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There are so many aspects of any topic that can affect what your obstacles might be. To help identify some of those blocks, take a listen on these subjects that may affect you.

I’m talking on BlogTalkRadio with Eleanore Duyndham of EFT Radio, and with success coach Sharon Michaels on these 30-minute recordings. I also joined host Lisa Nutt on Inspiritu Spotlight.

Just pick the topic you’re interested in and click on the radio show image to listen — or to download the recording.

Let me know what you think!

EFT for Business Success - Relax and Speak Up: Stress-Free Speaking In Any Situation

Enhancing Self-Confidence - Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Achieving Goals

Stress Reduction, Naturally

Why We Procrastinate

How To Overcome Fear of Speaking In Public

How To Learn From Past Challenges & Grow Forward

InSpiritu Spotlight Interview with Lisa Nutt

In this program, we talk about EFT in general and how I use it in my practice.


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