Firefly - Specifications

Materials :
- a firefly circuit;
- a transistor (2N3904);
- resistors (5 kOhm and 1.2 Ohm);
- an LDR (photo resistor);
- 2 x (1.5-volt battery x 4);
- a 9-volt battery;
- a 3.8-volt lamp.

Set-up :
A flashing light circuit is attached in each firefly. The male firefly will flash a light every 3
seconds while the female firefly will flash a light every 2 seconds. The interval of the light
flashing can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer soldered on the circuit board. The
LDR has to be at place where it can detect a change of light (in this set-up, it would be right
below the provided light source. This work works best at a dark place.

onellyantie chuah.2011