Surprising Answers To Big Questions

by Janet on March 12, 2010

What’s the very best I have to offer? How can I best serve people? These are big questions I’ve been asking myself – on a very deep level. I mean seriously pondering and examining all sides.

Maybe it’s connected with the seasons. Winter is always a great time for reflection and introspection. And now spring is here with new buds everywhere and I’m no exception. I’m in a wonderful new place in my business – sprouting new growth.

How It’s Been

In 2009 I used my EFT skills and communications background to help people pursue their dreams by opening up with speaking. That’s what my business Speak Up & Shine has been all about. I’ve also continued here through my original business Clearing Pathways to help folks pursue their dreams in other ways, again using EFT.

Meanwhile, in the background, I’ve quietly helped to completely transform the lives of a select few people by using ALL that I have to offer – the totality of my coaching skills, life experience, multi-faceted knowledge, intuitive gifts, and unique EFT talents. It’s amazing work, and I love watching someone’s hidden potential blossom into reality.

This expanded work, by far, is the way I best serve folks. This is the big answer to my big questions. So I’ve made a decision – a really big one. I am bringing all of who I am to my business. Way beyond simple EFT sessions. I bringing all that I have to give to my clients.

Time For Change

Out of the background to up front and center. No more holding back. I’m broadening what I offer so that people can experience that bigger metamorphosis — so that more than just a select few can start fully living their life’s purpose.

I have to confess I’ve had some moments of fear in this decision process. Pretty natural to feel that as a part of making big change. And I’m so glad I have EFT to help clear those fears. Believe me – I’ve used it!

What’s Next?

Right now I’m creating several ways to offer you these transformation possibilities. You’ll soon see a brand new website and a new shape to my coaching services. There’s also a home study program in the works! And EFT is still the core of all that I’ll be presenting to you.

These changes are so exciting, and I want to share the thrills of this growth with you. Stay tuned for my new offerings. As part of my wonderful community, you’ll be the first to hear about them.

What’s starting to bud and blossom for you this spring? How are you surprising yourself? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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