The Best Stain for Outdoor Furniture

Top 6 Best Stain for Outdoor Wood for Your Furniture

Choosing the right kind of paint for your exterior furniture is necessary as it has the power to transform your patio. The garden chairs will benefit from the pick-me, and you will have done your best to protect the wood.

The right stain for outdoor wood will keep your furniture safe for years and prevent it from rotting prematurely. So it is always advisable to invest in good paint while picking stains.

However, there are many kinds of stains available, and all of them are diverse by themselves. The right stain for you would include how you want the end product to look. And to get the right stain, you will have to learn all about the products and how they act on wood.

But here is our best pick among the wood stains available.

Top Stain for Outdoor Wood to Give a Flawless Finish

1. Ready Seal Exterior Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal Exterior Stain and Sealer

  • Base: Oil-based
  • Opacity: Semi-transparent stain

If you are looking for a wood stain that will let you show off your outdoor garden furniture, go for this. The Ready Seal Exterior Stain and Sealer are sure to wow you with their easy staining formula. The stain was made to include the essential elements needed to create a high-quality and durable finish.

This professional-grade stain for outdoor wood triumphs over other similar products because of its ease of application. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before applying it. If you are planning on using this stain on furniture that has already been painted or stained, reconsider. Instead, strip the wood completely down to its grain.

Another thing that is great about this stain is that the finish blends well with the surface. It doesn’t need a wet line to function. Outdoor furniture is often subjected to all kinds of harsh temperatures, but those will not affect this stain. It is also very easy to manage as the wood will not need stripping when it comes to reapplication after a few years.

However, the finish will need about 48-72 hours to dry, depending on the weather conditions. But the formula will leave behind a smooth surface without any laps, streaks, or runs. The product may look dark at first, but the grain is sure to reveal itself after a week of drying.

2. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

  • Base: Water-based
  • Opacity: Semi-transparent stain

This product, too, is a semi-transparent stain that will help you highlight the grain of your wooden furniture. The DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain has a matte finish that is popular for its muted nature. The stain is also available in a variety of colors like crystal clear, grey, and light walnut. These colors help you create a project free from restraints.

The high-quality resins in the formula are sure to keep the wood from darkening or fading. Among all kinds of stains for outdoor wood, this product is preferred for its unique zinc nano-particle. This keeps the wood protected from natural elements like water or sunlight.

The application of this stain doesn’t need prior prepping or sanding. But that doesn’t mean that it performs well on previously painted surfaces. For the best result, use this when you have a brand new project.

The aspect that makes this stain stand out is its usefulness; only one coat of paint is required in the beginning. The wood will shine despite being worn or faded.

The product’s quality assurance ensures that it will increase the lifespan of your furniture considerably. For a quick cleanup, just use water and soap.

3. Ronseal Weatherproof Exterior Wood Paint

Ronseal Weatherproof Exterior Wood Paint

  • Base: Water-based
  • Opacity: Solid Paint

The Ronseal Weatherproof Exterior Wood Paint is one of the paints on this list that will give you full coverage. Most often, we use old furniture that is way past its prime for outdoor. And often, these pieces do not have a good stain underneath to highlight. For those wooden furniture, a coat of solid paint works wonders. A stain for outdoor wood may look amazing for a deck. But a full coat of bright color will bring life to old worn-out wood.

Exterior wood is also put through harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and even hailstorms. So, they need paint that will not chip away easily. The Ronseal paints are made of top-notch quality and are self-priming. After application, the furniture becomes shower-proof under the hour. So if you are looking for a paint that you will not have to worry about for a long time, try this Ronseal one.

Since it is a solid paint, it also goes on other painted or stained furniture easily. The most popular items that benefit from this color are wooden tables, chairs, doors, windows, and frames.

4. Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain

Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain

  • Base: Water-based
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent

For those who are looking to make the most out of one-gallon paint, buy the Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain. For a single-gallon bucket, the amount of coverage available is sure to surprise you. This particular product comes in two varieties, semi-transparent and transparent. The semi-transparent section offers a beautiful range of colors that vary from cedar to canyon brown.

This stain comes with an all-in-one waterproof guarantee that makes sure that the stain wouldn’t crack when the temperature dips. The bucket of stain can be used for much and will paint 350 square feet of deck and furniture with several coats.

Thisstain for outdoor wood is renowned as it protects furniture from the harmful rays of the sun. It can also be used vertically as well as horizontally to protect every inch of wood.

For some stains, the wood needs to be dry before application. But this water-based stain can even go on after a downpour. The unique formula protects it from water damage, and you can see the stain working even at 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Thompsons WaterSeal Stain

Thompsons WaterSeal Stain

  • Base: Water-based
  • Opacity: Transparent

The Thompson WaterSeal Stain has made a name for itself because of its reliability. The results are satisfactory and will give your beautiful furniture an even finish. The product offers an all-in-one formula that stains and seals the wood at the same time. And with the finish, you can be sure that you will not have to spend extra money on sealers.

If you are looking for a finish that can be used on all outdoor surfaces, this stain will be the best option. The reddish hue that is originally seen when the product first goes on becomes a nice brown as it dries. The dark and light tones are nicely balanced in the end, making the wood look more like itself but better.

As far as a stain for outdoor wood goes, the application is quite simple. The product may be on the runny side, but it is easy to handle with a brush. The drying time also depends on the weather, but it is generally 1 to 2 hours. Like any good wood stain, it will protect your outdoor furniture from water, mold, and UV damage.

The stain also works well on both dry and wet wood, so it can be applied at any time. Just remember to sand down the entire surface and prep it carefully.

6. KILZ Waterproofing Wood Stain, Exterior, Semi-Transparent

KILZ Waterproofing Wood Stain, Exterior, Semi-Transparent.jpeg

  • Base: Acrylic Based
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent

The KILZ Waterproofing Wood Stain, Exterior, semi-transparent wood stain, is different from all others in the list as it is acrylic based. The product is a reliable one and is sure to cover your outdoor furniture perfectly. The stain for outdoor wood also gives good coverage, with a one-gallon bucket almost covering about 250 square feet. After the first coat, the surface becomes smoother, so you will not require too much material in the end.

This wood stain is made of 100% acrylic, meaning that it will protect your furniture from every element. The formula is waterproof, so rain, snow, mold, and mildew will not affect it. But at the same time, it is a stain, so it will preserve the original integrity of the wood. The thick formula of this stain penetrates the wood more than other stains and protects it from within.

The best result is achieved when it is applied on wood that is already moderately weathered or unsealed. Decks, fences, and patio furniture especially benefit from a few coats of this stain.

But remember to stir or shake the contents before you start painting with it. The surface will also need to be sanded before application so that the coat is blemish free.

Types of Stain for Outdoor Woods

1. Solid


Solid stains are just like regular paint as they are fully opaque. Once applied, they will completely cover the natural grain of the wood. But once applied to wooden furniture, they are sure to last for at least three to five years. However, just like normal paint, this may peel, chip, and crack with time.

2. Semi-Transparent


A semi-transparent is the best choice of stain for outdoor woodas it will allow you to show off your wood grain. It will color the wood but make it look naturally beautiful. This kind of stain works best for expensive wood like western red cedar. However, they are not as durable as solid stains and will last only for about two to three years.

3. Clear Sealer

Clear Sealer

As the name suggests, a clear sealer stain for outdoor wood doesn’t color the wood but instead lets its grain shine through. The little to no pigment looks best on naturally beautiful grain. And they also do not deflect UV rays, so your wood will fade over time. So it is best to reapply annually for ideal results.

Bottom Line

Wood stains are a great way to protect as well as showcase your deck furniture. It will bring new life to old chairs and tables and make them beautiful again. But among all the different kinds of wood stains available, your perfect stain would display your deck how you want. And the result is just one among the many things to consider before you buy a stain.

So while getting a stain for outdoor wood, remember to read up on how beneficial they will be. And whether to choose a Ronseal Weatherproof Exterior Wood Paint or Thompsons’ WaterSeal Stain will depend solely on your needs.

But if you have any other queries about wood stains or how to apply them, comment below and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Stain is Best for Exterior Wood?

The two most popular kinds of stains used on outdoor furniture are water-based and acrylic stains. However, they are usually chosen to paint fences or furniture instead of a deck. But both of these are very easy to apply and remain intact for a long time. They also come in a variety of solid, vibrant colors that are aesthetically pleasing.

Is Stain Good for Exterior Wood?

Wood stains or dyes are a great way to protect wood that is constantly exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Not only do they add rich colors to the mix, but they also protect it from weathering and heavy foot traffic. A wood stain would enhance the grain of the wood while adding a finish that keeps it from getting scratched.

What Color to Stain Outdoor Wood?

A classic red stain is often chosen for its adaptability. It is sure to match any decor choice you put outdoors. The brick red color is also semi-transparent and will showcase the original grain beautifully. It also works well in hiding imperfections and making a bold statement.

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