“I saw my business and my energy skyrocket.”

“Before working with Janet I felt overwhelmed. I was taking responsibility for things and people I was not responsible for. I found it a challenge to focus my life and my business. After our work together I immediately felt better. Over the course of the following weeks I found I was taking control of my own life and business. I realized that I’m only in charge of myself and my happiness. This allowed me to make better business decisions and soon I saw my business and my energy skyrocket. This work with Janet made way for me to expand my business in such a way that I now lead hundreds of leaders in the business world. I confidently share what I know and allow others to control and lead their own lives.” – Monique Alvarez, Leadership Trainer – www.DriveTheLine.com

“Our sessions changed my whole life! I don’t need to hide out anymore.”

“I had hit a ceiling where I was having success and been in business a long time, but couldn’t pass a certain point. I was very scattered and had no idea what I wanted to do next. I did not have the ability to face other people very well. It was extremely painful. Our sessions changed my whole life! I don’t need to hide out anymore. So my level of confidence and self esteem has gone from 0 to 50. In business you need to get out in front of people, and I have the confidence to do it now. As a result, I’m exposed to more opportunities and have more confidence to make clear decisions for my business. Getting rid of those blocks has changed my focus, my determination, my confidence level – all of those things. There’s just no price tag you can put on that — what we did in a really short span of time.“ –Katie Griffin, Home-Based Business Creator, Texas

“I feel totally confident. [Our work] has radically changed my ability to speak my truth.”

“My problem was not being able to communicate in an effective manner so that I could get my point across. Working with you has totally decreased all that. It’s given me a huge capacity just to be who I am. I’m more receptive, more open, more available. I feel totally confident. It’s radically changed my ability to speak my truth and to speak my mind. It’s made a huge difference when I’m dealing with difficult people. I feel like other people are opening up to me. There’s a broader scope of possibilities. I spent years going to different classes and forums and haven’t ever been able to get to the issues I got to with you. I had spent thousands of dollars – in the $20- to $30,000 range – easily! It’s probably more.”–Susan Harris, RN, Massage Therapist, Arizona.

“I’m still networking, feeling confident doing it and enjoying it!”

“I was putting off contacting people. Coaching with Janet made it easy for me to do it. Within an hour I had several very productive contacts I’m still using. These were calls I had been intending to make for months. I was also concerned about networking, with lots of reasons in my head why it wouldn’t work: They wouldn’t want to talk to me, they’re too busy, and I wouldn’t know what to say. I’d get so worked up that I thought maybe I shouldn’t even be starting this clinic. Our sessions released those concerns, so I’m not thinking about those things when I’m talking to people. I’m still networking, feeling confident doing it and enjoying it. I get good responses because of my increased confidence.” –Dr. Elizabeth H., Arizona



“I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension.”

“Before working with Janet I had a fear of presenting alone in front of a live audience. From the work we did together, I received relief from my fear. The change was profound. In fact within weeks of that session, I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension. I was amazed as to how easy it was for me to say “yes” to this opportunity to present. The investment of my time with Janet has already been profitable. She is supportive and motivating. It was very comfortable to work with her and I would do so again without hesitation.” - Loren Fogelman, M.Ed, EFT-ADV, Success Expert, www.mindsetformarketingsuccess.com

“Now words come to me easily and I’m more confident.”

“Janet helped me with a networking problem I had been wrestling with for years. When I was in situations that triggered this, I got a clenched feeling in my stomach and a sense of anxiety and intimidation. My ability to express myself was severely hampered, and I would feel very self-conscious. Now words come to me easily and I’m more confident. I’m taking advantage of more opportunities to connect with people than I did before. I’m better able to focus on the other person because I’m not having to deal with intense discomfort within myself. Janet is very creative, easy to connect with and her relaxed and easygoing style worked wonders.” –Bart A., Business Coach, Missouri


“I immediately felt the confidence return to start contacting groups to set up speaking engagements.”

“I have been a speaker and workshop presenter over the past 20+ years both on the national and international level. In the past 12 months, I’ve been reluctant to face a live audience and balked at scheduling presentations. After one session with Janet, I immediately felt the confidence return to start contacting groups to set up speaking engagements. Recently a colleague asked to interview me and I said ‘yes’ without hesitation. Thank you Janet!” -Colleen M. Crook, Life & Leadership Coach, www.consciouslivingconnection.com


“Those issues were completely wiped out within hours!”

“What amazes me about EFT is that we worked together on some really old issues that would have cost thousand of dollars and possibly taken months, or even years, to work through with a traditional therapist… but through the use of EFT with you, Janet, those issues were completely wiped out within a matter of hours… and we did it over the phone!” –Piper M., Network Marketer, California

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