Holiday Relief

Discover How To Truly Enjoy Your Holiday Season

Can you imagine really having a good time with this year? Looking forward to events you’re going to? Wouldn’t it be great to feel relaxed and happy throughout the season?
If you’re ready to take your holiday happiness into your own hands, you’ve come to the right place.

Is This You?

  • Frazzled by all the demands of the season?
  • Upset you can’t spend holidays the way you used to?
  • Dreading that annual party?
  • Overwhelmed about gifts — the expense, the shopping?
  • Waiting for the holidays to be over?

This year can be totally different for you. Why don’t you end 2009 on a high note? It’s SO possible….

Imagine Yourself:

  • Feeling holiday peace and joy, no matter who you’re with
  • Being and confident in all your holiday choices
  • Leaving old pain behind to have a new experience this year
  • Creating a wonderful season to remember

These are all available to you. With EFT, you can clear your emotional energy blocks so you can truly enjoy the holidays. I’ve created these specialized sessions to really get results!

Here’s Exactly How It Works

With your Holiday Stress Relief EFT Guide, you’ll use the same specialized EFT techniques I use with clients to release your blocks to happy holidays. You’ll find complete instructions to help you get maximum results from your Holiday Stress Relief sessions.

What’s Included In Your Guide:

  • 10 separate EFT sessions included in the Holiday Relief eBook and on the Audio Recordings. Each session is designed to help you release negative feelings and thoughts about the holidays, so you can completely enjoy them.
  • Each EFT session has four parts to it, designed to get the results you want. YOU determine the pace.
  • Sessions structured so you can tailor them to fit your individual needs.

First, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction giving you clear explanations and instructions to make the most of your Holiday Stress Relief tapping sessions.

Next, each individual holiday EFT session includes its own step-by-step directions and several tapping sequences to help you:

  • clear any subconscious resistance to letting go of the problem;
  • release the problem you’re focused on; and
  • affirm your new choices.

You’ll Get Complete EFT Sessions for All These Holiday Challenges

  1. Overwhelmed by the Holidays – It’s All Too Much!
  2. Commercialism of the Holidays
  3. Christmas Is Not My Holiday
  4. Holiday Longing: Not Celebrating the Way I Used To
  5. Holiday Perfectionism: It All Has To Be Just Right
  6. Painful Past Holidays
  7. Missing Someone This Holiday Season
  8. Gift Worries
  9. Holiday Event I Don’t Want To Attend
  10. Feeling Like a Holiday Outsider

What would it mean to your life to enjoy the holidays without stress this year?

Now Is Your Opportunity to Give YOURSELF a Gift.

Working with me personally, we would spend at least three sessions to clear all these issues. So you’re getting a savings of over $500. AND you’ll have your Holiday Stress Relief EFT Guide to refer back to any time.

Your Holiday Stress Relief EFT Guide is available for immediate download. Simply click on the “Buy Now” button for your choice below and get started right away.


Option A: Personal Package
HOLIDAY RELIEF: EFT For Your Best Holidays Ever! - Personal Package - $202

With your Personal Package, you’ll get:

  • One individual 80-minute EFT phone session with me (a $195 value)
  • Complete 10-session Audio Program with over 3 hours of recordings (a $47 value)
  • 55-page EFT Holiday Scripts eBook ($27 value)


Option B: Complete Audio Program
HOLIDAY RELIEF: EFT For Your Best Holidays Ever!- Complete Audio Program - $47

Over 3 hours of audio recordings including:

  • 1 introduction plus complete instructions audio
  • 10 comprehensive tap-along EFT session audios
  • 55-page EFT Holiday Scripts eBook ($27 value)


Option C: EFT Scripts E-Book
HOLIDAY RELIEF: EFT For Your Best Holidays Ever! - eBook Only** - $27 (55 pages)

  • Comprehensive instructions for your EFT sessions.
  • 10 tap-along EFT session scripts

**Purchase the Holiday Relief Audio Program and this eBook is my gift to you.


Tech Support
Nervous about doing this on your own? Do you need help personalizing your sessions? I am available through January 1, 2010 by email to answer up to 3 questions for you. Just send me a message at and I’ll respond right away.

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