Re-Load - Specifications



Materials :
- a computer;
- electronics;
- an arduino;
- arduino and processing software.

The visuals for the kaleidoscope change depends on the user. When
a user rotates the kaleidoscope, the LDR gets different values, These
values would then be sent to arduino and to processing.

Materials :
- a computer;
- a webcam;
- LED lights;
- processing software.

The position of the beads of the abacus determines the sound produced.
The position of the beads are tracked by the webcam inside and the
information of the position is sent to processing to playback sounds.

Specifications :

Dimension :
- length : 22 cm;
- width : 15 cm;
- height : 21 cm.

Set-up :
A computer is placed inside a box/pedestal beneath the kaleidoscope.
There is a hole on top of the box to let the visuals on the computer
screen go through the kaleidoscope.

Specifications :

Dimension :
- length : 30 cm;
- width : 20.5 cm;
- height : 35 cm.

Set-up :
A web camera is placed inside, at the bottom of the box. Lights are
needed inside the box to differentiate the white beads from the light
from the environment. The web camera is then connected to the computer.

onellyantie chuah.2011