Step Back - Description

Step Back is a series of 6 interactive installation works that explores the issue of illegal crossing. The work
is created to in some way remind pedestrians of the danger of jaywalking.
The six works are an object that uses the principle of a conveyor belt that moves backward when a pedestrian
steps on it; the second is water-based work, as a pedestrian approaches the area, water will spout out from the
floor to remind the pedestrian; the third object is the 180 degree rotating floor, pedestrian will get rotated
back to his original place as he steps on the rotating floor; the foruth object is the light-based object that
shows the power of life of the pedestrian as he approaches the road edge; the fifth object works in a similar
way as the fourth one, except this is a sound-based work and the last is the sticky floor, a floor that will
turn into a sticky floor when a pedesrian gets close to it.

onellyantie chuah.2011