Window Treatments for French Doors to Add Style and Privacy

Best French Door Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Confused about choosing the perfect French door window treatment for your home? Don’t frown, as we are here to help you. French doors add grandeur and a sophisticated look to your home decor. French doors can be a part of your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen and act as a portal to outside spaces.

It is very important to find the right treatments for your French doors, and it is, as we understand, a tedious task. Just like any other windows and doors, french doors too will bring a list of issues like glare, privacy, lighting, etc., along with them.

French doors are considered a great architectural addition to your home. Before choosing the covering for your French door, it is to be noted that you will never want the doors to be open during the harsh hours of the day and also won’t want to keep them closed during the night; because of all this, much thought should be put into choosing the kind of window treatment for your home.

We have enlisted the best options for you to consider regarding French door window treatments.

Scroll down to find the right pick for your home!

French Door Windows

French Door Windows

If your dream home is under construction and you are wondering what kind of windows are suitable for your place, we suggest you consider French windows. To give you an idea of what having French doors in your home will be like, imagine this: You are waking up to a beautiful morning and are walking up to the windows to open them.

Rather than opening a small window that partially lets in the morning breeze and light, you grab two handles and push large French windows open to let all the outdoor goodness sweep in.

Sounds dreamy? That is exactly why we want you to consider French windows for your home.

French Door Window Treatments

French Door Window Treatments

Wonder why your French doors require the right treatments? Let us start with the reason you went for French doors first. We believe it is because you want an abundant amount of sunlight and fresh air to be let inside your home. Adding a window treatment is not going to diminish any of these benefits of French Windows.

Window treatments are not just properties to regulate the air and light flow in your room. The right choice of window treatment will add to the overall look of your room!

Rather than mulling endlessly about ways to make your room with French doors look the best, installing a perfect window treatment can become the show stealer! With the numerous patterns, materials, and colors to explore, window treatments are a great addition to your home decor.

And, of course, the usual benefits of window coverings are always there.

Before going through the kinds of window treatments for French doors, it is important to know about the different kinds of French doors. The French doors are classified into 2 main types:

1. Interior French Doors: The easiest way to define such French doors is that they act as a divider between rooms within your home. When not opened, these doors separate spaces inside your house. For example, there can be a French door between your kitchen and dining hall.

2. Exterior French Doors: As the name implies, exterior French doors act as an entry point to the outside world. The best places to install such exterior French doors will be at the back of your house, where they open to a wider space or on balconies.

There are no specific rules to be followed when it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your French doors. Everything depends on your requirements, choice of style, and existing home decor. Below are a few ideas you can adapt for French door window treatments:

1. Neutral French Doors with Window Treatments

Neutral French Doors with Window Treatments .jpg

Deciding what color of curtain you should go with has something to do with the total number of French doors you have in your home. If you have numerous French doors in a room, then it is suggested to play subtly. Rather than using bold colors and patterns, using natural hues will let the rest of the decor stand out. Choosing a light color of the same shade will look good in a room with multiple French doors.

2. Plantation Shutters for French Doors Having Window Treatments

Plantation Shutters for French Doors Having Window Treatments .jpg

When it comes to French door window treatments, plantation shutters are an option you must consider. With constantly evolving styles, the addition of magnets and modern lock systems will make the shutters look unique. These treatments ensure stability even during the rigorous opening and closing of the doors. Check out the wooden walnut shutters installed for the French doors here. The rectangular handles on them indicate a perfect blend of modern style for a French door.

3. Drapery for French Doors Window Treatments

Drapery for French Doors Window Treatments

Drapery is yet another French door window treatment that you can’t avoid considering for your home. If you are looking to give the French doors a timeless touch, drapery will do the trick. Choosing the right kind of material will determine the amount of light that will be let into the rooms. Mixing up muted tones with intermediate dark shades can give you a balanced flow of light in the room. Here are some beautiful draperies you can explore for your French doors:

4. Sliding Curtains for French Doors for Window Treatments

Sliding Curtains for French Doors for Window Treatments

Sliding curtains can be hung right from the ceiling if needed for French doors and are very easy to handle. These are one of the most common French door window treatments and are popular because of their style and ease of maintenance. Imagine having white drapery slide from ceiling to floor that covers your massive French door! Such a treatment for your French door windows will definitely add to the overall look of the room by providing a sophisticated look. Extra-wide thermal curtains are available for those who are against using multiple curtains for French doors.

5. Tie-Back Coverings for French Doors Like Window Treatments

Tie-Back Coverings for French Doors Like Window Treatments .jpg

For those who are not a fan of the blackout effects created by various French door window treatments, tie-back coverings may seem like a better option. These coverings look stylish and beautiful in the room. With an abundance of varieties and patterns to choose from, the level of customization with such coverings is high. Rather than completely regulating the flow of light in the room, such covering lets abundant sunlight seep in naturally. You can try these beautiful and stunning tie-back clips for your French doors.

6. Tie-Up Coverings for French Doors Like Window Treatments

Tie-Up Coverings for French Doors Like Window Treatments

Tie-up window coverings are as unique as tie-back coverings for French doors. The benefits of easy handling and a wide variety of patterns make these window treatments popular. If you are looking for a subtle and basic tie-up covering, we suggest you consider single-panel white Roman shades.

Once the coverings are fully released, the patterns on the coverings decide the amount of light to be let into the room. These coverings can easily be tied up to let in maximum light and leave the doors as they are during the night.

7. In-Built Blinds for French Doors Window Treatments

In-Built Blinds for French Doors Window Treatments .jpg

When talking about injecting some style into your French doors, in-built blinds are a unique way of covering them. With a bit of digital touch added, you will be able even remotely to control these blinds as per your requirements. During various hours of the day, various amounts of sunlight will be required. With a slight bristle of your fingers, you can adjust these blinds to let in just the right amount of light into the room.

8. Window Shades for French Doors

Window Shades for French Doors

If privacy is not a constant need, then window shades can be one of the best French door window treatments you should consider. With a lot of interesting textures to try, shades are an interesting option to cover your French door. They also facilitate abundant air circulation as well. There are a variety of shades available on the market, such as Roman shades and Roller shades. All of these varieties come with a magnetic hold-down bracket that allows for easy handling.

9. Blinds as Attachments for French Doors

Blinds as Attachments for French Doors

The in-built blinds might be a headache for those who are not fans of frequently changing them. If the drapes went bad or needed a change, you would have to take apart the whole set-up and re-install new ones entirely. To avoid this hiccup, you can always consider blinds that can be externally attached but act as built-in blinds for your French doors. This way, you won’t have to go through all the effort to replace the blinds; just move the externally attached blinds as per your requirements.

10. Roman Shades for French Doors

Roman Shades for French Doors.jpg

Colors play a vital role in deciding how a covering should work for your French doors. Choosing Roman shades for your French doors will be really appropriate if you have a loud color scheme across the room. If you want the French door treatment to stand out along with the bold colors used across the rest of the decor, it is advised to go with the same shade for the drapes or shades as required.

End Note

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing window treatments for French Doors. For the same reason, it can be a hectic task to choose the right one. We have compiled the above list of French door treatments to suit multiple styles and decors.

With some modern style injected into such covering ideas, you can easily get a catchy look for your French doors. We believe the list of French door treatments was helpful for you to get an idea of the options that are available for your home.

Play with patterns and colors to experiment with some unique ways to present your home decor!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Cover French Doors?

One of the most global and productive ways of covering French doors is by using cellular shades. Such shades will allow the required amount of ventilation and light control in the room.

What Kind of Curtains are Suitable for French Doors?

French doors require long, full-length curtains to cover them properly. These curtains can either be released from the top of the doors or from the ceiling. It is to be noted that these curtains have enough length and width to cover the entire window properly.

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