Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas

16 Front Design Inspiration to Transform Your Village Home

Thinking of giving your home exteriors a creative front design? Go through these village single-floor home front design ideas that will not only look visually interesting but are also efficient. The front design of your house creates the first impression on the guests and passers-by. It shows your style through the materials, colors, architectural plan, and decor you have implemented in the house.

Nowadays, the village house front design has become increasingly popular over the years. Not only do these kinds of front house designs take you closer to nature, but they also work well in all kinds of weather, making your home more efficient.

Village house front design image stands for the architectural design on paper that showcases the house from specific angles. With the help of this plan, you can make the required changes and convert your home into a more systematic and functional one.

Here is a compilation of 16 village single floor home front design ideas that will not only give an aesthetic touch but also help in space utilization to the best.

1. Traditional Village Single-Floor House Front Design

Traditional Village Single-Floor House Front Design

People are now turning towards a more sustainable living pattern and shifting from posh habitat to a simpler and more compact living. That’s the reason behind a huge influx in village house front design images. This kind of housefront design not only looks unique but also has many utility purposes. The benefit of building a single-floor house is that it can be made within budget and can be easily maintained.

This traditional village house front design is visually interesting and has a practical approach. The steep roof feature helps in tackling heavy rain or snow so that it does not get logged on the roof.

The tall pillars on the front side help create a sturdy frame for the house, helping it withstand extreme weather conditions and, on the other hand, look beautiful.

Traditional village house front design images include materials like wood, clay, and stone, which not only look elegant, but the clay tiled roof helps keep the interiors cooler.

2. Sundanese Traditional Village House Front

Sundanese Traditional Village House Front

Village house front designs are a sustainable option to consider, as all the materials are easily available, and the house front can be built within budget. Apart from this, the village house front looks appealing and durable in nature because of the wood and stones used as building materials. Traditional village house fronts are the perfect place for building a patio and creating a cozy spot to sit and relax.

This Sundanese traditional village house front takes inspiration from the western java wooden houses. The key feature of this village house front design is the triangular roof structure made up of fibers, palm leaves, and wooden beams and frames.

This gives the house additional support against strong wind, rain, and snow. The walls are made up of woven bamboo, which not only gives an appealing look but also is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

The advantage of building a village house front design is that it will provide a natural touch and cooling to your place.

3. Craftsman-Style Village House Front

Craftsman-Style Village House Front

Village housefront designs are made in order to utilize the space in a manner that looks beautiful and has utility. Instead of just building a conventional housefront, village housefront design images take a front seat here by creating a holistic 2 dimension picture for your entire house. You can keep the house front basic by just placing walking blocks and a few border shrubs. Apart from this, you can choose to plant high trees and bushes for privacy.

This craftsman-style village house front design is a nice blend of natural materials and styles, which can differ from house to house because of different inspirations.

These house front designs use stones to a great extent, which not only looks rustic but is durable in nature and can be painted for a refreshing look. Every village house front design image includes a porch or veranda with beams for support.

This makes it visually interesting ad functional. Another eye-catching feature is the sloping roof made up of wood.

4. Wooden Village House Front

Wooden Village House Front

Village house front design images are made in a simple and custom-detailed manner that is economically friendly too. With the help of minimum natural materials like wood, you can create an aesthetic village housefront that gives your home character and efficiency. Apart from this, you can keep the materials, like wood, stone, etc., in their original color for a rustic feel and can even apply stain for a new look to the house.

This wooden village house front is made entirely of wood planks, which gives the house a visually interesting look. The benefit of using wood for your house front design is that they are sturdy and durable in nature. Apart from this, the wooden planks create an accent for the exteriors of the house.

This tiny wooden village house’s front is elevated with steps and a beautiful deck, which makes the front house look elegant and functional. You can choose to add huge window glasses or slides on the house front for natural sunlight to enter the interiors.

5. cottage-Styled Village House Front

cottage-Styled Village House Front

Village house front designs are cozy and welcoming features on the house exterior. It creates a positive impression on visitors and clearly showcases your taste in styling the house. Those who are renovating their house can make a village house front design image for utilizing the exterior space in an efficient manner and create a statement with minimal materials.

Moreover, by creating a village house front, you’ll experience the same feeling as your vacation home and being one with nature.

This cottage-styled village house front design is simple and elegant, made with stone and a wooden roof. Every side of the house has windows, including the deck, which makes sure that the rooms have ample natural light.

The house front has been elevated by stairs, which helps prevent water from getting inside the porch, and allows you to enjoy your coffee with a landscape view from the deck.

The advantage of making a Village house front design in your exteriors is that you can pair it with abundant shrubs, flowers, and trees for a natural touch.

6. Farmhouse-Type Village House Front

Farmhouse-Type Village House Front

When deciding on the traditional design of your house, it is good to make a village house front design image for a better overview and check the climate and topography of the place where you are going to build the house. The village house front design is a simple and elegant feature for the exteriors, which gives you the leverage to be creative and use natural elements in abundance.

You can always keep the provision of a nice garden in a village house front to make the place look spacious, and all the natural elements give you a picturesque view.

This farmhouse-type village house front has a close resemblance to your vacation home. The village house front has been elevated by one floor and equipped with a beautiful open deck and garden. This house front has two triangular slopes, one on the interior side and one on the deck, which makes it look elegant.

The entire house front is made of wood panels, which can be stained with colors like white, brown, etc.

7. Mediterranean-Style Village House Front

Mediterranean-Style Village House Front

Village housefront designs can turn out to be attractive and successful home projects with minimum materials. A dedicated village house front design image is required before beginning the project, which helps you know different house angles, choose from different natural materials, and budget estimate.

A village house front design image will give you a brief idea of the area and how to use each space effectively without making it too confined.

This Mediterranean-style village house front has a nice blend of contemporary and vintage elements. The terracotta roof tiles are an eye-catching feature in this house front design. The advantage of using terracotta is its quality of durability and resistance against wind and rot. Apart from this, these ties look beautiful and can be arranged in any pattern to create an aesthetic look.

You can elevate the village house front design by making stucco or brick walls. For a Mediterranean touch, you can paint them white or enjoy the original color too. The black glass panes and a cozy porch create accents.

8. Glass-Style Village House Front

Glass-Style Village House Front

Village house front designs are simple but give the entire place a sophisticated look that is different from the conventional house exteriors. The benefit of creating a village house front design image before building the house is that it gives you a 2-dimensional image of the house, and you can make the changes in the initial stage, which saves time, money, and effort.

Apart from this, when you are creating a creative house front like the village, it can be made with a single material and yet look elegant.

This glass-styled village house front has a nice blend of modern and vintage elements. The glass doors in the house front do not give the place a rich look but help keep the interiors filled with light. As glasses are resistant to extreme weather conditions, they are the perfect material for a house front, and the glasses will help you enjoy every weather from inside too.

9. Portuguese-Traditional Village House Front

Portuguese-Traditional Village House Front

Village housefront designs have different elegant elements that easily grab attention. Still, these elements like roof tiles, wall colors, or wood are not only picturesque, but they are highly functional and make the house front a sturdy frame.

The village house front design image is the perfect way to know your house design and utilize every space to the maximum. Having a functional housefront is an advantage, as you can enjoy the scenic view from the cozy porch.

This Portuguese-traditional village housefront has eye-catching features like stone walls, vivid colors, and a sloping roof. The stone walls are cemented and then colored with solid colors. This gives the village hose front design a vibrant and airy touch. The oversized clay tiles on the roof not only give the house front a visually interesting look but also protect the interiors from extreme rain and sunlight.

Another classic feature of this village house front is the use of columns at regular intervals, which provides additional support.

10. Colonial-Style Village House Front

Colonial-Style Village House Front

Village house front design can be the perfect choice to incorporate an aesthetic look and a statement for the entire house. These house front designs easily blend with other decorative materials and colors as they are made up of natural elements.

Wooden planks, beams, columns, clay or terracotta roofs, glass, and blocks or stones are the key elements for making a village house front look elegant. These elements create an accent for the entire house with their original colors and shapes.

This colonial-style village house front is not only visually interesting but also functional in nature. The triangular roof is made up of either slate or clay tiles, and a different color is used in order to grab attention from a distance. Slate tiles are perfect for a village house front design, as it keeps the interiors cooler and moisture-free.

Another key feature in this house’s front design is the front roof that extends ahead like a decorative crown with columns and pillars. Due to the long, slanting roof, you can get a nice veranda in this village house front design.

11. Circular-Shaped Village House Front

Circular-Shaped Village House Front

Village housefront designs are the perfect solution to be one with nature and enjoy the scenic beauty in the yard. Every one of us has lived in a well-equipped house with up-to-date facilities, and still, we enjoy more when we are kept near nature, like between the woods, mountains, or beaches. If you are thinking of making a vacation home close to nature, the village house front designs are the perfect choice for an elegant and efficient house.

This circular-shaped village house front is a unique and new element to include in your village house front design image. The entire frame is built with wooden panels and elevated by one floor. The dark wooden panels create a rustic touch to the village house front design and can be paired with lighter furniture on the deck for a visually appealing look.

The circular-shaped village house front can be built within budget, with fewer materials. Apart from this, it gives the interiors a very nice view and ample sunlight.

12. Hut-Styled Village House Front

Hut-Styled Village House Front

Village house front design image should be designed in a manner that breaks the stereotypes of a conventional concrete home and makes the place look more spacious and airy. Apart from this, village house front designs can be easily constructed with materials that are readily available. As all-natural raw materials are used in building a village house’s front door, all kinds of decor and furniture blend well with them.

This hut-styled village house front creates a simple and peaceful outdoor feel where you can enjoy the landscape. The prime feature of this house front is an extended shed, which will give you the leverage to create a comfortable deck with outdoor furniture.

The shed is made up of clay or slate tiles, but if you want to give the housefront design a unique and authentic look, you can use woven straws and stems as a hut roof.

13. Ranch-Style Village House Front

Ranch-Style Village House Front

The village house front design images should include all factors, like weather, materials, elevation, etc., that are necessary while building a house in that particular region. Village house front designs can be cost-effective if made with one entirely material. This makes the outdoors look elegant and helps maintain the sturdiness of the housefront. For a modern feel to the village house front, you can make the entire outdoors with wood. This material acts as an accent and brings a rich look to the house.

This ranch-style village house front design not only gives a plush look but is economically friendly too. This type of village house front uses different materials like bricks, stucco, and wood for the sidings and framework.

The low, triangular roof and long structure of the front are the key features of this design. Although this village house front design is basic, the use of large glass doors and exterior sidings grab the attention.

14. Tudor-Style Village House Front

Tudor-Style Village House Front

Village house front designs give you the opportunity to use the space around you in an efficient manner. For example, you can fill the landscape with border shrubs, flowers, a gazebo, an outdoor chimney, etc. Apart from this, the deck area can be converted into a symmetrical seating area, with tables and armchairs on both sides. You can also be creative by making asymmetrical seating on the deck, like having a set of tables and chairs on one side and a swing on the other.

This Tudor-styled village house fronts can be easily recognized because of their steep roofs and a chimney on one side. The key elements used in this village house front design are bricks, stucco, and wood.

All these elements mix well with each other creating a picturesque outdoor view. Another eye-catching feature that makes this design look elegant is the casement windows with multiple panes.

15. Shingle-Styled Village House Front

Shingle-Styled Village House Front

Village house front design image should consider all the important aspects that it takes to make a house project successful. For example, the house front design should be made with those materials that are durable and reliable, as the outdoors and roof will be facing extreme weather conditions.

While creating a village house front design with an elevation, consider using lighter materials to avoid damage. Apart from this, make sure that the village house front design image gives you a nice landscape view to enjoy from the deck.

This shingle-styled village house front is unique from conventional house fronts. The prime feature of this village house front design is the wood shingles that are used for the roofs.

There is a distinct asymmetry in the roof patterns, which gives you the provision of placing dormer windows and making the space look elegant. The rest of the village house front design is made up of stones and stuccos to make the outdoors look visually interesting.

16. Contemporary-Style Village House Front

Contemporary-Style Village House Front

Village house front design image plays a crucial role when considering a house project. It helps you get the exact proportions of each angle and make sure that the house plan is not making a too-small or too-large house front. Apart from this, it mostly helps create symmetry and make the place look elegant, as the outdoors are the first point of contact for visitors.

This contemporary-styled village house front is a nice amalgamation of trendy designs nowadays with the use of natural elements. By choosing this village house front design, you can sync the exteriors with the interior and create a flow between them.

In these designs, less is more; you can create a bold statement by nicely arranging the bricks, stuccos, and wood panels.

This also gives layering to the outdoors. In a contemporary design, you can choose to make a flat roof and large glass doors at the entrance.


Village house front design images help you create a more dynamic and practical house project that can be cost-effective as you can utilize it in an efficient manner.

This home project can definitely convert into a functional and cozy space by creating a dedicated porch with a shed, a veranda with columns for additional support, and a picturesque entryway to the interiors.

As the village house front design will involve materials like wood, bricks, stucco, and stones, there is a negligible requirement for any other decor, which is an advantage.

If you are thinking of making your dream home that is visually interesting, sustainable, and remains timeless, consider the above 16 village single-floor home front design ideas and enjoy the landscape.

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