Luxury Pool Design Ideas

18 Modern Pool Design Ideas for Your Home

Swimming holds enormous benefits that are known to us. From being a good exercise, it is also an activity that must be learned to ensure safety. Swimming is an important activity, just like walking, playing, running, etc., required for our well-being. In addition to this, it also serves as a place to relax and spend some time.

Many people have personalized swimming pools that can not only be used for swimming but also host various gatherings. If the swimming pool is well decorated, it will attract people’s attention and also become the focal point of your house.

Here are a few luxurious swimming pool designs that look astonishing and will intensify the look of your house.

1. Modern Pool Designs with a Fire Pit

Modern Pool Designs with a Fire Pit .jpg

A fire pit is one of the most important elements of modern pool designs. It can be used to hold gatherings and also improve the aesthetic appearance of the swimming pool. It will add to the luxurious look of the area, making it more inviting and spectacular.

A fire pit will undoubtedly give a unique look to the swimming pool. You can add chairs around the fire pit to host small gatherings around the swimming pool and enjoy wonderful evenings.

You can easily customize the fire pit for your swimming pool. The location and size of the pit should be decided carefully; else, it will hamper the look of the swimming pool.

2. Indoor Modern Pool Designs

Indoor Modern Pool Designs

You all must have seen and heard of outdoor swimming pools. But what about indoor swimming pools? Sounds unique. Yes, it is. You can add an indoor living swimming pool, ditch the old ways and try something new and artistic. If you are thinking about the advantages of adding an indoor swimming pool, then you will be surprised to know the advantages of an indoor swimming pool.

A few advantages of indoor swimming pools are low maintenance, 24-hour usage, easy cleanliness, and more privacy. You can even use this swimming pool in winter.

However, there is one more thing that you need to consider; the cost of the swimming pool. The installation cost of the indoor swimming pool is generally much higher than the outdoor swimming pool.

3. Swimming Pool at The Entrance of The House

Swimming Pool at The Entrance of The House

If you are planning to add a swimming pool at the entrance of the house, then you can go for this idea. However, if you are planning to add the swimming pool at the entrance of the house, then; you need to pay a lot of attention to its look as it will be noticed by everyone who comes to your house.

Therefore you need to make it attractive and unique so that everyone is left amazed. You can make your swimming pool creative by selecting a uniquely shaped swimming pool.

You can also add lights to the swimming pools to make them more attractive at night. Add proper seating arrangements at the pool site to accommodate people and host gatherings.

4. Adding a Sitting Arrangement Inside the Pool

Adding a Sitting Arrangement Inside the Pool

If you want to relax in the comfort of the swimming pool, add floating chairs in the swimming pool itself. It will enhance the look of the swimming pool. Adding floating chairs is one of the integral components of modern pool designs and looks luxurious. The size of the floating chairs can be selected in accordance with the size of the swimming pool. There are many beautiful floating chairs, and you can choose the one that you find most appealing and attractive.

If you wish, you can also add a small table and chairs to spend family time in the swimming pool. This can be a great way to spend precious moments with your family.

5. Amidst the Nature

Amidst the Nature
nature and a bath in the swimming pool at the same time. Farmhouse modern pool designslook great, are luxurious, and help to intensify the look of the farmhouse. You can easily customize the swimming pool according to your wish. It’s not a dream to own a swimming pool amidst nature.

You can add lights to the swimming pool so that it looks spectacular at night and you enjoy wonderful views that make you happy and content. Furthermore, you can add a seating arrangement near this swimming pool to make the place more attractive and inviting.

6. A Pool for Small Spaces

A Pool for Small Spaces

If you are wondering how to add a swimming pool in a small space, then; modern lap pool designs would be the best. People having space constraints doesn’t mean they have to give up on their idea of owning a luxurious swimming pool. Lap pools are available in various sizes; you can find the suitable one depending on the space available. These tools look aesthetically appealing as they are made in such a way that they attract everyone’s attention.

These pools can be easily customized. If selected properly, it can become the focal point of your house; therefore, pay little attention to its details.

7. Play with The Shapes

Play with The Shapes

You can never be wrong by playing with the shape of the swimming pool. By experimenting with the shape, you can always create something new and unique that will help you to achieve stunning modern pool designs that will grab everyone’s attention. It’s not necessary to always follow a well-definite geometrical pattern.

Experiment more and select a different shape for your swimming pool that will not only elevate the look of your house but; also become the focal point of your house. Add more details to your swimming pool to make it attractive and appealing.

If you have enough space, you can arrange a sitting area around your swimming pool to host gatherings.

8. Circular Swimming Pool

Circular Swimming Pool

If you are uncertain about how, to begin with, start with the circular-shaped swimming pool designs, as going for a circular swimming pool will never make you regret it. There are plenty of ways in which you can easily customize the circular swimming pool to achieve a spectacular look. These modern pool designs generally look more attractive than rectangular ones.

They are ideal for family gatherings as they have a cozy and comfortable feel which makes them an ideal choice when your focus is more on hosting gatherings rather than swimming. However, there is one drawback of circular swimming pools, and that is they are not much space efficient.

If your sole purpose is to swim, then these swimming pool designs are not ideal for you.

9. Inground Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Inground Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Inground modern pool designs look exceptionally luxurious and enhance the look of the place where they are built. You can pave the surrounding area with tiles or any other material to make it more inviting. Inground modern swimming pools are more cost-effective. Initial installation costs might be high, but in the long run, they prove to be economical.

It offers high customization options in comparison to the on-ground swimming pools. These swimming pools have a larger lifespan when compared to the other swimming pool designs.

You can easily customize them in any shape, and they will look awesome once installed. Not only can you experiment with the shape, but you can also select the depth, design, and size of the pool as per your preferences.

10. Pool with Indoor-Outdoor Setting

Pool with Indoor-Outdoor Setting

A great way to add a unique look to the swimming pool is by facilitating an indoor-outdoor setting. Though the swimming pool is built on the exterior of the house, still with the use of the fencing walls, it gives a feel as if it is built indoors. It is installed in the lush greenery so that you can enjoy the scenic trails along with swimming. A sitting area is provided; so that people can easily sit outside beside the swimming pool and have a cozy outing.

The use of dark blue color tiles gives a magical effect to the water, making it more attractive and visually appealing. It can serve as a great place to host gatherings even at night because of the space provided for sitting and relaxing.

You can make the necessary arrangements and enjoy a rocking party along the poolside.

11. Swimming Pool Inside the Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Inside the Swimming Pool

These kinds of modern pool designs are good for swimming pools that are too deep. In this case, a large swimming pool is there with a higher depth.

A small swimming pool is built inside the pool with a lesser depth. The small swimming pool that has less depth will be helpful for people who are new to the swimming world. It is also good for children as they would be safe in the pool with lesser depth.

Therefore, we can say that this pool design is not only visually appealing but multifunctional and also is made to ensure the safety of the people. Another interesting thing about the swimming pool is that the division is made creatively so that the look of the pool is not spoiled.

12. L-Shaped Swimming Pool

L-Shaped Swimming Pool

These swimming pools also look great in the area where they are present and are multifunctional. In this, there are two zones provided, one with the higher depth and the other with the lower depth, so even people new to swimming can safely swim in the swimming pool. L-shaped swimming pools can be easily blended into any house and will intensify the look of the house.

You can construct both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

These modern pool designs are ideal for places that do not have a well-defined geometry. The size and design can be customized according to the space available.

13. Figure 8 Modern Pool Designs

Figure 8 Modern Pool Designs

These swimming pools are built to create something interesting in the house. If you want to try something new and experiment with the shapes, you can try this shape. In Figure 8, swimming pool shallower areas are separated from the deeper ones so they are safe for both kids as well as adults. You can easily customize the pools as per your preference.

For example, you can add lights and make seating arrangements to make the place more attractive and inviting. To make the surface non-slippery, you can add coping. These modern pool designs are generally not built identically, which is their unique feature.

14. Infinity Modern Pool Designs

Infinity Modern Pool Designs

As the name suggests, infinity modern swimming pool designs give an illusion of water expanding to infinite horizons. They enhance the aesthetic beauty of the area and will help you to intensify the look of the space. That gives the impression that the pool is expanding up to infinity. It is, therefore, a good idea to increase the aesthetic appearance of the place.

These pool designs have a sleek appearance, therefore; imparting a modern look. These pools have low maintenance in comparison to the basic pools; therefore a cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of the space.

15. A Pool in The Backyard

A Pool in The Backyard

Adding a swimming pool in the backyard can be an innovative way to make the monotonous backyard interesting and inviting. Adding a swimming pool has the potential to change the look of your house entirely. It will turn your backyard into a place that draws everyone’s attention and where you would love to spend time.

You can select any shape or type of swimming pool that matches well with the surrounding so that the look of the place is not hampered.

Furthermore, to complete the look of the backyard, you can add complimentary accessories like beautiful plants, proper sitting arrangements, a fire pit, or any other extra element that will enhance the beauty of the place.

16. On-Ground Modern Swimming Pool Designs

On-Ground Modern Swimming Pool Designs

These are the most commonly seen pools. On-ground modern swimming pool designs are the easiest to construct and the most budget-friendly pools that create a luxurious look. These pools offer high versatility in design, selection of material, size, etc. If you are looking for a temporary option, you can opt for in-ground modern swimming pool designs. These pools are constructed with minimum effort and work which makes them highly desirable.

But, there are certain disadvantages; that need to be considered before going for an in-ground swimming pool. It requires frequent cleaning and has a shorter lifespan when compared to the inground swimming pool designs.

17. Focusing on The Aesthetics

Focusing on The Aesthetics

If the swimming pool is well decorated, it will attract the attention of everyone. It will enhance the beauty of the nearby space too. It’s not a tedious process to enhance the look of the swimming pool. You can easily enhance the look of the swimming pool by focusing on simple steps. You can add poolside lighting, add lots of plants, add some decorative elements, install a gazebo, install attractive features like rain curtains, nice furnishing, etc. You can add a bar along the poolside or a spark to make it more attractive.

Surrounding the swimming pool with a deck can also be a good idea. Adding a deck will make the pool more appealing and quirky.

18. Add a Pool Grotto

Add a Pool Grotto

One of the most creative ideas to make the pool luxurious and exclusive is adding a pool grotto. A pool grotto refers to an overhanging waterfall that falls into the swimming pool giving a natural waterfall vibe. More magic will be created with the help of stones. These are one of the features that can help to decide the view of a swimming pool.

Grotto swimming pool designs are available in simple and complex designs. You can add lights to it to make it more mesmerizing. A pool grotto can be made of stone, concrete, or prefabricated, so you can easily choose between them depending on your budget and style preferences.


There is no end to the number of experiments that can be done to achieve a bewildering swimming pool. There are various sizes and shapes available that have their advantages.

If you wish, you can also go for irregular shapes to create something out of the box. It is not only important to pay attention to the charisma of the pool but also its strength. You should use select materials carefully to avoid any accidents and mishaps.

The location of the swimming pool may also vary. Surprisingly, a swimming pool can be placed inside the houses too. To enhance the beauty of the pool, you can add lights, plants, and a lot of things.

Last but not least, throw parties around the poolside area to flaunt the pool and enjoy wonderful evenings with your family and acquaintances.

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