26 Stunning Bar Tables for Every Style

Looking for a multipurpose piece of furniture that works as an entertainment table and work table whenever required? Go through these different bar tables that are made for every design style.

When deciding on the wooden elements, like the dining table, cabinets, serving table, etc., of your home, it is necessary to design them in a manner that they can be multi-functioned.

These are more popularly known as Bar tables or Pub tables.Bar tables can prove to be a great solution to space-saving problems because of their elongated height. Besides this, the tabletops come in different shapes and sizes, which can be helpful when you have more guests over, as an oversized tabletop will be able to make an informal dining area.

Bar tables are highly adaptable; you can use them as a dinner table or work desk and even place them outdoors on the deck or by the poolside, as they can be easily moved. Bar tables can be used to create an accent piece for the space because they come in a varied range of shapes like rectangles, squares, round, etc, and eye-catching styles. With a Bar table, you can make your space more cozy and visually appealing.

Here is a compilation of 26 bar tables for every design style that will transform your space into a more versatile and aesthetic one.

1. Scout Bar Table

Scout Bar Table

Bar tables are specifically designed for small spaces like studio apartments to function as multi-purpose pieces for dining, work, coffee table, etc. Not only do they look cozy and unique, but they also complement your interior style. Bar tables come in sets that include bar stools or high chairs. You can also use this table as a standing piece of furniture for socializing when there are more guests.

This scout bar table has a rectangular marble table top and solid, parallel legs, and a footrest beneath. The simple and elegant design of the bar table gives the place a rustic touch. Along with this table, you can pair it with white or wooden bar stools or chairs and a nice black decorative material.

2. Balfour Outdoor Bar Table

Balfour Outdoor Bar Table

The benefit of having bar tables in your home is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors for multipurpose use. The versatile nature of these tables can turn any space into a catchy and visually beautiful one.Bar tables make a good informal dining space. You can equip your hardwood dining table with a bar table if you have a spacious area on the deck or around the corner for extra functionality.

This Balfour outdoor bar table is made of teak, which is an advantage for outdoor furniture, as it is water-resistant. The wooden beams arranged under the table top are an eye-catching feature. The table top has fine linings on it, which add an aesthetic look to the bar table.

3. Hahn Bar Table

Hahn Bar Table

Bar tables can easily steal the spotlight due to their unique shapes and designs. They save a lot of floor space due to their elongated structure and compact tabletop.

The bar tables can be placed in any corner of the house and can be equipped with accessories like books, candles, decorative material, etc, to grab attention. Moreover, you can also keep them in the entryway or mudroom for keeping your keys and other small stuff.

This Hahn bar table is a perfect match if you admire a piece of round wooden furniture. The wooden beams are nicely intersected, and the glass table top is the element that makes the table look aesthetic. This bar table gives a fine rustic touch to the place.

4. Craftsman Bar Table

Craftsman Bar Table

Bar tables are a great choice to be included as an informal ambiance. Their presence both indoors and outdoors can create a cozy spot for hanging out and enjoying snacks. Besides this, the bar tables are an aesthetic element in furniture, which easily blends with other interior designs. Bar tables can help in decluttering stuff and creating nice storage for small items.

This Craftsman Bar table is a nice mixture of style and functionality. The wooden tabletop and black steel base will give the place a farmhouse touch. You can equip the table with wooden bar stools or chairs for better functionality. Apart from this, you can use the bar table as a practical working space or breakfast table.

The advantage of having such bar tables is that you can enjoy the view through your window or balcony hassle-free.

5. Modern High Bar Table

Modern High Bar Table

Bar tables can be a good alternative to sturdy dining tables. The elongated tables are not only visually interesting but also can equip guests and make them functional.

The bar tables will become a focal point in the space due to their unique shape and textures. If you have an open-living room concept, you can place the bar table and chairs by the serving table or island for better flow and functionality.

This Modern high-bar table gives a contemporary touch to the place with its golden crossed legs and white tabletop. You can pair it with similar stools or chairs for a visually beautiful look.

The golden and white colors used in this bar table will always remain classic and can be paired with black and wooden accents.

6. Jasmine Bar Table

Jasmine Bar Table

Bar tables can be used for various purposes. For example, you can use them as a dining table or for storing the bar glassware. Bar tables can be used for entertainment purposes, too, where you can keep cocktail bottles, beverages, and glasses. This helps keep all glassware in one place so they remain intact and look elegant too.

This Jasmine bar table comes for both indoor and outdoor use, which is a great benefit for not only functionality but also aesthetics. The indoor bar table has a wooden tabletop and a black frame, which will give the space a rustic touch.

The outdoor bar table has an entirely wooden frame with a square wooden frame and wooden legs with intersecting footrests. You can pair it with similar wooden bar stools or choose black or white colored chairs for aesthetics.

7. Bandon Bar Table

Bandon Bar Table

Bar tables are adaptable for all types of spaces due to their features like elongated height, ease of moving indoors and outdoors, etc. Because of such convenient features, bar tables have taken their place in almost every household. Bar tables come with many benefits apart from space saving. You can use their height to hide stools and chairs beneath the tables.

This Bandon Bar table gives a modern touch to the space with its steel legs and wooden tabletop. You can choose the height of the bar table as per requirement, and also the tabletops, which come in brown and white shades.

You can use the bar table for multipurpose and pair it with contrasting chairs like blue, brown, and black, which will elevate your space and look visually interesting.

8. Indio Bar Table

Indio Bar Table

Bar tables are a perfect choice when it comes to changing the furniture layout of the space and making it more people-friendly and accessible. These tables can be used for different events and different times during the day; breakfast, coffee, and dinner. Bar tables are flexible furniture as they can be placed in any corner of the house without disrupting the interior style and still look elegant.

This Indio bar table comes with an option for indoor and outdoor furniture. The indoor bar table has a nice charcoal stain on the legs and a wooden tabletop with fine lines. This bar table is not only visually interesting but is functional, too, as it can accommodate up to 4 seats around it.

The outdoor furniture is made with eucalyptus, which helps keep the bar table rust-free and water-resistant. You can easily hide the stools beneath the bar table for more floor space.

9. Punta Mita Bar Table

Punta Mita Bar Table

Bar tables are the perfect spot for gathering around and enjoying beverages. These informal pieces of furniture can turn out to be an accent wherever they are placed. With the materials like wood, glass, steel tabletops, and different stains and shapes, these bar tables create a statement indoors as well as outdoors.

As bar tables are cost-effective, you can easily invest in this furniture and use it for multiple purposes, like keeping your glassware, sauce, spice bottles, etc.

This Punta Mita bar table is made of teakwood which not only looks beautiful but also is naturally resistant to water, rot, and insects. This makes it a perfect choice for outdoor furniture.

This bar table has a modern look which comes from the square legs and wooden tabletop.

10. Abbott Acacia Bar Table

Abbott Acacia Bar Table

Bar tables are the perfect choice for informal ambiance as they are inexpensive and efficient. You can use them as standalone and can equip them with high bar stools or chairs for better functioning. Moreover, the bar tables are customized for small group get-togethers, which makes them cozier. These tables can turn out to be a fun addition to the home decor for a shift from regular furniture.

This Abbott Acacia Bar table is the right fit for your outdoor entertainment furniture. The thick tabletop is an eye-catching feature that comes in gray and brown shades.

The sturdy legs are made of acacia wood, which gives the bar table a natural touch and keeps it safe from pests and rots. The dense bar table can easily equip 4 seats around it while you enjoy the view.

11. Hearst Bar Table

Hearst Bar Table

Bar tables are a great way to include layers in the interior or exterior of the house. With the benefit of their height, these tables are easily noticeable and transform the space. The most popularly used shapes in the bar table are square, rectangle, and circle. While a square tabletop looks sleek, the rectangular one gives more room to entertain. The circle tabletop is a great space-saver because of its shape.

This Hearst bar table is a perfect choice if you want a bohemian touch to your space. The bar table is entirely made of oak wood, which is an advantage, as it is dense and keeps the bar table free from bugs and pests.

This makes it easier to use it both indoors and outdoors. Due to its larger and rectangular tabletop, you can equip at least 6 to 8 seats at a time. The wooden legs arranged in a frame makes the bar table look visually interesting and unique.

12. Andy Bar Table

Andy Bar Table

Bar tables are a great area to hang out and display your bar collections, glassware, etc. You can keep the collection intact and handy when there is a dedicated bar table.

You can choose to equip the bar table with dedicated storage like a cupboard. Apart from this, you can utilize the space beneath the tabletop to install drawers and racks for storing the bottles and glasses.

You can be creative with the tabletop by installing hooks beneath it to hold glasses and make it look visually interesting.

This Andy bar table is a classic choice for giving your space a rustic touch. The white marble is an eye-catching element in the bar table, which makes it look rich and elegant.

The entire frame of the legs is made of dried wood which prevents it from warping and cracking. You can pair the bar table with similar wooden stools or black or white colored stools for aesthetics.

13. Abbott Concrete Bar Table

Abbott Concrete Bar Table

Bar table sets are the perfect choice to transform your space into a refreshing and cozy one. Most of the bar tables have a wooden frame and legs, which can impart a natural touch to any spot. Apart from this, wooden furniture like bar tables comes within budget and never goes out of trend.Besides this, with the help of outdoor bar tables, you can make the space look elegant and more functional for enjoying your meals at different times with a scenic view.

This Abbott concrete bar table is a unique table that offers a contemporary touch to the place. The wooden frame is made of acacia wood with intersecting footrests. Acacia woods are ideal materials for outdoor furniture as they protect the wood from water and pests.

The eye-catching feature of this bar table is the round tabletop made of concrete. Not only is the concrete material durable in nature, but it also elevates the entire bar table’s image.

14. Santa Barbara Bar Table

Santa Barbara Bar Table

Bar tables are excellent conversation starters in a family room or on the patio. But with the passing years, bar tables have made their place in the kitchen and dining area too as a symbol of modernization. With their creative shape, size, and color, they easily steal the show and elevate the place.

Not only does the bar table act as an accent piece where you display all your lamps, candles, books, etc., but they also help as a serving station.

This Santa Barbara bar table is specially designed for outdoor furniture. The aluminum frame of this bar table is the star of the show, which comes in matte white and gray finishes.

The tabletop has fine linings and gives the bar table a sleek look. The table can be paired with black or brown bar stools for a visually interesting look.

15. Teak Frame Bar Table

Teak Frame Bar Table

Bar tables were designed to be used for industrial purposes like bars and pubs, but due to their multifunctionality and adaptability, they have made their places in households too.

Most of the bar tables that are used in houses are made up of wood or metal frames. This not only ensures durability but also looks aesthetic. Both wood and metal bar tables blend easily with all kinds of interior designs.

This teak frame bar table is sleek and can be used indoors and outdoors. The wooden frame and tabletop are made from the same teak wood. While shortlisting bar tables, make sure you select a material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. bar tables made up of teak wood have the capacity to handle extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, etc. Hence they are the perfect fit for outdoor furniture, as these bar tables will remain sturdy and functional for several years.

Apart from this, the bar table comes in two finishes, brown and gray, which are timeless colors and very easy to pair with black, dark brown, or white bar stools.

16. Portside Bar Table

Portside Bar Table

Bar tables are a great choice to be used as flexible pieces of furniture that can hold important cutlery, glassware, etc., by the side of the dining table or in a corner for vases and other decor items.The bar table’s structure and sturdy frame are the greatest benefit when you need an additional workspace for serving or storing your glassware.

This portside outdoor bar table is a perfect fit for your deck or poolside to make the outdoors more functional. The entire frame is made from mahogany and eucalyptus wood which are the perfect choice for outdoor furniture, as they are efficient in resisting moisture and termites.

The tabletop is in line with the wooden legs, which gives a rustic look to the bar table. You can pair the bar tables with similar bar stools or darker shades for a visually contrasting look.

17. Modern Iron & Marble Round Bar Table

Modern Iron & Marble Round Bar Table

Bar tables are highly versatile pieces of furniture that can be used for different purposes other than bar counters. The creative shape, size, and materials are efficient enough to be used as accent pieces in the living room and add decor items like paintings, succulents, etc.

This modern iron & marble round bar table is the perfect match for those who want a vintage touch to their place. Having a round tabletop has the advantage that there will be no sharp edges to bother you; besides this, the shape looks classic in every interior.

The marble base grabs attention and is functional, too; it helps balance the weight on the tabletop. The wooden tabletop, black metal frame, and marble base create a visually appealing look for a bar table.

18. Modern Frame Bar Table

Modern Frame Bar Table

Bar table and their sets come in varied price ranges for all styles and functions. You can think of using bar tables as an actual bar counter and attach a cozy storage for all your glassware. Bar tables can become a perfect, cozy spot for an intimate dinner or coffee.

Apart from this, you can move the bar table to your favorite spot indoors or outdoors and turn it into a workstation.

This modern frame bar table is a perfect choice for a functional accent piece both indoors and outdoors. The round tabletop and frame are made of wood, and the legs are given a black finish for a nice rustic look. You can choose to pair the bar table with similar bar stools or black stools for an aesthetical look.

19. Orbit Marble Bar Table

Orbit Marble Bar Table

Bar tables have grabbed their position in almost every household and professional building due to their versatility. The flexible piece of the table does not require any other wooden furniture, as bar tables can be accessed while standing.

Bar tables impart a modern touch to the interior design of a home and make it more functional.

This orbit marble bar table is a great example of modern lounge furniture. The rectangular marble tabletop is a visually interesting element that comes in two finishes; white and black.

A part from this, the sleek metal frame in black and the base that comes in brass or bronze finish gives the entire bar table a rich look.

20. Horne Bar Table

Horne Bar Table

Bar tables are a great way to upgrade your current interior style and furniture. Not only does the bar table add coziness to the space, but it also helps add a layer. This means if you have an open living area concept, a bar table will elevate the space and create a thin line of difference.

This Horne bar table is a perfect choice for those who want a farmhouse touch to their place. The larger hardwood tabletop and iron frame of the bar table are eye-catching features. You can easily equip 4 to 6 seats around a bar table and make it a cozy dining area.

Moreover, the tabletops have many different finishes for every interior style.

21. Aurora Bar Table

Aurora Bar Table

Bar tables come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and materials for every kind of interior or exterior decor. You can choose any type of bar table that goes well with your current interior, or you can also include a table that is unique and creative in design.

This aurora bar table has a unique design which makes it the perfect match for those who want a bar table as an accent too. The entire frame is made up of walnut wood, which gives the bar table a rich look. The oversized, rectangular tabletop and spread-out wooden legs will look aesthetic both indoors and outdoors.

You can pair the bar table with white bar stools for an elegant look.

22. Orbit Restaurant Bar Table

Orbit Restaurant Bar Table

Bar tables are mostly made up of metallic and wooden frames of good quality that are meant to last for several years. Apart from this, bar tables were used as bar counters, and professionally, they are made of high-quality material that also looks attractive.

This Orbit restaurant bar table is a classic and sleek choice for modern furniture. The oversized wooden tabletop resting on a metal frame creates a visually interesting accent for any space. The tabletop comes with two options in finishing, walnut and blonde, which can easily blend with every interior design.

The metal base can also be selected from brass and bronze, which will give the bar table a plush look.

23. Orbit Round Restaurant Bar Table

Orbit Round Restaurant Bar Table

Bar tables have been designed in different sizes for different purposes. For instance, the high bar tables are a perfect choice for saving space in a studio apartment and making it a dining table, coffee table, and hanging spot in one. On the other hand, if you are thinking of making your poolside or yard a functional and attractive one, choose the low bar tables.

You can accompany the table with stools, chairs, and even sofas.

This Orbit round restaurant bar table can be your perfect place to gather and enjoy a cost meal. The circular wooden tabletop and metal base make the bar table look elegant.

You can choose to pair with similar barstools or use it as a standalone.

24. Kendra Bar Table

Kendra Bar Table

Bar tables come in simple shapes and frames that can be turned into a lavish one by just adding storage like racks and cabinets. If you are using the bar table for bar counter purposes, you can DIY a bar table at home with good-quality wood.

You can cover all four sides with wooden or glass blocks for a creative touch to the bar table and store all your crockery, cutlery, etc., beneath.

This Kendra bar table is a simple yet elegant table that can be used for many purposes like dining, working, etc. The bar table is a perfect example of modern furniture, as it has an inbuild USB port and electrical outlet. This makes it a perfect choice for the kitchen and working purposes. You can enjoy working outdoors due to these facilities.

The bar table comes with two finishes, oak and charcoal, for every interior style.

25. Mirabella Wrought Iron Bar Table

Mirabella Wrought Iron Bar Table

Bar tables are a perfect place to hang out and transform your space into a stylish one with minimum material. You can have a professional bar table like in pubs and restaurants just by adding beautiful lighting and accessories.

This Mirabella wrought iron bar table is an eye-catching piece of furniture for those who would like to give their outdoors a nice vintage touch. The iron frame and its intricate curves and design are a show-stealer.

You can use this bar table as a cozy breakfast table on the deck. The tabletop comes with different choices of wood stains apart from the iron tabletop for all interior styles.

26. Haverhill Amish Bar Table

Haverhill Amish Bar Table

Bar tables are a great spot to harbor all your priced possessions, books, candles, etc. which turn the place into a visually interesting one. Although the bar tables are noticeable due to their height, you can use the vertical space above the table to hang some beautiful canvas and souvenirs.

This backdrop will add character and complement the glassware.

The Haverhill Amish bar table is a perfect choice for giving your place a rustic touch. The curved pedestal and the beautiful stain and fine linings on the wooden leg will surely take you back into the royal era. The round wooden tabletop adds a statement to the bar table, making it a piece of perfect furniture.


Bar tables are a very versatile and efficient piece of furniture that you can incorporate into your interior and exterior.The materials used in a bar table make a long-term investment, and the different patterns and styles are creative and timeless for every need.

Not only do they make a bold statement, but you also get a range of styles from vintage to modern bar tables. Many of these tables come within budget, and you can use them with different barstools and chairs to create a contrasting and informal dining space.

The abovementioned 26 bar tables for every design style will not only make your space more functional and worth investing in but also make it visually attractive.

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