Sessions & Classes

Individual Sessions

It’s easy to use EFT yourself for everyday stresses, aches and pains. But for serious issues, working with a practitioner is a better way to go.  I can help you accomplish much more in a shorter time by using advanced techniques. And I’m great at zeroing in on the shortest route to get you where you want to go.

EFT by Phone - includes recording of our session

EFT is very effective over the phone. In fact, without the visual distractions of seeing each other, you may focus even more strongly on your concern.  A phone session can save travel time and expense, and allow you to relax in your PJ’s if you want to.  After our call, you’ll get an MP3 recording of our session.  You can replay it any time – to tap along with, or to replay follow-up instructions.

“What amazes me about EFT is that we worked together on some really old issues regarding my mom that would have cost thousand of dollars and possibly taken months, or even years, to work through with a traditional therapist… but through the use of EFT with you, Janet, those issues were completely wiped out within an hour… and we did it over the phone!”

–Piper M.

EFT Groups

EFT works in groups, too. A phenomenon called “Borrowing Benefits” happens when people tap together, all focusing on one person’s challenge. Everybody can get some degree of clearing their own issue, even though they’re tapping on someone else’s problem.  The focus moves from one person to another, and great things can happen for everybody throughout the group’s time together. 

Our groups are limited in size so that everyone gets a chance to be the focus of the group.

EFT Classes

Basic EFT is a simple process to learn.  Beyond that, there are several more advanced methods of using EFT to work with different kinds of concerns most effectively.  Classes are designed to teach you several of these techniques.

“Janet has a compassionate concern for the well being of others. She immediately puts one at ease while teaching; her manner is gentle and encouraging. Her consistently positive attitude is uplifting. Her instructions are very clear, making it easy for even a novice to participate. I have benefited physically, emotionally, and even spiritually from her instruction.”

–Marsha M.