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Tapping Combination Plate: Mix It Up!

EFT as the Main Course

EFT is great as a stand-alone practice.  There’s no doubt about it.  But you can use it to boost all kinds of other activities, too.  The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Tapping as the Appetizer

You can use EFT to clear any resistance before you do something you’re reluctant to do.  Maybe it’s going to the gym.  Maybe it’s heading into a weekly meeting.  Or getting started on a project, making a phone call, answering emails…

Or you can simply tap in affirmations to boost your confidence or willingness.  Just take a few minutes, even if it’s in the restroom at work, or out in the parking lot.

EFT as a Side Dish

When you’re doing any kind of energy work, EFT can seriously enhance it.  It’s a great tool to use while you’re getting acupuncture.  Just finger-tap while you’re on the table.  Zero-Balancing and Healing Touch are two other kinds of work that lend themselves to this.  Finger-tap while you’re doing any kind of self-healing work — from working out, to getting chiropractic, to visualizing.

Tapping as Dessert

Tapping in a positive experience can ramp up its good effects.  Just do some EFT with affirmations AFTER anything you get good results from.  Affirm how great you feel, how confident you are.  Tap while you congratulate yourself for overcoming fears or hesitation.  Affirm how much better your body feels.  Tap in your certainty that you’re getting healthier, stronger, more loving…whatever!  My clients tell me that this not only feels great, but makes the thing easier to do the next time. 

No Big Thing

So tapping doesn’t HAVE to be some huge deal.  By just using EFT in little ways in your daily life, you can get so much benefit.  You don’t have to change your clothes.  You don’t have to take a shower afterwards.  You don’t need to set aside an hour.  Just work it in with the rest of your life.  Piece of cake!

Keep me posted on how you’re doing with your tapping.  I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have any questions about EFT?  Just ask –  I’m glad to answer any time.

Whatever you do, keep tapping!

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