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Tapping to Release Limiting Beliefs

EFT is great for releasing negative emotions and physical problems. Did you know you can use it to let go of beliefs? Beliefs that are holding you back?

If there is a part of your life NOT working the way you want it, you probably hold beliefs that are interfering. These might be about your work and how you approach it. Or maybe they interfere with relationships. Possibly they affect your health.

Here are some other places to look for limiting beliefs:

  • What are you afraid of or nervous about?
  • Consider what you want to do, but can’t get started with.
  • Where do you feel resistance to moving forward?
  • What is always a struggle for you?
  • Where in your life do you have to force yourself to do something?
  • When is follow-through a problem for you?

Read on for more about the how-to…

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