Vision To Action System

A Simple Step-By-Step System To Transform YOUR Vision Of Your Heart’s Work Into Actively Living Your Purpose

Calling all conscious coaches, consultants and creatives! Are you …

  • Feeling disconnected from the vision of your life purpose?
  • Tired of trying to figure out how to make life more fulfilling?
  • Working in your chosen field, but no longer fired up about it?
  • Afraid you’re giving less than your best to the people you serve?
  • Ready to change your vision into action and actually live your purpose?

Yes, You Really CAN Be Deeply Fulfilled By Your Work And Experience The Passion You’ve Only Dreamed About

The Vision To Action System is my step-by-step system for conscious, heart-centered professionals.

It’s everything I know — after 20+ years of helping people — about bringing heart, spirit and work into alignment organized into 7 simple steps, designed specifically for heart-driven professionals.

With the Vision To Action System, you’ll revive those almost-buried dreams, and lovingly shine the spotlight on your specific challenges — the ones that have kept you from pursuing your heart’s work.

Then with simple, effective systems you’ll eliminate the blocks so you’re free to move forward into actually living your purpose.

Does this really work?

Yes. Read my testimonials page for success stories from those who have used this system and my strategies that are proven and have worked over and over again for professionals like you.

Here’s what you must know:

This system is not a quick fix, magic bullet or cure-all. You have to be willing to show up and do what it takes to create YOUR new life.

It’s absolutely true that I work best with people who take action. They want to get out of overwhelm and take the actions necessary to create results.

The good news is, when you invest your energy from the start and just follow the steps of the system, you’ll start doing what you long to be doing. There is no lag time between following the steps and actually living your purpose. Once you have the clarity and freedom from baggage that the system will give you, there’s literally nothing to stop you.

Here are just some of the results you can expect from our work together. You will:

  • focus easily from your state of calm confidence
  • find new opportunities as your purposeful work is noticed by others
  • develop stronger relationships with people you have intentionally chosen
  • consistently energize yourself through the mere act of doing your heart’s work
  • engage with your perfect clients as your clarity attracts them to you
  • be motivated from your own passionate inner resources
  • handle new situations with grace, using your system of tools
  • create balance from a place of calm certainty that you’re doing what’s perfect for you
  • increase your productivity by knowing exactly where you’re going
  • enjoy greater creativity and intuition flowing through the channels you have cleared
  • influence those around you with your enthusiasm and passion
  • make grounded choices from your anchored point of reference
  • enhance your income opportunities through improved focus and productivity
  • improve your health through your peace of mind, higher energy and reduced stress

You can read success stories from my happy clients, including specific results, on my testimonials page.

A Special Invitation To Transform YOUR Vision Into Action And Live Your Purpose… On Your Terms

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Here are the 7 steps of the Vision To Action System…

Step 1: Claim Your Purpose

Actually living your heart’s desire is a bold, fulfilling, awesome way of life… but if your dream is out of focus, you’ll never get there.

That’s why you’ll start by clarifying YOUR vision of your own purpose and what form that will take in your life. You’ll bring to the surface your deepest knowing of your essential passion and how you’ll serve the world with it.

Step 2: Ignite Your Motivation

Many coaches, consultants and creatives have fuzzy boundaries around their reasons for doing what they do. Getting crystal clear on your “why” through this process gives you an unwavering heart anchor, a perpetual source of motivational fuel for your business or project.

You’ll boldly name your reasons for doing your heart’s work. That’s right – YOUR reasons. I’ll give you some powerful tools to help you clarify your own personal motivation for your work – maybe for the first time ever! — without other people’s ideas or cultural influences and without the “should” factor.

Step 3: Create Your Foundation for Change

If you want to affect more people, be fulfilled, and truly live your dreams, you need to make some changes. In this step, you’ll define EXACTLY what will be different when you begin living your purpose.

Here you’ll take an honest look at four critical areas of your life that are impacted when you’re doing your heart’s work: physical, emotional, spiritual, and your career. I’ll help you recognize inner obstacles in these areas and guide you through my unique process using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear those challenges. EFT is a simple rapid-change tool, with results proven over many years by countless people. EFT focuses on using your own fingertips to tap on acupressure points while repeating specific phrases related to your issue. For more detailed information, see What Is EFT?

Step 4: Bring Your Strengths Forward

Once you have clarity about the changes you’ll be making, it’s time to choose your tools and skills. You’ll take a thorough but gentle look at what you have tried in the past and recognize what has worked and what hasn’t. I’ll show you how to eliminate any negativity connected you’re your past efforts. And you’ll identify the powerful strengths you already have that will help bring your vision to life.

Step 5: Rally Your Champions

Now it’s time to choose your companions in the new life you’re creating for yourself. You’ll examine your relationships and make three decisions critical to your success:

  • who will come with you?
  • who will you leave behind?
  • who will be new in your life?

With EFT, I’ll guide you through powerful releases of any unwanted feelings. This step is vital when working with heart connections, so that you come to a state of inner peace about the people around you and how they impact you and support the purposeful life you’re ready to live.

Step 6: Choose To Commit

You’ve identified your changes, you’ve claimed your strengths, and you’ve picked your champions. Your metamorphosis is in motion. As you move into your new way of living your life and pursuing your dreams, what will you give up? What skin are you shedding?

If nothing was at stake for you, you would already be pursuing your dreams effectively and easily. Right? Here you’ll take an honest look at what you stand to lose by choosing to commit to your purpose. Some things are great to leave behind (good riddance!), and others are tougher to deal with. I’ll show you how to neutralize any grief or resistance that comes up with this step by using EFT — so you can make calm, clear decisions.

Step 7: Make Your Bold Moves

Now it’s time to bring your inner shifts to your outer life. It’s time to transform your vision into action. First, you’ll take one last peek to see if anything still stands in your way of moving forward. Together we’ll release any last-ditch reluctance that can show up at this point – right on the brink of big change.

Then you’ll clearly identify who and what is helping you (from your previous steps.) Next, you’ll choose your concrete actions that move you into actually living your purpose. I’ll teach you a way to turn that goal into a magnet that will keep you moving forward.

Best of all, you’ll have a system of tools to take with you and use with each new change in your magnificent new life!

You can read success stories from my happy clients, including specific results, on my testimonials page.

Your Special Invitation

Claim your free gift and free subscription to my newsletter here. As a subscriber, you’ll be one of the first to hear about my new classes and offerings.

And check out my one-on-one coaching programs on this page, then give me a call at 805-835-5566 or send us an email at support [at] janethilts [dot] com. You’ll be glad you did.

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