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Teresa Porter, Volunteer, LAMP Community Lunch Program, Newmarket, Ontario

Brian Morris, 2015 Food Bank Challenge Participant, Constituency Manager & Executive Assistant, York Region

Alf Judd, Former Director of Operations, Georgina Community Food Pantry, Sutton, Ontario

Pauline Apperly, Director, Our Town Food bank, Tottenham, Ontario
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Our Demands

Welcome to the website of Freedom 90, Ontario's new union of food bank and emergency meal program volunteers.

Volunteers in a food bankWe are forming the Freedom 90 Union because we want to retire from volunteering at food banks or emergency meal programs - before we are 90 years old!

Volunteers at food banks and emergency meal programs in Ontario have earned the right to speak out about poverty in our communities. Freedom 90 Union members are a new and powerful voice for change.

The Freedom 90 Union demands urgent action by the Government of Ontario to end poverty and make food banks and emergency meal programs unnecessary.


Number: one

Lay us off!

The Government of Ontario must ensure that social assistance and minimum wage levels are sufficient for everyone to have adequate housing and to buy their own food.

Number: two

Mandatory retirement by the age of 90!

Many of us have been volunteering for twenty years and there is no end in sight. The Freedom 90 Union demands the Government of Ontario take urgent action to end poverty and make food banks and emergency meal programs unnecessary.

Number: three

Freeze our wages! Or double them!

It doesn't matter because we are unpaid volunteers.

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