Meet Janet

About Janet Hilts

Janet works with independent entrepreneurs such as coaches, consultants, mentors, artists and performers. Her clients want to freely move forward in their businesses. They know where they want to go and have the resources to get there, but something is holding them back. They’re ready to break free of what’s slowing them down.

Based in California on the Central Coast, Janet offers performance coaching services to clients all over the world, using EFT-based tapping techniques to eliminate their inner obstacles to success.

Coming to Coaching

Janet tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in 1998 and found it effective to neutralize negative effects of trauma. Years later she rediscovered tapping and learned its other uses: eliminating limiting beliefs and breaking emotional links to events in the past. As she began learning EFT, Janet discovered a natural gift for coaching others with tapping.

She continued her education through Gary Craig’s extensive EFT home course, followed by intensive studies under two EFT Masters. Janet is a Level 3 Practitioner, and completed the EFT Advanced certification exam. In addition, she has had hundreds of hours of general coaching instruction.

After her internship of EFT coaching, Janet began working with clients individually, leading specialized tapping groups, and teaching workshops. Her articles on meridian tapping can be found all over the internet.

Life Before Clearing Pathways

Janet earned a BA in Cross-Cultural Communication, and went on to focus on community health education with a Masters of Public Health. She spent many years helping people improve their lives at rehab centers, nonprofits, hospitals, cancer support centers, and a residential AIDS home. She also founded and directed a health education nonprofit, teaching providers and patients and facilitating support groups.

Janet had previous work incarnations including travel agent, bartender, medical transcriber, apprentice cabinetmaker and corporate legal secretary, so she experienced many personalities and points of view. That broad sampling of life helps her easily connect with the wide variety of backgrounds and issues her clients bring.

And Now…

Coaching with EFT lets Janet use all her life experience and work skills to help other people perform at their best. She does this through focused listening, quickly synthesizing information, clearly seeing the problem, and skillfully using the appropriate techniques to alleviate it.

“The unimagined possibilities open up for people and I’m astounded over and over again at what remarkable things we achieve together.”

Because of her relaxed manner and easy humor, Janet’s clients trust her very quickly. This speeds up the coaching process, saving them valuable time and money. She has developed her own unique tapping methods to work with nearly any issue in an emotionally pain-free way.

She continues to expand her knowledge and skills through ongoing studies of tapping techniques — learning from EFT Masters, other practitioners, workshops and from working with her own clients.

Janet lives on the Central Coast of California and loves the ocean, the mountains and and the gorgeous hill country in between. She mixes up her music with all kinds of island sounds, Brazilian and Cuban jazz, jazz standards, reggae, honky-tonk fiddle music, New Orleans everything, and a little Norteno thrown in for good measure. And she loves to experience all kinds of places and people, from big cities to remote wilderness — both home and abroad.

Contact Janet when you’re ready to move towards your business best.

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