Success Stories

~ This doctor couldn’t get going on groundwork to open her new clinic. ~

“I was putting off contacting people. Tapping on it with Janet really took away the concern. Instead of procrastinating, it made it easy for me to do it. Within an hour I had several good contacts that I made just by calling — very productive contacts I’m still using. These were calls I had been intending to make for months.”

“I was also concerned about networking. I had a lot of reasons in my head why it wouldn’t work: They wouldn’t want to talk to me, they’re too busy, and I wouldn’t know what to say or how to say it. I’d get myself worked up that maybe I shouldn’t even be starting this clinic. Tapping helped release those concerns, so I ended up not even thinking about those things when I was talking to people. I’m still networking, and feeling confident doing it and enjoying it. I get good responses because of my increased confidence.” –Dr. Elizabeth H.


~ This coach was very uncomfortable networking in groups. ~

“Janet helped me collapse an issue in a single session that I had been wrestling with for years. When I was in situations that triggered this, I would feel a clenched feeling in my stomach and a sense of anxiety and intimidation. My ability to express myself was severely hampered, and I would feel very self-conscious.

[Now] I feel much less discomfort. Words come to me more easily and I’m more confident stepping outside my comfort zone. I’m taking advantage of more opportunities to connect with people than I did before. I’m better able to focus on the other person because I’m not having to deal with intense discomfort within myself. Janet is very creative, easy to connect with and her relaxed and easygoing style worked wonders in about an hour.” –Bart A.


~ This network marketer was being held back by some old childhood messages. ~

“What amazes me about EFT is that we worked together on some really old issues that would have cost thousand of dollars and possibly taken months, or even years, to work through with a traditional therapist… but through the use of EFT with you, Janet, those issues were completely wiped out within an hour… and we did it over the phone!” –Piper M.


~ This nurse/masseuse sought help for many years for problems wiith communicating. ~

“My problem was about being understood and not being able to communicate in an effective manner so that I could get my point across. Working with you has totally decreased all that stuff. It’s given me a huge capacity just to be who I am. I’m so much happier. I’m more receptive, more open, more available. I feel totally confident.

It’s radically changed my ability to speak my truth and to speak my mind with the sensitivity of whom I’m talking to and the arena that I’m speaking. It’s made a huge difference when I’m dealing with difficult people. I feel like other people are opening up to me. There’s a broader scope of possibilities.

There is something about you that I trusted so I didn’t have to hold back. I spent years going to different classes and forums and haven’t ever been able to get to the issues I got to with you in very few sessions. I had spent thousands of dollars – in the $20 to $30,000 range – easily! It’s probably more. I don’t even want to think about it.”–Susan H.


~ This business owner was very stressed about moving everything to another state. ~

“I was very comfortable working with you. Your demeanor, while friendly was very professional. You put me at ease. I was satisfied and surprised at the outcome, unburdened, and uplifted.” –Frank K.


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