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15 Stunning White Houses with Black Windows

Thinking of transforming your house into a modern farmhouse design? Consider pairing the white exteriors with black windows and other accessories, which will make the house look visually appealing. The exterior of the house is the first point of contact for all the guests and passersby, so it should reflect your style and taste in design. Along with this, the outer part of the house is prone to extreme rain, dust, and snow, which makes it important to use quality wall paint colors that are weather resistant.

The white paint colors for both interiors and exteriors have been timeless for many years and continue to remain trendy. Because of their nice, clean, and minimal appearance, the white paint colors gives the exterior a fresh look. White houses come with several provisions of decor pairings like pairing with wooden tones, metal, brass, greens, and black color. White houses prove to be a perfect backdrop for using black accents in the form of windows, sidelights, lamps, etc., in the exteriors.

Using white paint for the exteriors will make your house look bigger and attract more natural light. Pairing a white house with black windows will not only look aesthetical but also remain trendy for several years.

Here is a compilation of 15 white houses with black windows that you can implement for your house exterior to get a crisp look and increase curb appeal.

1. Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove

White houses with black windows are never getting outdated. Although both colors are contradictory to each other, they beautifully blend when used in a proper proportion. The neutral white paint allows the black window and other accessories to highlight. When settling on white paint, there are a few important factors to be considered.

You don’t want bright white paint that makes it difficult to view from the outside. So it is inevitable to choose white paint within a range of 80 to 85 light reflectance value for the exteriors. The neutral whites in this range come with a hint of warm undertones, which will give you a modern farmhouse look.

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is the perfect white paint for your exteriors because it has a warm white shade with a beautiful grayish base. This shade will give a crisp and bright exterior to the house because it has 85 light reflectance values.

While selecting the black windows, select an off-black shade, as it tends to be a little softer, having richer undertones and giving a sophisticated look to the windows. You can choose to pair the White dove exteriors with Sherwin Williams Iron ore painted windows.

This shade has a light reflectance value of 6 and has neutral and warm sides that easily blend with the white house giving it an aesthetic look.

2. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

White houses are versatile as they can be styled with different colors, textures, and patterns and still look elegant. Along with this, the white colors on the outside help keep the interiors cooler and illuminated. Using other colors as exterior paint can get faded or less trendy, but the white house will remain classic.

Even if your exterior has a wall made up of stucco, blocks, or brick, you can choose to coat them with white paint or keep them in the original color. The original colors of brick and stucco will give you a beautiful look because of the different shades and textures that blend easily with the white house.

The Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the perfect shade for a white house because of its warmer undertones and off-white look. The reason behind using alabaster in your white house exterior is because of its strong sense of balance between creamy, gray, and beige colors.

This white paint color will blend easily with all other exterior elements like greenery, wooden tones, and accessories and allow other elements to pull focus without stealing the show. For a modern farmhouse look to your white house, this white paint will add warmth and brightness to the place because it stands on the 82 in the light reflectance value scale.

The Sherwin-Williams Triton Black can be your perfect black window for a white house, as it adds depth and richness with its cooler undertones and having an LRV of 3. Black windows for a white house never go out of style, as black color gives the exterior of the house a bold and dynamic look.

Besides this, the black windows create a statement for the house, as they easily blend with metal and brass accessories used as lamps, nameplates, etc.

3. Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin Williams Pure White

White houses with black windows give your exteriors a clean and classic look. Not only does the white paint give an elegant touch, but it also proves to be a perfect backdrop for windows, shutters, and doors that can have different bold colors or wooden tones. The white house with black windows gives a rustic touch to the place and adds character because of blending the two polarized colors.

The Sherwin-Williams Pure White is the perfect shade for your exteriors because of its off-white shade that has a warmer undertone due to hints of gray and beige. The pure white shade on the exterior will make the space look brighter because of its LRV being 84.

The White House with this paint will look more pleasing to the eyes because of its right blend of warmth and undertones that softens the space. Pure White paint is perfect for the exteriors because of its versatility and flexibility of easily blending with wooden doors, green landscapes, and bright colors.

The white house can be paired with Sherwin Williams Black Fox for black windows. This black window will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the white house. This paint color belongs to the neutral color palette because of its dark undertones and has a nice amalgamation of gray and brown shades. Black fox has an LRV of 7 and falls into the category of off-black that leans towards the warm brown.

If you are using this paint color for your black windows, they are an accent in their selves. Apart from this, you can pair them with wooden beams, doors, blocks, and stuccos for an aesthetic look.

4. Benjamin Moore SeaPearl

Benjamin Moore SeaPearl

White houses with black windows are a great combination for the exterior as this combination will never fade. The bright white color is nicely contrasted with the black windows. If you are using any other colors for the exterior, there are chances that they become dull over time, but the white house and black windows work with every kind of architectural style.

You can consider pairing the exteriors with copper or brass accessories, accent lighting on the door and entryway, and using greens as much as possible.

The Benjamin Moore sea pearl, also known as china white, is the perfect choice for a White house due to its fine light neutral shade. This paint color gives a soft white look to the exteriors depending on the sunlight falling on the house.

The sea pearl has a warmer, light-gray undertone and an LRV of 78, which makes it closer to the white shade. Besides this, when you are selecting a lighter color for the entire house, you can pair it with a bolder color and texture, like black in windows, doors, chimneys, etc, to make the exteriors visually interesting.

You can choose Valspar’s New Black paint for the black windows in your white house. With an LRV of 1.9, this paint is the darkest of all, which will add a bold statement and depth when used as black windows, trims, and arched entryways. For a rustic touch to your home, you can pair the white house and black windows with corbel trim or a walkway.

This way, you include contrasting colors and natural elements in your exteriors.

5. Sherwin Williams’s Natural Choice

Sherwin Williams's Natural Choice

White houses and black windows can be styled with any bright colors, textiles, design, and natural elements to give your exteriors an aesthetic look. Different types of architectural designs have reappeared nowadays because of their unique look and eye-catching features.

One such house design is the victorian style home, which has features like a steep roof, porches, and large windows. You can treat the windows with black paint and enjoy the look inside out. Another prominent house design that has a white house and black windows is the colonial-style home.

This house design is usually painted with neutral colors like white and natural elements like wood, brick, and stone are used in the trims, chimney, and walkway. The black paint will elevate the space due to the presence of many windows in this style of house.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice can be the perfect fit for your exteriors as it is an off-white shade with a nice balance of beige. A white house with black windows will look beautiful as the light and dark perfectly balance each other. The best part about this white paint is that it will look whiter when paired with darker shades like black.

With an LRV of 73, this paint is softer than other whites and works well with dark gray, charcoal, and even green shades.

For a white house and black windows, a darker black color can be eye-catching. Benjamin Moore’s Black Jack is the perfect choice. With an LRV of 6, this black paint will work well for bay windows and glass slides by the porch for a rustic look. You can add accent lights on the windows to grab attention even after dusk.

6. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White

White houses with black windows are not only aesthetic, but they are functional too. The white color helps keep the interior and exterior cooler, whereas the black window frames give the space a farmhouse look. The white house and black windows work for any house style, including a vintage home, modern home, contemporary design, etc. It is because both the white and black colors have clean lines and textures like matte and glossy, which go well with even minimal decor.

By using elements like steel, glass, and stucco, along with a nice landscape, you can create a huge impact on the entire house. White house with black windows tends to integrate the entire house, including the entryway and curb appeal, because of the two contrasting colors and house accessories.

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White works well as an exterior paint because it has a very high LRV of 92. This means it is one of the lightest white colors. This works well if your home has a lot of trees and their shades majorly cover the exterior. Otherwise, this white house can turn out to be extremely bright for a conventional home.

For white houses, the black windows can be painted with Benjamin Moore’s Onyx paint which has an LRV of 5. The rich black color has a brown undertone and works well with modern and traditional houses.

You can pair it with a metallic black roof, bricks, and natural wooden accents in the form of doors, patio furniture, etc.

7. Sherwin William Greek Villa

Sherwin William Greek Villa

White House and black windows are not only visually interesting but also easy to apply on the exterior. These two colors blend easily with the existing stone or brick walls, trims, and wooden columns on the patio. This means you won’t have to apply a large quantity of the white colors, as you can keep the stucco and blocks in their original color, and on the other hand, black windows also require less quantity of paint.

The Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa is a beautiful warm, off-white paint for the exterior of the house. It is a perfect paint for the outdoors as it has an LRV of 84 and will make the place look even lighter when natural light falls on it. Otherwise, it is a soft, warm, and very light-off-white paint.

You can pair the white house with terracotta roof tiles and huge glass doors colored in black paint for a rustic look. Apart from this, use accent lights in the patio ceiling and landscape so that the white house and black windows are highlighted.

For a white house, you can paint the black windows with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze which has an LRV of 8. It has a hint of brown shade in it, which gives the paint a bronze appearance. You can consider painting the windows, trims, and doors for an aesthetic look and combining it with wooden shutters for an elegant exterior look.

8. Sherwin William Shoji White

Sherwin William Shoji White

White houses with black windows create a picturesque view and a nice first impression about your taste in designs. The advantage of using two tones for the exterior is that it becomes a lot easier to find the coordinating color from the palette, and you get a refreshing look every time you enter your space. Besides this, the white house and black windows easily blend with bold colors like navy blue, grassy green, olive green, etc. These colors can be used to create an accent door and paired with black sidelights.

Sherwin Williams Shoji white works well in a white house exterior as it is an off-white shade with a light gray-beige undertone. The quality of this color is more welcoming because of its beige content, and it will quickly overwhelm the exterior when paired with a darker shade like black. The white house will have a very neutral and subtle primary color that the black windows will nicely balance.

For a white house, you can choose black windows painted with Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. This color is perfect for the exteriors as it will impart a luxurious and stylish look to the space as it has a neutral base. You can choose to have black windows, front doors, and garage doors with this shade. Along with this, you can pair the white house and black windows with golden orange accessories in lamps, wreaths, door mats, etc.

9. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

White House and black windows elegantly blend with each other and create a visually interesting picture. You can choose to add black color to different spaces like the fence, garage door, metallic roof, and patio furniture. Along with this, you can choose your black windows to have some different and interesting shapes like an oval black window, bay window, window with intricate iron designs, and other window dressings.

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is the perfect fit as it is a bright color and blends seamlessly with the black windows and other bold colors and hence can be used as an exterior white house paint.

Besides this, the white house has an off-white shade that goes well with other warm aspects of your decor, live natural woods, and organic material.

Benjamin Moore’s Soot can be used as black windows in a white house. It is a warm and inviting shade. With an LRV of 6, the dark shade will go well with black windows, doors, and even shutters. You can choose to pair the white house and black windows with nice wooden siding, which adds a rustic touch and functionality to the space.

10. Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen

Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen

White houses with black windows have immense practicality as both these shades not only complement each other but also blend with other colors in the palette. Besides this, the white house and black windows work well with different materials like light or red brick, stone, and grey stuccos. All these materials mix and create a nice dimension for the exterior, which makes the house stand out from others.

The Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen can be used as a white house as it is a warm white paint color and can serve as a pillar of many different design styles. With a warm cream undertone, this white paint works well with both lighter and darker colors. You can choose to have a soft brown-colored accent door and accessories to complement the white house.

If you are planning a white house with black windows, you can choose Benjamin Moore’s Witching Hour. This charcoal gray paint color will help you create a modern and sophisticated look with a clean outdoor ambiance. With an LRV of 8, this dark shade will create depth and balance the extremely white color.

11. Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White

Benjamin Moore's Snowfall White

White houses with black windows create a bold impact on the entire house and neighborhood too. Not only do both these colors create a visually interesting picture, but they also increase the curb appeal. White houses and black windows will always remain in the trend, and you’ll never get bored of it for several other years. Painting the windows with darker colors like black comes with the advantage of less maintenance, as dirt and scratches are less visible.

Benjamin Moore Snowfall white is the perfect paint for the exterior as it elevates the presence and the filling that you want to achieve in your white house. Nowadays, the white house trends have increased, and they will stay for a longer time, as the light color works with any design, texture, and material. With an LRV of 92, this white shade will work well on the exterior with lots of trees and shade.

For a white house, you can choose black windows painted in Benjamin Moore’s Kendall charcoal. The contrast and richness of both colors make the outdoors beautiful. Along with the black windows, you can choose to have black columns on the porch and a metallic roof. A nice green or tan colored door will look great in a white house with black windows.

12. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

White House and black windows are capable of making the outdoor look aesthetic and unique from the conventional homes. You can have these elements as a standalone in the exterior and also add features like stone, black tin roof, wooden tones, and lights for a visually interesting look. Both black and white tones blend well with brighter shades from the color palette that can be used as an accent door.

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace works well for a white house exterior that has a heavy shade, as it has an LRV of 92. You can pair the white house with another white paint having less LRV on the brick walls or chimney to create a contrast. Apart from this, olive green, sage green, navy blue, etc., are colors that will easily catch attention.

If you are considering the white house and black windows, you can go with Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy color, which looks great, especially on the exterior. The color is deeply saturated and has a crisp and clean look which blends easily with the white house. With an LRV of 8, this darker shade will cut down the extreme white and create a nice balance for the exterior.

You can install different shapes of black windows on each floor of the house to make it look visually appealing.

13. Benjamin Moore White Heron

Benjamin Moore White Heron

White houses and black windows offer a balanced look to the exterior and increase curb appeal. The neutral shade of white acts as the perfect backdrop for accents like black, green, blue, and golden. You can be creative and unique with the white house and black windows as they work well with all-natural and artificial elements. Black windows, shutters, and doors look great on a white house with the same colored trims.

Benjamin Moore’s White Heroncan be the perfect match for a white house as it gives a soft, subtle touch because of its LRV being 76. It is a relay soft white shade but works perfectly for exteriors as it will receive ample sunlight. When you choose to paint the exteriors in white, you open opportunities for a lot of different shades to be used. A nice sage green door or wooden door will give your place a traditional to rustic look.

If you are choosing a white house and black windows for the exterior, select Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart paint, as it goes well in windows, shutters, front doors, and garage doors. This black window will elevate the space and look beautiful with a white backdrop. You can add aesthetics like brass-covered lamps, greenery, and wooden tones.

14. Benjamin Moore Oxford White

Benjamin Moore Oxford White

White houses with black windows will remain classic and timeless due to the contrasting yet visually interesting combination. Moreover, both these colors will add a statement to the entire house and grab attention. Exterior paints should be selected with care, as you want your house to blend with the natural surrounding and yet create a unique personality. Apart from this, white houses and black windows are easy to sell, as these shades are liked by everyone.

Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White is the perfect choice for a white house as it has the right blend of warmth and undertones for the exteriors. Although it has an LRV of 88, this white color won’t appear stark white or too bright on the exterior. You can choose to balance it with wooden beams, shutters, and greenery. Using this white shade will give your exterior walls and trims a clean, simple aesthetic look that you will enjoy.

If you are pairing the white house with black windows, Benjamin Moore’s Bracken Slate can be the perfect choice. With an LRV of 14, this darker shade will add depth and dynamics to the white house. You can choose to pair it with wooden doors, german bricks on both sides of the window for an elegant view.

15. Sherwin Williams Egret White

Sherwin Williams Egret White

If you want your house to get a nice traditional touch, try painting a white house with black windows. The light and dark combination will look great for several years, as the colors will not lose popularity and they hardly fade. While choosing the white color for your exterior, consider certain points like the LRV of the paint color and the sunlight falling on the house. The amount of light that is reflected by the color is an LRV. If you are choosing a higher LRV and also have a high influx of sunlight during the day, it will make your exteriors too bright to see.

Sherwin Williams Egret White is a perfect match for the exteriors because of its off-white shade and simplicity. With an LRV of 70, this white has a hint of gray and brown on it, which makes the exterior look overall pleasant. For a white house, this shade works well as there is ample sunlight during the day, which makes the space look balanced and airy.

For a visually interesting look, pair the white house with black windows by painting them with Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray. It gives the place a heavy charcoal look that is deep and rich.


White house and black windows are a great way to give your house exterior a refreshing and dynamic look. The white color allows the other shade in the color palette to be highlighted and adds character to the house.

By applying completely polarized colors like white and black, you not only grab the attention of others but also increase the curb appeal. For a white house, you can consider installing thicker window casings on the white background to add depth and visual interest.

You can elevate the space by adding glass doors instead of wooden doors, which can also be painted black for a rustic look. White houses and black windows can give your house design the desired look, from vintage to modern architecture.

If you are thinking of transforming your space, consider trying these 15 white houses with black windows.

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