to consider.

Only a Symptom

Is your physical challenge chronic (you’ve had it for awhile) or connected to a bigger problem?  If so, you can probably get some relief with EFT.  Just tap on the pain, tension, fatigue or whatever you’re feeling right now.  Be specific about the location in your body — for instance, the back of your right shoulder.

But that relief may not last.  You might be free of the problem for a few hours, or a day, or maybe even a week.  But it may return.  That’s when you want to look further.

What’s the Core Issue?

You’ll likely get lasting relief by using EFT on the issue that physical problem is connected to.  You have a choice here.  You can contact a practitioner to help you with this — or you can work on it yourself. 

Sometimes there’s an emotional event that caused the physical problem.  Tapping on what happened may clear the problem showing up in your body.  For instance, you realize your headaches started the year you left for college.  Go back and tap on the feelings from that time and the other events surrounding your big transition.  You may be through with headaches!

And sometimes there are emotions that flared up at the time the problem started.  Those feelings caused blocks in your energy system that are hooked to the physical problem.  And they’re keeping that problem hanging around.

Say you’ve had knee pain ever since that car accident.  Go back and tap away the aspects of the wreck — the fear, the anger at the other guy, the inconvenience of doctor visits — the whole shebang.  It’s possible that you can clear the blocks that have kept your knee from healing itself.  You might never have knee pain again.

I’m Not Sure How To Do It

For some more detailed instructions, check out my article on the topic: EFT for Physical Issues.

What’s your success with physical problems and EFT? Let’s hear about it!
Do you have tapping questions I can answer or topics you’d like to know about?
Are you finding these EFT tips helpful?

I’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below, or shoot me an email any time. Whatever you do, keep tapping!

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2 Responses to “EFT for Physical Problems”

  1. gord says:

    1. eft for celiacs ?

    2.eft for stubborn left pectoral pain

    3. any christian eft’ers that you know ?

    Thanks !

    I live in Canada !

    Gord Rysavy

  2. Janet says:

    Hi, Gord — Here are my responses to your 3 topics:

    1. EFT is a great consideration for celiacs. It’s been used effectively to treat all kinds of autoimmune diseases and other causes of sensitivities such as the gluten sensitivity you’re speaking of. You’ve inspired me to write about clearing allergies and sensitivities, so stay tuned for that upcoming blog post.

    2. Stubborn pain of any type is also a great candidate for elimination with EFT. You can try the procedures outlined in that post and related article. Or you can work with a practitioner to help resolve it.

    3. A practitioner with a Christian focus is John Soriano at

    Although you live in Canada, you can work with a practitioner anywhere in the world! EFT is very effective over the phone (or Skype, if you want to add the visual element).

    Thanks for checking in, Gord. If I can help in any other way, just let me know.

    Keep tapping!

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