2. Where Are the Points?

Meridian tapping begins with a set-up — an affirmation to let your body-mind know that it’s OK to have a problem.  This part of the process reduces resistance to letting the release actually happen.  You’ll see the two choices of points described below.


  • “Sore” spot on chest - Place your hand right hand over your heart.  Where your fingertips land, rub gently on the chest until you find a place that’s a little more sensitive than the surrounding area.  This is the “sore” spot, place where lymph vessels converge.
  • Karate chop point - outer edge of hand in fleshy part below the pinky finger


The tapping points are meridian endpoints — the same meridians (energy channels) that acupuncture is based on.  They are explained below, in the order we tap on them.

  • Eyebrow (EB) - inner edge of eyebrow, just above the nose
  • Side of eye (SE) - on the bone, just outside the outer edge of the eye
  • Under eye (UE) - on the bone directly under the pupil
  • Under nose (UN) - center point under nose, above the lip
  • Chin (CH) - center of chin, right in the crease
  • Collarbone (CB) - just under the collarbone, about 2″ to either side of midline
  • Under arm (UA) - women: middle of bra side band; men: about even with the nipple
  • Liver - at edge of rib cage, a little outside imaginary line down from the nipple
  • Wrists - 3 points on the inside of the wrist, below the crease where the wrist joins the hand
  • Top of head (H) - crown of the head

The next step is learning the way to talk to your system while tapping.  For the wording you’ll want to use, go to What Do I Say?”

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